Saturday, 2 January 2016

Ronda Rousey is humbled

Ronda Rousey is humbled

Ronda Rousey had been dominant in her sport. She had been the top draw and the main reason why people became aware of the sport that she competed in. She also knew this and became very arrogant and full of herself. She became overconfident. This really rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. Arrogance was not a quality that people appreciated. She seemed to believe that she was better than others. Ultimately, this would lead to her losing a fight in shocking fashion. People wondered if she had underestimated her opponent leading to her defeat. 

The defeat was humiliating. Unfortunately for her, there would be more humiliation to follow. Before the match, she had been so confident that she had made a bet with an obnoxious male sports radio personality. If she lost the match, she would have to do a forfeit. Of course, she never thought in her wildest dreams that there was any possibility whatsoever that she could lose. The match was not even meant to be close. She made the bet thinking that there was no chance she would lose, but she had lost and now was going to have to pay the price for it. The radio host was a chauvinistic jerk as well. To have him get one over on her was even more humiliating than losing the match. She could only imagine what he had planned. 

She reluctantly showed up on the day. She was going to be eating crow for sure. She did not want to turn up, but a promise was a promise. She was going to have to face humiliation to an incredible level. Unfortunately for her, no one was going to have much pity for her, because she was so full of herself when she was winning. She was now put in her place and no one was feeling sorry for her.
She wore a pair of black shorts and a black sports bra. Her hair was held back in a ponytail. She was silent as the male presenter explained that she had lost her match and the bet and she was about to pay further consequences. He mouthed off about her and her loss. She just stopped listening to him. 

She remained silent. She decided, to herself, that she was going to remain silent and try not to pay attention to what was happening as much as possible. He began to mouth off about how much he was going to enjoy carrying out the punishment upon her. He announced that he was going to be covering her in sloppy mess. Deep down, she was slightly relieved. She had worried that it was going to be something much more repulsive than that, although it was still going to be embarrassing enough for her.  He approached her carrying a large bucket. The bucket contained masses of bright pink gunge. “Because Miss Rousey lost her match, it means I am going to get to pour this all over her head,” he said. She frowned and glared at him. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

He carried the bucket, comically dancing over to her. He then playfully tipped it over her. Thick, soft, bright pink gunge slowly trickled out and poured over her rippling body. It poured over her blonde hair and down the front of her body, all over her chest and muscular abs. Ronda closed her eyes and made an annoyed face as the gunge toppled over her. It poured down her legs to her socks. Soon she was dripping in pink gunge from head to toe. She tossed her head. She was red as a beat with embarrassment. She kept telling herself that she had to get through this. It would be over soon. 

When that bucket was empty, he grabbed a second. This one was filled with bright blue gunge. It was of a similar texture and consistency to the pink gunge that was already all over Ronda. The sports show host lifted the bucket over the ashamed fighter. He began to slowly pour the bright blue gunge over her. It poured over her head and rolled down her body. It rolled down her back and chest. She folded her arms and allowed the cackling, arrogant man to dump the gunge over her body. Deep down, she was furious. She was angry with herself for getting herself in this situation. This was embarrassing beyond all of her wildest dreams. All the while he was delivering barbs and insults as he humiliated her.

He then took a massive creamy pie. He rammed it straight into Ronda’s face. The pie smashed into her face with a thud. Pie splattered in all directions. It hallowed around her chest and neck. He then pushed the pie upwards over her forehead and hair. He pushed it up to the top of her head. It was left in place on top of her head. It looked ridiculous. She kept her eyes on the ground. She looked very dejected. 

She was taunted by the radio host. He was talking about how much he was enjoying this. He spoke about how her arrogance had gotten the better of her. Ronda was asked for her comments. All she said was that this would make her even more determined to overcome her mistakes and to get back at everyone who was enjoying seeing her get humiliated.


  1. Thanks for carrying out my request!

  2. That's OK. I hope you enjoyed it.

  3. hi I was wondering if you could do a Kellie Bright and Maddy hill from easterners story where Kellie signs up to do strictly come dancing and for this story she wins the show. But when she inform Maddy that she is doing the show Maddy tells her that she has no hope in hell of winning .so
    they set up a bet with each other where the loser get a humiliating naked gunging. so 12 weeks later Maddy gets the shock of her life when Kellie wins the show and now she is in for one humiliating night. Also can it take place when the set is closed and no other cast members involved thanks

  4. Can you do a really humiliating story on Lucy Watson from made in Chelsea.

  5. Seriously though, Rousey is still friking badass and she'll be back, even stronger.