Sunday, 31 January 2016

Paige Vanzant in the cage

Paige Vanzant in the cage

Paige Vanzant was one of the top female fighters in the world. She was a very good looking woman as well. She had risen through the ranks and had started to develop a reputation. She began to attract a bit of jealousy from others within the industry. A lot of her opponents were jealous of her for a variety of reasons. As a special promotion, all of the female fighters in the industry were polled to see which of them they all would like to see get messed the most. The person receiving the most votes would get the honour of getting put in a mini-messy cage within the cage that they fought in. Paige thought that one of the bigger names would win this vote. 

The announcement was made in the middle of a live event. Everyone waited backstage to hear who would be the unfortunate one to get the most votes. Everyone was watching on monitors backstage as the announcer revealed who the winner would be. He began to speak,” Over the past week or so, we have had all of the female fighters voting for which of them they would most like to see be placed in the mini-messy cage. The person who received the most votes will have to go into it and take a messing.” The audience cheered. “It is now time to announce the winner,” he continued,” The person with the most votes and who will be taking her place in the messy cage is… Paige Vanzant.” The audience cheered.

Paige was in shock as she heard this. She was prodded to come through the curtain and to walk down the aisle. She looked mortified. Her eyes stared blankly ahead. She did not know what to think. She wore a grey pair of gym shorts with red trim and a black tank top. She frowned as she climbed into the ring. She was lead into the mini-cage. The door was shut and locked. She inside and looked forward. The cage raised in the air, suspended above the ring, for all too see. She gripped the bars of the cage. Everyone else then exited the area. Some lights flashed and a klaxon sounded. Paige took a deep breath. 

Paige closed her eyes as bright pink gunged rained down from above all over and into the cage. It splattered through the bars and all over her. It poured over her blonde hair and perfectly tanned, tight body. Gunge ran down her face and then down her body. Show bowed her head in shame as the gunge poured down onto her. 

Bright green gunge then exploded at her from all directions. The bars of the cage did not provide much of a barrier for the gunge that was being flung her way. It splashed all over her body and into her face. She waived her hands wildly in front of her as the gunge exploded onto her. As this was happening, yellow gunge began to pour down onto her from above. She wiggled and squirmed as the gunge poured into the cage from all directions.

When the gunge finally ceased, Paige was then bombarded with a long barrage of pies that flew in her direction. The cage provided somewhat of a barrier, but pie still made its way through the bars and all over her body. There was no escape. One after another, pies smashed against the cage, splattering cream and pie filling all over Paige. The barrage was seemingly endless. 

The cage then began to be lowered. Below the cage now, were jets that were firing streams of blue gunge upwards. They were like garden hoses, spraying gunge all over. As the cage descended, the gunge began to spray Paige from head to toe, starting at her feet. It was as if the cage was being spray painted with gunge. It sprayed onto her trainers and socks. It then sprayed her calves and then thighs. It then covered her shorts, stomach and chest. Finally her face and head were sprayed. She dripped with blue gunge from head to toe.  Finally, the cage landed on the mat.

The gunge, finally ceased. The announcer came over and unlocked the cage. Paige stepped out. She was plastered all over in sloppy mess. Her high cheekbones and other facial features were visible but covered in gunge. She wiped her eyes and mouth with her fingers. She could not bring herself to smile. She stood where she was for a moment and then exited the ring. She walked straight down the aisle and back to the locker room, straight into the shower. No one dared to stop her or to try and speak to her. It was something that no one dared mention to her for a very long time. 

In the months after this, Paige dominated her opponents as she never had done before. She simply used this event as motivation and her competition were the ones who suffered from it, ultimately.

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  1. hi can you please do a story with Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore where she is at a photo shoot for a new late night tv show so can she be gunged in a gunge tank for one promo and for the other can she be dunked into the gunge from a dunk tank the one where you have to throws balls at the target thanks.