Sunday, 3 December 2017

Lauren Pope and Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lauren Pope and Lucy Mecklenburgh

There was a new quiz gameshow that had just begun to air. It involved celebrities in one portion. They would play a game and the loser would pay the messy forfeit. It was different every week. Most weeks it involved a plastic chamber with a different substance housed in the top. The loser would be placed into it and have the contents dropped upon them.  On this episode, it pitted the Only Way is Essex stars Lauren Pope and Lucy Mecklenburgh against their male counterparts Mario Falcone and Jon Clark. It was explained what was at stake in this episode was a very large lasagne that had already been loaded into the chamber of doom. The ladies wore tight fitting yellow and black dresses and high heels which were not all together appropriate for the circumstances. The ladies looked grossed out and gave two thumbs down as the tank was shown at the beginning of the segment. The two teams were stood at podiums with buzzers. It was a classic quiz. The questions would be about their show. It should not have been too hard. It was a typical quiz set up with the consequences very clear for the losers.

The game was quite closely fought. Unfortunately, neither side was exactly the most intelligent in the world. The only reason that either team managed to get any points was from wrong answers given by their opponents. For this reason, the game was tied at two a piece going into the last question. Both teams had embarrassed themselves. Only one team could be the winners, however. It began to get very tense. At this point, they were a bit afraid to buzz in, in case they got the answer wrong, which was very likely. When the final question was asked, there was a long pause before anyone buzzed in. Ultimately, the guys buzzed in and, shockingly, managed to get the answer correct. Everyone was in shock. The two women, looked at each other and pointed. They each blamed the other one. The two did not like each other that much at the best of times anyway. They had been love rivals for the affections of men in the past. 

They glared at one another as they were told that they must now enter the chamber of doom and face the lasagne. These were two very vain women as well. Getting dirty was not their idea of fun, so they were not very happy at the prospect of getting covered in sloppy lasagne. The guys, however, were very excited to see just that happen to them. The presenter led the two women to the chamber and opened the door. The two reluctantly climbed inside and the door was shut behind them. The two women faced each other. They pointed at one another and bickered, which was quite amusing to see for everyone watching this. The two men were brought over to the rope which released the lasagne. They were told that they were the winners and it was time to let the ladies have their consequences. 

The two women closed their eyes and grimaced as the two men smiled and yanked down the cord as hard as they could. The entire audience seemed to hold their collective breath. There was a slight pause before the lasagne plummeted downwards upon them in one fell swoop. The crowd then erupted in laughter as the lasagne plopped down on the two girls. When it hit them, it exploded it all directions. Sauce, cheese, beef and noodles splattered on the walls of the tank. The lasagne was real. It smelled real and looked real. In an instant, both women were dripping in chunks of the sloppy pasta dish.  They shrieked and squealed. They looked disgusted. Cheese and sauce was all over their bodies. The men whistled and laughed. The sloppy mess rolled down their bodies. 

The ladies gagged a bit as they looked at one another in anger. The two women had to dig chunks of beef and lasagne noodles from their cleavage. Sloppy lasagne rolled down their legs all the way down to their ankles. When the door was opened and they were let out, they looked completely annoyed. Their hair dripping in beef and cheese. Tomato sauce all over them. They stumbled out of the tank. They looked completely crestfallen and totally humiliated. 

Funny music was played and the messing was replayed in slow motion. The two stumbled out to go get cleaned up.


  1. Please can you do a story on the singer Poppy?