Sunday, 29 April 2018

Simone Biles and Aly Raisman

Simone Biles and Aly Raisman

Olympic gymnasts, Simone Biles and Aly Raisman were doing a tour after the Olympics to promote sports and trying to encourage young women and girls to participate more in sporting activities. They were on many television shows and network in the aim of spreading the word. One of the logical stops was Nickolodeon Studios. That was a very popular place for young people and it seemed like a great way to get their message across. They appeared in the studio and on television where they were guests on several shows. 

While they were there, as was a common tradition, they were asked if they would mind appearing in a gunge tank for one of the shows. Aly said that she didn’t mind, but she felt as though she was backed into a corner a little bit and could not easily refuse. Simone, on the other hand, had said that she was feeling rather under the weather and if she was to get wet, she could catch her death of cold. Of course, it was just an excuse to avoid the mess. When Aly discovered the trick that Simone had played to get out of the messing, she was furious. She vowed to get her back for this. It was not very fair, why should she be the only one to get covered in gunge. On top of that, Simone had a big grin on her face the entire time. She was going to really enjoy seeing Aly get covered in gunge while she was able to escape the mess herself. 

As Simone looked on with delight, her teammate was placed in a silver gunge tank and sat in place, ready to get covered in gunge. Simone waved at her and laughed. Aly licked her lips and shook her head in annoyance. Aly closed her eyes as the lever was pulled and silver gunge began to rain down over her. She lowered her head as gooey slime poured down onto her head and down the sides of her hair and down her forehead. The sides of her head were covered first before the gunge poured onto her nose and cheeks, soon engulfing her face. Gunge fell with a splat down her chest and over her arms and legs. It dripped everywhere. Soon she was covered in it almost completely. She shook her head and threw her hands back and forth as Simone roared in laughter at what she was witnessing. 

Aly seethed with anger that her teammate had managed to weasel her way out of this. She vowed that she would get revenge on her for this at some point. Right now, however, she could do little more than wallow in the silver mess that she was covered in. Simone joked that silver was the best that Aly could ever do. She was not a gold sort of person. 

Simone had really enjoyed what happened to Aly. She did not think that there would be anything more thought of it after that day, but she was mistaken about that. In fact, Aly not only planned to get revenge upon her for what she had done, she also enlisted the help of all of their other teammates for assistance. They were all too happy to oblige. Simone had played jokes and pranks on most of the others as well and they were all too happy to get the chance to participate in getting her back for all of this. 

A few weeks later, there was a photoshoot for the whole team. The rest of the team arrived early. When Simone arrived, she was surprised to find that the rest of the team was already there waiting for. This seemed a bit odd, but she did not say anything about it. She also noticed that they were looking at her a bit funny throughout the first part of the photoshoot. 

She was very surprised when a gunge tank was brought out about halfway through the shoot. As soon as she saw it, she guessed that it was more than likely for her benefit. She tried to quietly and discreetly leave, but all paths were blocked. Not much was said, but she was escorted directly to the tank and was made to sit down inside of it. Aly quickly locked the door to prevent any chance of escape for Simone. Aly gave a sarcastic smile and wave, mimicking how Simone had acted towards her at Nickolodeon Studios.

She and the team smiled, looking very excited as she pulled the leaver on Simone. Simone closed her eyes and shrieked as sloppy gold gunge poured down upon her. It poured down the bridge of her nose and straight down her face initially. She gave a shocked laugh as she was inundated with a tidal wave of thick sloppy gold gunge. Everyone was joking that she was now the gold standard and stating how much she deserved this. Gunge fell from her face and body. It cascaded down her muscular body. She was completely soaked in it. 

She was hoping that this would be the end of things, but it was not. The other ladies were annoyed with her as well. They were sick of the silly pranks that she liked to play on them. In order to get their revenge, they were each now equipped with two buckets of sloppy leftover food a piece. Aly opened the door of the tank and they all pounced forward, dumping bucket after bucket of disgusting food waste all over the Olympian’s face and body. The food was revolting. It including layers of baked beans, creamed corn, mushy peas, potato salad, picked relish, rotten eggs, rice pudding and custard. It smelled horrendous as it was poured all over her person. She was soon covered from head to toe in the most revolting assortment of decaying leftover food imaginable. She had to stop herself from gagging at the horrific odour that it omitted. They had purposely wanted to make it as stinky and disgusting for her as they possibly could. There were mounds and splotches of the various bits of food all over her from head to toe. 

The whole team then stood back and pointed at her laughing. They made no secret that she was a laughing stock now. She could not deny the fact that she completely deserved this.  One thing was for sure, there was no possible way for to look cool or to get the last laugh now.


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