Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Annoying Nokia Advert woman

Annoying Nokia Advert woman

This is a story about the incredibly irritating young woman from a recent nokia advert. The tag line is honestly. She deserves to get messy for sure.

The annoying girl began to read her lines for the advert. “Honestly, my style matters to me, especially…,” as she said this a noise came from above. She barely had time to look up before a tidal wave of sloppy green gunge poured down onto her from above. It hit her squarely in her overly done hair and down her face. It poured over her on trend clothes, soaking her scarf and the layers of clothing that she wore in thick sloppy gunge, ensuring that they would never be the same again. She was really not expecting it. The sloppy green gunge poured down on her. It covered her face in layer after layer of sloppy thick, smooth gunge. She continued,” When I’m covered in gunge. She said looking into the camera, lightly brushing away some of the gunge from her face.

“That’s why I chose this Lovely gunge. It looks amazing. It has lots great colours and it gets me very messy.” At that point orange gunge began to pour down on her from above. She cringed a little bit but stood in place, continuing to look in the camera as she was soaked in sloppy orange gunge. It poured and poured for what seemed like ages down her face and body, totally trashing her clothes in the process and splattering onto the market tables that she stood next to.

She continued to blather on. “ It seems to have a mind of its own, which means it can find me anywhere and it means, it means it’s really fast.” With that tons more purple gunge poured all over her. Her facial features now almost invisible behind layer after layer of thick gunge. She was now covered from head to toe. It was everywhere. “And it’s such a great price.” She rolled her eyes. “Free, obviously.”

At that point her phone rang. She picked it up and said hello. Her friend then came around the corner and smashed a pie straight into her face. She drove the pie into her unsuspecting friend’s face as hard as she could. The woman looked into the camera with a defeated look on her face. Then the annoying end song came up. “Honestly, I want to see you get gunged,” it sang.

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