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Tilly Keeper and Jasmine Armfield

Tilly Keeper and Jasmine Armfield 

Tilly Keeper and Jasmine Armfield were young Eastenders actresses they were selected to compete on a gameshow for CBBC that would air Christmas day called sleigh ride. It was a game based on the twelve days of Christmas song. The game was a quiz. The two girls were stood in gunge tanks, one green and one blue. If they got an answer correct, their opponent got messed. If they got an answer incorrect, they would get the mess. The loser of the whole game would have to ride a massive Christmas sleigh through a messy obstacle course themed for Christmas. Tilly was very confident in herself. Perhaps too confident. The girls were dressed in sexy Santa outfits.  One was in red, the other in green. They were striped socks, buckled shoes, velvety skirts with fluffy white trim and velvety jackets, but no hat, for gunging reasons. They did where elves ears or reindeer horns on their heads attached to hair slides. 

The host came out and announced everything about the game. Someone was going to get very messy. It was likely that both would be getting at least a little bit messy. Tilly pointed at Jasmine and stated that it definitely was going to be her. There was no way that she would lose. She bit her lip though, indicating that perhaps she was not quite as confident as she was making out that she was. Of course, the game was designed around the song, so it got progressively more difficult as it went along.
The ladies had to concentrate. The early stages were quite easy, but they were battling to see who would buzz in the quickest. The first one, of course was the first day of Christmas. Both buzzed in, but Tilly was fist by an instant. She guessed correctly that it was a partridge in a pear tree. She pointed at Jasmine and laughed slowly and loudly. “Ha, ha, ha.” Instantly red gunge fell from the air and landed all over Jasmine’s silky brown hair and face. She laughed and lowered her head as the gunge fell down.

The second question was quite similar. They both buzzed in at about the same time. The answer was two turtle doves. Tilly buzzed in again and got it correct. Instantly, green gunge poured onto Jasmine as Tilly pumped her first in celebration. Jasmine slammed her messy hands down in annoyance. The third answer was three French hens. Again, Tilly beat Jasmine by a fraction of a second. Jasmine shrieked in annoyance. This time frosty white gunge poured upon her. She leaned forward and threw her hair back. Tilly pointed and laughed. She clapped, enjoying what she was seeing. 

Things were about to turn around. Both knew the answer to number four and both buzzed in. This time, Jasmine was a split second quicker. She managed to get the answer correct. Tilly pulled a look of absolute shock as red gunge poured down onto her from above. She wiggled her hands and looked dejected as red gunge poured down her face and layered blonde hair. Jasmine smiled to herself in satisfaction. Number five went the same way, making the score 3 to 2. Green gunge now dumped down Tilly’s body. It rolled down her chest and down her thighs and socks, mixing with the sloppy red gunge. 

Jasmine then managed to tie the game up by getting answer six correct. Tilly slammed her hands down in annoyance as foamy white gunge dropped from above onto her. It poured down the front of her face and then down her shoulders and chest. They traded correct answers for number seven and eight, each took a helping of sloppy golden gunge. By this time they were completely dripping in gunge. Though this gunge was very good, it would be the messy sleigh ride where the real messy gunge would land on someone. There were four more questions left. 

The ladies traded answers again, this time, they were each covered in sloppy silvery gunge. The girls were left wiping mess from their faces and bodies. They seemed to be matching in coverage. Both were covered. Now things became intense. Tilly buzzed in for number eleven, but she got it wrong. At that point, glittery purple gunge poured over her. She needed to get the last one correct to win. She was determined to buzz in before her opponent. She was able to do this, but she got it wrong again. This time a rainbow of red, green and white Christmas gunge doused her. Her opponent celebrated. She had lost.

She was then led over to the sleigh and made to climb aboard it. Jingle bells began to play in the background. Everyone was clapping and singing as she was made to sit in the sleigh. The sleigh then jerked forward and she began her wild ride. She had to hold on as she was sent through a Christmas themed car wash. She was sprayed from above and below with sloppy white mess that looked like snow. They glitter and tinsel was thrown over her. As she rode through, red and green gunge was sprayed back and forth all over her. She screamed and shrieked, raising her hands as it sprayed all over her.  Jasmine clapped and laughed at her as she watched her friend get doused in sloppy mess.

As the sleigh stopped at the end, loads of decorations fell on top of her, decorating her for Christmas. She was covered from head to toe. Jasmine joined her and they began to dance to Mariah Carey. They hugged a bit as the show ended.

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