Sunday, 11 March 2018

Eliza McCartney: I deserve a medal for that

Eliza McCartney: I deserve a medal for that

Eliza McCartney is a very attractive pole vaulting athlete from New Zealand. She has an amazing body and looks very sexy. She has long thin legs and a great shape to her body. She is definitely one of the hottest female athletes alive. The outfit that she wore to compete in showed off much of her sexy shape. When Mr. G. saw her competing in the indoor athletic competition, he thought that he would like to invite her onto the show while she was still in the UK. She was quite surprised to be asked. She only vaguely knew what to expect, but she agreed to be on the show. She was asked to wear the outfit that she had competed in at the games. She agreed. 

Before the show, she saw some ominous words on the show’s website and social media. It said,” Tonight Eliza gets flushed.” She had a feeling that she was in for an embarrassing evening. She was quite apprehensive, but kind of excited at the same time. She was going to be the centre of attention for sure, embarrassing as it might prove to be. She was glad that this would not be airing in New Zealand or Australia.

On the day, she showed up as requested wearing the little black outfit consisting of a small black sports bra and bottoms that she had worn to compete it only a few days previously. Her hair was back in a ponytail. She looked exactly like she did when she was competing. When she was welcomed to the stage, she was cheered as a champion athlete. She gave Mr. G. a hug and was escorted over to the sofas. She took a seat, crossing her long legs as she sat. She was congratulated on her performance. She did amazing at the games. She thanked Mr. G. for that. 

“Well Eliza, you had probably one of the greatest moments of your career and now, tonight you might be having one of your most embarrassing.” “I wouldn’t say that. I am sort of looking forward to it. It is a great moment in its own way. It will certainly be memorable. It will be something that I will never forget, that is for sure. I am nervous, but who knows, it might be fun.” “Well that’s good to hear. You will have to let us know how you feel at the end of the show. You may feel slightly differently at that point. You will certainly look very different.” She laughed.

“So, today we have got what is known as the Giant Flush ready and prepared just for you.” “I feel so privileged,” she joked. He made a gesture to the stage behind. Some curtains opened revealing the Giant Flush. Eliza blushed. “It is a very special seat, just for you. Let’s go have look.” They stood up and walked over. Mr. G. took her by her hand as she sat down on the regular sized toilet in the Giant Flush. Her long legs wrapped around the porcelain bowl.  She laughed. She joked that it was very comfortable. 

“So, Eliza, do you know what is going to happen next,” Mr. G. asked. “Well, I would guess that I’m going to be flushed and mess is going to totally trash me.” He smiled. “You have got it. Very good.” He walked over to the flusher and got ready to pull. She crossed her arms and laughed as she looked upwards at the giant toilet seat above her. She rolled her eyes and then bit her lip nervously before sticking her tongue out. She turned towards Mr. G. and gave two thumbs up. It was time for her to be flushed.

“Ok everyone, we have arrived at the moment we have all been waiting for. Eliza McCartney is about to be flushed. She stuck out her tongue and made a funny face as everyone cheered. Mr. G. pulled down the giant flusher. Eliza looked up slightly, half opening one eye as she heard the familiar sounds from above of the Giant Flush. She laughed as the sounds of someone using the toilet as well as the toilet flushing were heard. She closed her eyes and braced herself.

Everyone then cheered as a tidal wave of sloppy brown gunge poured through the giant toilet seat above her head. It landed with splash all over her. The gunge poured down onto the top of her head and then down onto her forehead and down her face. It dumped down her shoulders and arms. It splashed all over the toilet that she sat on and splattered and splashed all over her legs. Her thighs were covered in gunge and is dripped all the way down her calves to her ankles below and down to her socks. Brown gunge poured all over her thin but muscular physique. Brown gunge dripped down the sides of her mouth and down her nose. She was covered in muck. The top of her head was covered in an irregular mass of sloppy mess. She could only but smile as she got covered in sloppy brown mess.

Eventually the mess slowed to a stop. Mr. G. looked over at her. She turned her head and smiled. She gave two thumbs up and said,” I think that I deserve a medal for that.” Everyone laughed. She shook and wiggled her messy body. She stood up and let some of the collected mess plop from her body to the ground below. The flush was show in slow motion replay several times after that.


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  2. My favorite one so far! Please do A LOT more giant flushes!!!!