Sunday, 17 December 2017

Laura Robson and Johanna Konta Alternate or add on ending

Laura Robson and Johanna Konta Alternate or add on ending

The two ladies had hoped that their ordeal was finally at a conclusion. They were very wrong. They thought that they would be released from the stocks straight away, this did not happen, however, the crowd was dismissed and left the arena, but the ladies, were left in the stocks. The men had other plans for them. There was a secret side bet that one of the women had made that meant that something else was about to happen. 

As the women remained in the stocks, the men walked around to their rear. They smiled at one another, looked down at the already messy women. They then reached down and unzipped their tennis outfits. They pulled them down their bodies, dripping them to their ankles. Their behinds wiggled in the air. The men then unhooked their messy bras, tossing them aside. They then lowered their panties down around their ankles, leaving them nude apart from their trainers and socks. Their two bare backsides stuck out in their air. There was no way to conceal their exposed vagina lips which were visible from behind. Their small breasts dangled downward. Their sweaty, naked, athletic bodies were completely exposed and stretched in the stocks. 

He guys each took a pie and slammed it into their bare bottoms, smearing the pie all over their butt cheeks and down their nude legs. They could feel it all over their cracks and vagina lips as well. Cream plopped from their crotches onto the tennis court. A mixture of sweat and cream rolled down their legs. 

The women were mortified by what was happening to them. The men then produced two large buckets filled with tapioca pudding. They held them over the women’s bodies and then slowly dumped the tapioca back and forth all over their bodies. The men took great pleasure in slowly distributing the mess all over the two naked women. It dripped all over their bodies. They were covered from head to toe.

When they were finally released, they went back to the showers to clean off. They had planned on trying to get the guys back, but they had no energy to try. They spent the next half and hour washing their filthy bodies.