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Sasha Banks what WWE would do

****WARNING*** The following contains nudity and sexual situations. It is not appropriate for children or the easily offended.****

Sasha Banks what WWE would do

Based on their lousy booking, this is what the WWE would probably do to Sasha Banks if they had a chance. They have already buried Paige and are well on their way to doing the same to Bayley as well. 

Sasha Banks had gotten one up on Charlotte and her stooge Dana Brooke. She had embarrassed them badly. They were not going to forget it or let it slide. They were going to get revenge. It was going to be brutally embarrassing for Sasha and would be long lasting, at that. The two decided that they would ambush her backstage and set up some extreme humiliation. The two lay in wait as Sasha was returning backstage from the ring one night. They ambushed her, jumping upon her and beating her down to the ground. They then forced a shock collar down onto her neck. They were going to use this as a means of controlling Sasha. They would be able to force her into whatever humiliating situation that they saw fit. They were not going to have any mercy upon her either. They were going to teach her a lesson. She was going to learn once and for all not to mess with “The Queen.” Charlotte was not very good at what she did and she knew it. She knew that she was not in the league of Sasha, Paige, Bayley or Becky Lynch. She knew that they all worked hard to get where they were and she was only in the position that she was because of who her father was. Everyone knew that she was a fraud and a joke. She only every won matches when outsiders interfered in her matches. She was extremely jealous of her more talented colleagues.

She now had Sasha right where she wanted her. With the shock collar, she could control and humiliate Sasha. Sasha shouted at her,” What are you doing to me? What is this? You bitch.” “Well, honey. Now I am the boss. I am your boss now. I own your ass now. You are going to have no other choice but to do exactly as I instruct you.” She pushed a button on a controller that was in her belt. The collar around Sasha’s neck sent a painful jolt through her body. She winced in pain. She knew that she was stuffed. She was essentially Charlotte’s slave at this point. “That’s right, I am the boss and you are my bitch. Dana let’s get those clothes off of her shall we?” Dana smiled as she went over to Sasha and tore her ring gear from her body. She tore it to shreds and tossed it into a nearby trash bin. This left Sasha on her knees in the nude. “Well, well, well, look at what we have here. Don’t you look cute?” Sasha blushed. She did her best to try and shield her modesty with her hands. “Look at that filthy little bitch. You don’t look like a boss now, do you? You look like the filthy slut that you are. You need to bow down to your queen.”

Dana then took Sasha’s face and pushed it into Charlotte’s foot, making her kiss her feet. She then attached a leash to the shock collar. She gave it to Charlotte. They forced Sasha up onto all fours and forced her to crawl around on all fours while Charlotte pulled her around by the leash. Dana sat on her back and rode her around the room. Charlotte ordered Sasha to bark. “Bark,” she demanded. Sasha refused at first. She was blushing and sweating in embarrassment, but they threatened to use the shock collar again. “I said bark. Bark like the dog that you are.” Sasha lowered her head and quietly barked. “Louder, let me hear you.” She took a deep breath and barked louder. Charlotte demanded that she bark louder and louder. She had no choice but to comply. Sasha Banks was now naked on a leash barking like a dog. They then took her by the leash and led her to another room.

The first thing that could be seen in the middle of the room was a dog dish filled with dog food. Charlotte led Sasha over to it. “Look at this, a dinner with your name on it. Eat up Fido,” she said. She then pushed Sasha’s face down into the bowl of dog food. Dana took a fork full of dog food and forced it into Sasha’s mouth, right up against her tongue, making her taste it. Sasha gagged and sputtered as she tasted the sickening jelly covered dog food. It was not fake in any way and tasted revolting. Charlotte then dumped the rest of the dog food over Sasha’s head. Dog food rolled down Sasha’s face. She made a disgusted face. This is one of the many images that Dana tweeted out for the world to see. 

Charlotte then sat back on a comfortable couch. She pulled Sasha over and forced her to get down on all fours in front of her. Charlotte then stretched her legs out and placed her feet right onto Sasha’s naked back. She was using the woman known as the Boss as a footstool. “This is your rightful place, Sasha, as a piece of furniture for the queen herself. You should be honoured to be my royal footstool really. This is going to make a fantastic photo opportunity.” They did take a photo and displayed it for the world to see. A naked Sasha Banks being used as Charlotte’s footstool. 

They then forced Sasha over Charlotte’s knee. They spread her legs and then took turns spanking her bare bottom over and over again as she yelped. They laughed and mocked Sasha as their hands bounced off of her sweaty bare behind. They squeezed her rear end as well. “You have been a naughty, naughty girl there sweetheart. That ass needs a really good spanking.” They took no mercy on Sasha, spanking her naked bottom over and over again. Sasha could not help but wince in pain. She bit her lip as they let rip on her rear end.

They then stood her up and lead her over to some shackles that hung from the floor and sat on the floor. They tied her ankles and wrists in place, stretching her small, but muscular body. They then began to select items that they were going to use upon the helpless boss. They began with pies. Each of them took a pie in either hand. They walked up to Sasha carrying the pies, taunting her with them. “Oooh look at this. Don’t they look yummy? You could do with adding on a few pounds. You are just too slim.” Charlotte then got a bit more serious. She grabbed Sasha by her hair and shouted. “I am going to love doing this to you. You are nothing but a filthy little tramp. Don’t ever forget this.” She then slammed a pie into Sasha’s face and the other in between her legs. Meanwhile, Dana slammed a pie into her chest and ass. Every muscle in Sasha’s body tensed up as the four pies slammed into her naked body. Her butt cheeks clenched. Sasha and Charlotte stepped back and laughed as they watched sloppy pie roll down the face and body of their rival. Bits of shattered pie crust rolled from her face and hair. Dana then massaged some of the crust all over Sasha’s bald vagina. It was clear that Sasha was getting a little bit moist at this stage. 

Next, the women took tubes of minty fresh tooth paste and used them to draw all over Sasha. They mocked her face, lips and teeth and said that she had bad breath and really needed to use more of this to clean her big teeth. They drew all over her face in the toothpaste. They drew some glasses on her face and said that it looked like those stupid sunglasses that she sometimes wore to the ring. They drew on her mouth and made a moustache with the toothpaste. They then drew over her body, making fake jewellery on her in toothpaste, similar to the jewellery that she sometimes wore to the ring. They then wrote the words “Loser” and “Charlotte is my boss” across her body in the toothpaste. They then took photos and let the while WWE Universe see what had become of the boss. 

They then began to dump leftovers over Sasha. This included beef stew, tuna salad and sausage and peppers. They had taken serving trays from catering. Dana and Charlotte quickly ran at Sasha and dumped the leftover food over her. Sasha was soon covered from head to toe in leftover food. They then untied her and threw her into a dumpster on wheels. It was filled with garbage. Sasha toppled over into the dumpster. When she came back up, she was covered in garbage. Dana and Charlotte then wheeled her down to the ring. The arena was now full.

They pushed her down the ramp and tossed her over out onto the ringside mats. “Well, look at your former champion now. This is exactly what she deserves. This is her place,” Charlotte said. Everyone was in shock at seeing a naked and slop covered Sasha cowering at ringside. “Sasha, I hope you have learned your place. This is the last time you will ever see this little rat ever again. She needs to be taken out with the trash, because that is exactly what she is.” They then threw her back into the dumpster and rolled her away. They rolled it backstage and then dumped her into a pile of manure. No one really realised just how real this had actually been.

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