Sunday, 10 January 2016

Claire Richards slave to food

Claire Richards slave to food

Claire Richards from Steps had a television show called “Slave to Food”. She had issues with her weight over the years. It fluctuated a great deal from time to time, but she always was attractive no matter how big or small she was. She did love food a lot though. Claire was one of many who secretly enjoyed WAM. One day, she decided to go for it. She discovered a whole new way to enjoy food. It was going to take the experience to a whole new level. She was a bit nervous, but she told herself, “I have to do this. It is going to be amazing”. 

The first part of the experience was going to the grocery store. This part was thrilling for her, almost as much as the messing itself. It was like a free for all of a shopping spree. She got the largest shopping cart that she could and gleefully made her way down the aisles. She then looked for items that she could use. The idea that she was purchasing them to use in a messy way was very arousing in itself. The others in the store had no idea of what she would be using the items for. As she purchased them one by one, she imagined how they would be used. She was slightly embarrassed of course.

 Although, no one had a clue of what she was really up to of course. She spent ages picking out the perfect items. This experience alone was making her extremely aroused. She blushed as she was checking out. It was as if she was purchasing pornography from a sex shop. The cashier thought that she was acting a bit strange, but never got a clue as to why. Claire was hoping that she would not be recognised. 

When she had checked out, she rushed to the car and put the groceries in the boot. She was so turned on at this point that she jumped in the car and plunged her hand down into the front of her knickers. She was soaking wet already. She began to rub her vagina and to moan. She ducked down low so she would not be seen. She could not help herself. She then rushed home and into her bedroom. She emptied the grocery bags and laid the items out over her dresser. She decided that she was so horny that she could not wait. She thrust her jeans down and removed her top. She decided that she may as well go the whole way. She unhooked her bra and dropped her panties. Her fake tanned, chubby body looked incredible. She looked at herself in her full length mirror above her dresser. She ran her hands over her body. She squeezed her own breasts and behind. She then rubbed her dripping wet vagina again with her fingers. “Time to get dirty,” she thought to herself. She bit her lip.

She popped open a tub of chocolate rice pudding. She closed her eyes and sniffed it. “Oh my God, this smells amazing,” she thought to herself. She held it in front of her and began to pour it over her head and over the front of her body. The chocolatey pudding plopped down her face and chest. It rolled over her face and down her body. She then dipped her hand in and stuck her fingers into her mouth. She ate some of the rice pudding. She then rubbed more over her vagina. She began to rub her clitoris in the rice pudding. She let out a loud moan of pleasure. “Oh yeah, oh my God. Oooh yeah,” she said in a sexy tone. She was very turned on already. She was highly aroused. 

She then opened a similar tub of custard. She tipped some of it over her head. She then plunged her hands into the tub and began to squeeze her breasts. She rubbed custard all over her breasts, fondling them in the custard. She then took more and plopped it onto her backside. She squeezed her cheeks as she coated them in the tasty mess. She then spread her legs and dumped the remainder between her legs. She then took two fingers and began to rub her vagina again. She leaned back. She bent her knees and pushed her head backwards. She played with herself. She began to grind her hips. This was proving more arousing than she could ever have imagined it would be. 

She then pulled a sloppy chocolate cream pie close to her. She leaned over and shoved her face down into it. She pushed her head down into it. She wiggled it around. She then began to eat some of the pie that surrounded her face. She hungrily munched and licked away at the pie. She stuck her tongue out and began to sensually devour some of the crust. She moved her tongue back and forth as if she was licking something much sexier than any pie. She wiggled her tongue around. She then lifted the pie and dumped what was left of it all over her breasts. The crust crumbled over her large breasts.

It was then time for a chocolate and cherry cheesecake. Claire took a big bite of it to begin. She then took about half of it and pushed it straight up into her backside. It was covered in cherries and flaked chocolate. She then pushed it down between her legs. It smushed all over her vagina. The feeling of cheesecake against her vagina was an incredible one. Claire possessed some very sexy protruding, juicy pussy lips. They were now covered in sloppy cheesecake. She took the rest of it and placed it on top of her head. It crumbled around her head. The chocolate and cherries oozed down the sides of her head, all over her short blonde hair. She took another handful and devoured it. This was like nothing she had ever experienced before in her life. 

Claire was thinking to herself how much she loved food.  She now took some frozen yoghurt. She was going to experience cart dior in a way that few ever had before. It was swirled with strawberry sauce and cream in a pink strawberry ice cream. She had waited awhile so it would melt a bit. It was no soft and sloppy. She used her hands. She plunged both hands in. One she placed in her mouth, the other between her legs. She rubbed her vagina with once and sucked the frozen yoghurt off of her fingers simultaneously. She let out audible grunts of pleasure as repeated these actions. She rolled her hips. She humped back and forth as she fingered herself. She then spooned some with her hands onto her stomach. It melted more and more as it came into contact with her sizzling hot flesh. It was still very cold on her skin. She shivered as she allowed it to melt all over her body. She put more on her sexy thighs. She continued humping back and forth. She was building herself towards orgasm. 

She took and éclair and a cream horn in each hand. She took a bite of each and then smashed both against her vagina. She splattered the desserts onto her private parts. She then took a bottle of chocolate syrup and turned it upside down onto herself. She gently squeezed the sweet chocolate syrup down her body. It rolled down her sexy body. More poured over her head and body. She was getting very close to orgasming at this point.

She now decided to use something totally different. She had arranged a gigantic tray filled with nachos. It was filled to the brim with chips, nacho cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Claire lifted it with both hands. It was an enormous platter. She looked at it and licked her lips. She laughed as she plunged her face deep into the nachos as hard as she could manage. She twisted it around. She began to chew and eat bits of it before lifting it and dumping the whole thing over herself. The collected mess rolled down her face and then down the front of her body. She squeezed her breasts and wiggled her hips. The residual mess landing on her lap. 

She was very near climax now. She was now ready for the grand finale that she had planned for herself. She had made herself a massive banana split. It was half melted now. It was enormous. It was filled with ice cream, sauces, nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, strawberries, pineapple and bits of whole banana. The whole thing filled a massive, silver sundae dish. It could feed about half a dozen adults comfortably. It was so heavy that she could barely lift it. She started by pushing her face into it. She then lifted it up and started dumping it over her head. It rolled down her face and then down her body. She sat down and opened her legs. She dumped the rest of it straight into her crotch. The banana fell into natural position between her legs. She screeched loudly in pleasure. “Ooooh, oh yeah. Oh my God, yes,” she squealed. She rubbed herself harder as she neared climax.

She closed her eyes and leaned back. She held back, biting her lip. Her squeals of pleasure became louder and louder. The noises of pleasure filled the air. She leaned back and let go. Her vagina then exploded. She gave way to pleasure. Every muscle in her body contorted. She exploded. Her vagina squirting forth with sweet juices. It covered the remains of the banana. She experienced a moment of pure ecstasy at this moment. She then collapsed backwards on the bed in a combination of both pleasure and exhaustion. 

She lay there covered in mess for some time, enjoying the moment. Eventually, she got up and began to clean herself off. This night had been everything she had hoped for and more.


  1. Amazing! Great story.

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