Monday, 2 April 2018

Lauren Cohan I hope that you are happy

Lauren Cohan I hope that you are happy

Lauren Cohan had starred in several hit shows over the years. She was a pretty famous face for many on television. She had quite a sexy smile and eyes. She was selected by readers of a messy site as the woman from the television that people would most want to see get messed. She was consistently one of the most requested celebrities on most of the messy sites. She had caught wind of this and thought that it would be a pretty funny idea if it was to actually happen. She was quite flattered that she was such a popular request. She realised that this would have meant that many found her to be very attractive. He thought that the whole concept was hilarious. She agreed to make it happen. 

She decided to wear a white dress on the day, which, in hindsight, was probably a poor choice. By the end of the night it would never be wearable again by her or anyone else. She had thought that she would have had an easy time of it, but she was very mistaken. She would receive quite an embarrassing messing. She was looking incredible on the day. Her hair was sort of shoulder length and she had dark makeup on. She looked stunning, though she was praying that this would not be filmed. Of course it would be. Though it might not be televised, it would certainly be shown and broadcasted all of the internet. She would never live this down.

The messing would take place in a public park. There was a gunge tank set up in the middle of a park, so passers-by could come and have a look at what was going to happen to her. She was equally intrigued and embarrassed at the same time.

Before she was put into the tank, she had a conversation with the organisers. “Thank you for being here and doing this.” “That’s ok. I am sort of flattered in a way that so many people voted for me and want to see this happen to me. Everyone seems to want to see this happen so far be it from me to prevent it,” she replied with a laugh. “I hope everyone will be happy. I know everyone is dying to see me get completely covered in mess.” “Well, I guess you could say that.” “There is no accounting for taste, I suppose,” she joked. She was then shown the tank and asked to have a seat.

At this point there was about a dozen people around who were involved in the planning of everything. They were mostly busy getting everything ready. They did not have any expensive cameras. They just were recording on phones and things like that. There was someone with an amateur sort of camera. They snapped some pictures of Lauren in the tank. She smiled, waived and made some funny and worried looking faces for the pictures. As this went on, a small crowd began to gather around to see what was happening. Some voices could be heard saying, “It’s Lauren Cohan from television. She is a star.”

It finally was time for the messing to commence. One of the organisers asked Lauren if she was ready. She laughed and said that she was as ready as she would ever be. He told her to brace herself. She scrunched up her face and tightened her shoulders. Her legs wiggled back and forth. “Oh my God, “she thought to herself. She heard a bit of a noise come from above her. She had assumed that the tank would be filled with just gunge. She had not thought to ask. It was not. She would soon find out that instead of gunge, the tank was filled with leftovers and tons of expired food from a local supermarket. 

There was peas, custard, gravy, porridge, canned chilli, eggs, baked beans and spaghetti hoops among other things all layered together sitting inches above her head. She looked up and shook her head, opening her mouth in a funny squeal. At this moment, the lever was pulled on the tank and the mountain of sloppy mess that lay above her was released upon her. As she looked up she could see it begin to fall. “Oh shit,” she said to herself. She winced as the mess began to pour down upon her.

The first wave all seemed to come down at once. The heavier bits must have settled at the bottom, because they fell first upon her. The mess fell straight upon her head and exploded in a splash in all directions. She closed her eyes and mouth as a tidal wave of food mess poured straight down her face. It then began to make its way down her body, over her chest and arms and then all over her dress and legs, staining everything as it went. She struggled in mess. She could do nothing but hug herself as tightly as she could as the onslaught of disgusting mess continued to envelope her.

Everyone gathered clapped and cheered as they witnessed her getting the mess dumped all over her. She was soon covered from head to toe in what amounted to food waste. She was completely trashed. She tried to wipe some of the mess from her eyes and nose. Blobs of food mess piled on various areas of her body. She could feel bits of mess inside her dress and on her legs. It was everywhere. She was covered in patches of different foods all over her body. There was a pile of peas on the right side of her head. She had baked beans all over her breasts. Custard fell from her nose and chin. She was completely trashed. 

Eventually, the flow of the mess stopped. Everyone gave her a round of applause. She stood up and stepped out of the tank. As she stood up, layers of revolting slop fell from her person to the ground. She ran her hands over her hair and face. She smiled and bowed. She pointed towards everyone and told them that she hoped that they were happy. She was a complete mess.

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