Sunday, 24 January 2016

Megan McKenna in the stocks

Megan McKenna in the stocks

Megan Mckenna was one of the best celebrities on Celebrity Big Brother 2016. She was one of the most attractive. All of the celebrities in the Big Brother house had been arguing and fighting throughout the series about many trivial things. There were times when people had lost their cool and shouted and screamed. Megan was no exception. On two occasions she had screamed very loudly, having become very angry. Most of this was aimed at John Partridge, who she accused of being manipulative. 

As a task, Celebrity Big Brother polled the viewers as to who they wanted to see in certain situations. Megan was voted to be put in the stocks and to receive a messy punishment. This was unannounced. The voice of Big Brother came over the loudspeaker and told Megan that she must come to the garden immediately. At the time, she was laying on the bed with Scotty T wearing only a black bra and thong. She told Big Brother that she needed to get dressed. They denied her this request. They demanded that she report to the garden immediately. She had chosen to just be wearing her underwear on national television, so she would have to remain this way. She, reluctantly, walked out to the garden dressed as she was. She looked very annoyed. When she walked out, she saw that a pillory was set up in the garden. She was told to stand by the pillory while the other housemates gathered across from it. “Megan, as part of the, just go with it task, you must go in the stocks and take a messy punishment.” Her mouth fell open. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this,” she said. She had no choice but to go along with it, though, as it was part of the shopping task. Her housemates could not help but chuckle at her situation. 

“Ok,” she said,” But I am not happy,” she exclaimed. The top of the pillory was raised for her. She leaned forward and placed her head into position. Her sexy neck stretched across the pillory. She then placed her wrists into the smaller holes either side of her head. She gave a pouting look. The top of the pillory was then lowered and she was locked into place. This left her in an unflattering position. She was bent over. Her backside was high in the air. The thong that she was wearing was minimal. The inner curves of her inner legs and crotch were almost fully visible. The camera took a few panning shots, showing her muscular tanned body stretched into the stocks. Her backside fully in view. 

Buckets and containers were brought out. Megan’s mouth fell open. “Oh my god,” she said, knowing what they would be used for. “I can’t believe this,” she said. Her half naked body was already in prone position on display for the whole world to see. She was now about to get covered in sloppy mess. Big Brother then announced that they wanted John to be the one to do the hours. “Oh it will be my pleasure,” he said with great gusto. 

The first thing that he handed was a large pie. He took it in both hands. He puckered his lips, posing with it as everyone laughed. Megan’s eyes widened. “No, Johnny. Don’t do this, please. You wouldn’t dare,” she said. “ “Oh yes, I most certainly would,” he said as he sauntered over to her. He danced over and then held the pie in front of her face. She made a funny face. She shook her head, as much as she could. He then pushed the pie forward into her face. Everyone applauded as he pushed the sloppy pie into Megan’s face. He moved it back and forth in a semi-circle in her face. He leaned over and smile and then pulled the pie away. The final layer of pie fell from Megan’s face to the ground. She stuck her tongue out and wiggled her head, letting out a little squeal. She wiggled her lips and tongue. Her face was covered thick creamy pie. Megan’s beautiful face was left covered in creamy pie. She just laughed at this point.

He was then handed a second pie. He looked Megan up and down. He caught eye of her rear end. A glimmer came to his eye. He smirked as he made way around her. He put his hand on her hip and then pushed the second pie straight into Megan’s shapely posterior. Megan was pushed forward as pie was pushed into her backside. He rubbed the pie around all over her thong clad behind. “I can’t believe that you are pieing my arse,” she said. He let the tin drop, revealing her backside coated in creamy pie. It looked yummy, for sure. 

John then was given a bucket that was filled with rice pudding. He smiled. He walked over to Megan and showed her what was in the bucket. “Oh my god,” she shrieked. He lifted it and began to pour the rice pudding all over Megan’s half naked body. He aimed it onto her back, initially. It was a sloppy off white colour. It was filled with lumps. She grimaced and squirmed as it began too poor down her sexy, smooth, tanned body. It poured all over her nearly bare backside and down the backs of her legs. It ran down her thighs and down the backs of her knees. Rice pudding poured down her calves. He then moved the bucket upwards, dumping more onto her back and down her neck and chest and then all over her head and face. Megan wiggled her legs and bottom. She could feel blobs of sloppy rice pudding all over her barely clothed body.

Next to come was a container that was filled with baked beans. “I’ve got some beans for you, Megan,” John said in a theatrical voice. “Oh my god, beans? No, don’t do this. You can’t pour beans on me.” Nevertheless, he approached and started doing just that. She screeched, “Nooooo,” as he dumped baked beans all over her sexy body. He began by dumping some over her head. The beans poured on top of her head and then cascaded down her face. He then poured more down her body. Her tiny bra and knickers were soon soaked with bean juice. The sloppy beans poured directly on her sexy bare skin. John showered Megan in the beans. They dumped all over her body. They stuck everywhere. She was drenched in the bean juice. 

He finished off a container of thick, brown gravy. He smiled as slowly tipped the gravy over her body. It poured over her back and dripped down her breasts. It poured over her stomach and then all over her behind and legs. She could feel it all over her body. He took his time drenching her in the thick brown mess. It dripped all over her. It soaked her hair and underwear. Everyone roared with applause. Megan shook her head.

She was finally allowed out of the pillory. She frowned as she emerged. She pushed her hands down her face and body, splashing the mess off of her. She ran her hands over her hair. “I can’t believe this,” she said. She shook her head and licked her teeth. Mess rolled down her body. “Don’t worry, you look hotter than ever,” Scotty T told her. She took a deep breath and glared at him. She then was shown scrubbing her sexy body clean in the shower.

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