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Amy Grant celebrity parent revenge

Amy Grant celebrity parent revenge

Amy Grant had success in the pop and country music fields in the early nineties. She also had a relationship with country singer Vince Gill. Although she was a mother and was now in her forties, she was still a very attractive woman. Amy’s teenage children selected her to appear on a television show that allowed children of celebrity parents to play jokes on them. They wanted nothing more than embarrass their Mom on national television. They set her up so that they would be able to get her messy.

As far as Amy was concerned, the show was a show for children of celebrities and that there would be a quiz. What she was unaware of is the consequences that she would face if she lost the quiz as well as the fact that the quiz was rigged so that she had no hope of winning. Of course, Vince Gill would be there as well, enjoying every moment of the proceedings as they took place. He was going to thoroughly enjoy seeing his wife get totally trashed. Everyone was going to really enjoy the events of the evening, apart from Amy herself, that is.

The host of the show opened proceedings by welcoming the audience and the viewers. He then welcomed Amy and her children to the show. “Let’s have a big round of applause for Amy Grant and family,” he said. Amy came in with her children. She smiled and waved, still unaware of where the events of the evening would lead. She wore a pair of jeans, a black blazer and a white shirt underneath. She came out and shook the host’s hands. “Welcome Amy and family to the show. I suppose you are wondering what we have in store for you today.” “I sure do,” Amy said with a laugh in a slightly sardonic tone. “ Well, today what we have is a little quiz. The aim is to show how well you know your kids. Before the show, we asked them five questions. All you have to do is to guess how they answered them. You have to get three out of five correct. If you don’t you will have to face the consequences, but if you are able to get three or more correct, it will be your kids who will be receiving the punishment, is that clear enough?” Amy ran her tongue over her top lip. “Yes, I get it,” she said. She did not really think about what the consequences could possibly be. She didn’t think that they could be anything too drastic, so it did not bother her too much.

“Ok here we go, question one. We asked your kids, if you were any animal what would it be?” Amy was a bit surprised at the nature of the question. She thought that she knew her kids quite well and would be able to answer anything about them, but this was a wide open question. It could have been anything at all. “Um, I don’t know. I am going to say a peacock.” “Guys, what did you answer?,” the host asked. “A dog.” “Ouch a dog, a dog was the right answer. Sorry Amy that is one for the kids.” Her kids smiled and laughed, looking at each other. A big One flashed up behind them. The score was now one to nothing. “Ok, it is time for question two,” the host said. “We asked your children if they could see you dress up in any costume for Halloween what would it be?” Amy thought about it. This was not an easy one either. “Um, I’ll say a chicken suit.” “A chicken, ok. Good answer. Let’s reveal their answer. Was it a chicken?” “We said gorilla.” Amy laughed. She buried her face in her hands. She knew that she was in trouble now. “Oh no, I am so sorry Amy, that is another wrong answer. That means the score is two nil to the children. That means you need to get all of the remaining answers correct to win.” “Yeah, I know,” she said with an embarrassed laugh, licking her teeth.

“Ok, the third question we asked was, who would your children most like to see you do a duet with?” “I’ll say my husband Vince. I think they would like to see us singing together again.” “Guys, what was your answer? Did you say Vince Gill?” “We said Beyonce,” they said with a laugh.” “Oh no, Amy, you were way off.” A negative buzzer sound went off. “I am so sorry, that means we have a clean sweep here. Amy you have lost.” Amy laughed. She swung her arm and mouthed the word damn. The teenagers slapped hands and celebrated their victory.

