Sunday, 18 March 2018

Jess Impiazzi gunged

Jess Impiazzi gunged

Jess Impiazzi appeared on celebrity Big Brother. She was adorable and sweet on the show. Sadly, the series that she was on contained zero gunge or messy scenes whatsoever. She would have been a prime candidate to be messed because she played the ditzy role to the hilt on the show. She would say silly and funny things on the show. She was very cute indeed. She was about the only good looking woman on the show as well, so she really would have been the top choice to end up covered in mess. Someone decided that this was a wrong that had to be put right. There were a number of people that wanted to see Jess get gunged. Since this did not happen on the show, someone decided to set it up for Big Brother’s bit on the side afterwards. She had no idea that it would be happening because she had only just gotten out of the house. She was contractually obligated to do whatever she was told on the show within reason. She would not have been able to get out of a gunging. 

Towards the end of the show, Ryland, the host stated that there would be a special surprise for one housemate. There had been an online poll to see who the viewers wanted to see get gunged the most. Little did anyone there realise that Jess was the only candidate that the WAM community had any desire to see get messed so they voted in masses for her and she ended up winning. When she heard the term gunge tank mentioned, she was very, very worried, but she thought that it would not be her as she was relatively popular and had not offended anyone. She was a bit scared though of the whole idea. Fortunately for her, she did not have much time to think about it as it was only announced to the housemates a moment before it was to happen. 

Rylan just blurted out that the person with most votes and getting gunged was Jess. She barely was even paying attention, but she looked like a deer in headlights. Before she could blink, he grabbed her and escorted her to a gunge tank set up on set. She pouted and said,” WTF.” She did not really know what to expect. She half thought that this was just a joke and that nothing would really happen. She crossed her arms sighed and rolled her eyes. 

In an instant, her mouth fell open, her eyes comically widened and she screamed as bright pink gunge poured down upon her. She closed her eyes as it poured down her face and hair and then down onto her dress and body. Everyone that had gathered around was aghast. Jess was getting covered in messy gunge. It splashed everywhere in the tank, against the walls and the tank door. It poured down Jess’s face and body.

When it stopped, she was covered in gunge from head to toe. She stood up and let the gunge roll down her body, down her legs. She laughed and waved. She had to remain soaked in gunge for the remainder of the show. She was only given a small towel to use to dry off with.

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