Sunday, 25 March 2018

Amy Beth Hayes pied

Amy Beth Hayes pied

Amy Beth Hayes was a very attractive and dignified sort of lady. She was someone who was taken quite seriously. That is why the idea of seeing her get a pie in the face was such a delicious one. Her co-star Sasha Parkinson thought that it would be hilarious to see her get pied in the face. She decided that she would set this up as a surprise for her. It was the last day of filming the series and the two ladies were doing some press to promote it. They were appearing on the Lorraine show. Sasha had went out on her own and purchased a massive cream pie to use for Amy Beth. She only told Lorraine Kelly about it and no one else. She wanted it to be a huge surprise for Amy Beth.

The two gave a typical interview promoting their show. They promoted the show as best they could. The whole time, Sasha was giddy with excitement, knowing what she was about to do to Amy Beth on national television. She kept imaging doing it. She kept imaging what it would feel like to thrust that sloppy pie in the face of a woman who was like a second mother to her on set. She could barely contain her excitement. She had been imaging this for a long time. It was going to be a sweet moment of supreme satisfaction for her.

At the end of the interview Lorraine stated that Sasha had a surprise for Amy Beth that she wanted to give her. Sasha then said,” Yeah, you have been like a Mum to me. This is a little gift I got for you. I have wanted to give you this for a long time.” Amy looked shocked, not knowing what it could possibly be. 

Sasha reached down below into the table at the centre of the set. In a split second, Amy’s eyes widened in shock as Sasha lifted a massive creamy pie out and instantly pushed it up into her face. Lorraine fell over in fits of laughter as the pie smashed in Amy Beth’s face. Amy could not believe what had happened. Sasha roared in laughter as she rubbed the creamy pie around in her friend’s face. She stood up, almost straddling her as she twisted the pie around with both hands. Amy nearly fell backwards as she was creamed.

Sasha pulled the pie tin away and laughed hysterically as she looked at her friend’s creamed face. Amy could not help but laugh, humiliated though she was. Her make up was a bit smudged but shown through the creamy mask that covered the majority of her face. She elegantly brushed her bangs away and cream fell down her hair. She rolled her eyes. She was absolutely speechless. She could not believe what had just happened to her.

Sasha pointed at her and laughed. She shrugged her shoulders and said sorry to her. The show went to break as Amy Beth tried her best to wipe the pie from her face.

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