“Now, we did mention the little matter of consequences earlier. Now we can reveal what they are. Kids, as the winners, you have a decision to make. You can accept the prize, which is a trip to Florida or if you want we can bring out some pies and some other mess and you can have the chance to mess your Mom. What would you rather do?” Amy looked at her kids, still smiling but a bit in shock. She put her hands together, sort of asking them to spare her. They looked at her sympathetically. They looked at each other. They thought it over. “I think that we will,” they said softly and slowly. “Mess our Mom!!!,” they shouted. Amy laughed, her mouth falling wide open. “Mess your Mom. Well sorry Amy, we gave them the chance, but you lost and now you have to pay the consequences. Kids, you get to punish your Mom now with the mess. This has to be a dream come true. I bet everyone watching at home has always wanted to do this. This one is for all the kids.”

“Let’s bring out the pies first,” the host said. One of the stage assistants then emerged carrying pies in either of their hands. They walked over to Amy’s kids and handed them each a pie. She put her hands over her mouth and let out a shriek. Amy bent her knees and squatted down in order to allow her kids an easier target. As she kneeled down her kids approached with their pies in hand at the ready. This was the moment that everyone had been waiting for. “So, we have proven that Amy Grant does not know her kids nearly as well as she thinks she does. It the moment that we have all been waiting for. It’s time for the kids to get revenge on their Mom. Come on kids, let her have it,” The host said.

Amy’s children came forward. She cautiously moved her hands away from her face. Her daughter looked at her and said,” Sorry Mom.” She reached back and drove her pie, as hard as she could into her mother’s face. The pie hit with a muted thud into Amy’s face. Pie splattered everywhere, all over her jeans and blazer, all over her dark hair. Amy Grant’s face was instantly covered in creamy pie. Before she could react, her son came forward and drove his pie as hard as he could into her face. The pie plate covering her entire face before he let go, allowing it to drop to the floor. Amy held her hands out in front of her. Her face was covered in sloppy pie. It also coated the front part of her curly brown hair. Pie dripped from her nose and bits of her hair. She pointed at her children. “I will get you for this,” she joked. Shots were shown of her husband looking on laughing at his wife’s sloppy misfortune. She was beyond embarrassed, receiving humiliation at the hands of her kids on national television. “I’m so proud,” she joked.

That was not the end of proceedings, however, the kids were now handed buckets. It was obvious what they were going to get to do with them. It did not need very much explaining. They approached her and began to pour their buckets onto her at the same time. One of them was filled with baked beans, the other with cottage cheese. The cottage cheese fell down her hair and all over her legs, covering her jeans. The beans flowed down her face and then down her top, staining it in sloppy bean juice as it went along. Cheers and whistled were heard throughout the studio. Amy laughed as she was covered in the sloppy mess by her offspring. Amy could only laugh as they dumped the mess all over her. She provided a very compact target. The cottage cheese smelled disgusting. Amy gagged slightly at the aroma as it soaked into her jeans.

They were then handed two more buckets. These contained spaghetti hoops and yoghurt. They smiled and laughed as they wildly dumped their buckets onto their mother’s body. She squealed as she felt the sloppy mess pour over her. The yoghurt smelled quite appalling itself. Again she wretched a little at the stink of the stuff. Her children playfully dumped their mess all over her. They moved the buckets around over her, getting the spaghetti hoops and yoghurt all over her body, as much as they possibly could. The combination of thick sloppy white mess and thinner orange mess combined to make an absolutely revolting looking combination all over Amy Grant. She held her hands in front of her and laughed.

The teenagers smiled at one another and then pointed at their mother and laughed at her misfortune. Everyone cheered. Amy stood up, pushing off some of the mess from her body. Her hair and face dripped with spaghetti hoops and beans. She ran her hands through her hair, slopping some of the mess out of it. She bowed and laughed. Her husband was shown again laughing at his wife’s embarrassment. She pointed at him. “This is all your doing,” she shouted. The host then spoke to her. “Well, Amy how are you feeling?,” he asked, teasing her. “ I’m annoyed. I am going to get all of them back for this,” she said. “Well, Amy, you took the challenge and you lost. Next time you should know your kids better.” She laughed. She leaned her head back and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I guess you are right,” she said with a laugh, shrugging her shoulders. She could not really blame them for what they had done. Who would say no?

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