Sunday, 28 May 2017

Catherine Southon and Christina Trevanian

Catherine Southon and Christina Trevanian         
Catherine Southon and Christina Trevanian had managed to escape when the antique gameshow that they appeared on had episodes with messy consequences. Several of their female colleagues had lost and wound up covered in mess. This included Kate Bliss and others. The show had been the most popular episode that was ever aired of the program. It was so popular in fact that they decided to do another similar episode. These two were selected as contestants to go up against the two man team of David Harper and Phillip Serrell. It would be men vs. women. The teams would have a few hours to go around a boot fair and to choose items that could be sold at auction. The team making the most in profit would be the winners. The stakes were going to be high. The losing team would be getting gunged by the winners. These two ladies were well to do, rich women. They did not want to end up covered in mess. It took a lot for them to agree to take part in the program, but others had taken part before, so they did not have much of an argument to get out of the episode. They were fairly confident that they would win and get to mess the men, which they thought was a hilarious prospect, but there was about a fifty fifty chance that they would be the losing team. It would be impossible to tell until everything was sold at the auction.

From the beginning of the show, there were graphics and teases that this was a very special episode of the show and that the losing team would get messy. It was a running theme throughout that both teams kept discussing. Throughout the entire show each team talked about how they could not lose and how much they would enjoy messing the other team. The tension built up as the show went on. Each team selected three items to sell at the auction. The items that they purchased were not really the best of items. There was not that many great items to choose from. It would be a really close call. It would all depend on how things went on the day of the auction. 

The men went first. They were able to make a profit. Their totals added up to £120, which was not bad, but not unbeatable either. It was then the ladies turn. The first two items sold well and they were up £125. It looked like they would win if they could get any profit on the last item. Unfortunately for them, much to their shock and dismay, the last item did very poorly. They had bought the item for £50. It sound for £30.  This means that they lost £20. Their total was £105 overall. They ended up losing. Of course they did not know this yet. It would all be revealed at the end.

The very corny host now appeared with the two teams. He announced that both teams had made a profit, but one team was still the losers. Who would it be? “The ladies made a nice profit of £105 overall. The men made a profit of £120. That means the men are the today’s winners,” he said. The two women laughed in embarrassment. The men shook hands and celebrated their victory. The two women looked at each other and shook their heads, blushing. They knew that they were about to be humiliated on national television. The two ladies wore flowery dresses. “Ladies, you are our unlucky losers and that means that you will be getting the special punishment,” the host said. 

The results were recapped as the ladies were lead to their seats. They were sat back to back. They laughed and buried their faces in their hands. The men laughed as they got some buckets ready to use upon these two. The men approached carrying their buckets in their hands. The two women put their hands in praying position. They looked up at them and begged them not to do this to them. “Today on Bargain Hunt, the men have defeated the ladies. As a result, the ladies now are having to face the consequences. Men when you are ready, let the ladies have it. My condolences ladies,” he said. They begged them please not to do this to them.

The men laughed loudly as they approached. The ladies closed their eyes as the men began to pour the green thick sloppy gunge from the buckets over their heads. They screamed as the aquamarine coloured gunge splashed down over them. It splashed all over their heads and down their bodies, splattering all over their dresses. “Oh my goodness, this is so embarrassing,” they said in their posh accents. “It is revolting,” Catherine said. Two of the most respected antiques experts in the country were being reduced to being covered in sloppy mess all over their bodies by their colleagues. The men moved their buckets back and forth over both of the women making sure to disperse gunge as evenly as possible all over them both. They stuck their tongues out and made disgusted looking funny faces as the men laughed and wildly dumped gunge over them. 

The men then took two more buckets, this time contains similar but creamy pink gunge. They repeated as they had just done, dumping their loads over their female colleagues. They lowered their heads as gunge poured over their heads and down over their bodies. They screamed each other’s names and laughed as the gunge was dispersed all over them. Gunge covered their dresses and bodies. The embarrassment was compounded by the fact that they found the two men who were doing this to them absolutely repulsive. Catherine raised a leg as gunge fell on her body. Christina shrugged her shoulders as gunge ran down her hair and sides of her head. 

Gunge dripped down their bodies. It was all over them. The men then finished them off by slamming pies into their faces. Each pied them both simultaneously, sandwiching their heads together with the pies, covering their faces and hair in creamy pie. The cameras panned up and down their mess covered bodies.

The host then said,” Oh dear ladies. Those are the consequences. Thank you for being on Bargain Hunt. This is certainly a day none of us will ever forget. Yes, yes.”

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