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Lana’s replacement, Summer Rae revenge

Lana’s replacement, Summer Rae revenge

Rusev and Lana’s relationship ended quite badly. The two split up. Lana ended up with Dolf Ziggler. This left Rusev alone and angry. The move that he made was to enlist Summer Rae as his new partner. The authenticity of that relationship was dubious at best. Rusev made Summer Rae dress and act like Lana. He was doing this out of jealousy and spite. He was trying to get back at Lana. Week at after week there were segments that highlighted Rusev and his pettiness. He tried to do things to embarrass Lana using Summer Rae. Lana always kept her dignity throughout, never letting it bother her. 

It was another week on programming and Rusev and Summer Rae were in the ring once again doing another bad routine about Lana, cracking terrible jokes that were meant to be at her expense. Towards the end, Lana’s music hit and she marched out to the ring. She looked furious. This time, she did not get on the mic and fire back as she usually did, instead she stood eye to eye with Rusev, confronting him. He said something to her in Bulgarian. She said something back and then slapped him across the face. She then kneed him in the crotch and threw him out of the ring onto the floor. She then ran towards Summer. 

She launched herself at the wannabe. The two both were wearing tight black skirt suits, Summer’s was cut particularly low. Summer was knocked to the ground. Lana slapped her a few times. She then grabbed her by the lappells. She shouted,” You want to dress like me, do you? Well you will not any more. You won’t be wearing these clothes anymore.” She pushed down on the lappells, tearing the blazer apart. The arms of it ripping off, before she tore the rest from Summer’s body. She then reached in and tore Summer’s skirt down the middle, pulling it off her. Summer was left now in only a black thing and bra. Much to everyone’s shock, Lana continued. She tore open Summer’s bra and pulled her thing down her tanned legs. She then sat up and bent Summer over her knee. She began to spank the blonde right across her bare bottom. Summer screeched and kicked her legs as Lana spanked her wildly. The crowd was going crazy the whole time.

Lana then grabbed Summer by her hair and dragged her out of the ring. She pulled her over by the announce table and pulled a mop bucket out from under the ring. The bucket was filled with brown and black muck. At this point, Summer was sat on her bottom begging Lana off. Lana scowled and lifted the bucket up over Summer. She began to dump the contents over Summer’s head. Summer gasped as sloppy muck poured from the bucket all over her. Heaven only knew what was in it. Summer looked revolted. She made a comically over the top face and gagged, saying that it stunk. Lana smiled as she dumped the mess on the naked tanned blonde who had taken her place. 

Lana then wheeled out a second, slightly larger, but nearly identical mop bucket. She then grabbed Summer by her hair. She trash talked her some more. “You think you can replace me? This is what you get?,” she told her. She then dunked Summer’s head face first into the mop bucket. She twisted her face around in it. Summer kicked her legs. He bare behind high in the air. Lana then flung her backwards bucket and all, sending her onto her behind and tipped the bucket over onto her in the process. 

Lana then went to the side of the announce table, finding a garbage can adjacent to it. She found a garbage bag in it, waiting for her. She grabbed it and held it over Summer. She then ripped it open, sending the filthy rubbish raining down upon her. Summer screamed as the trash fell all over her. A banana peel stuck to her head. Bits of sandwiches and other bits of food and trash fell and stuck to her body. She continued screaming and kicking her feet.

Lana then pulled Summer to her feet. She lined her up with the bin and then  pushed her backwards into it, sending her up to her neck in  the bin and the rest of the trash in it. Only her head and legs protruded. She screamed and kicked, unable to free herself. Lana then wheeled the bin down the ramp. She smiled and she waived as she wheeled Summer all the way up the ramp. 

She did not stop there though, she kept on going through the backstage area and past the locker rooms. They passed laughing superstars and divas along the way until the got to the exit. Lana then said,” Bye bye Summer and good riddance.” She then opened the back door of the arena. She pushed Summer and the bin out of the door. It went down a ramp at the entrance, sending it out of the building and into a dumpster. Lana then turned her back. She slammed the doors causing them to lock behind her. She dusted her hands together and smiled as she walked away, leaving Summer outside in the hold.

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