Sunday, 14 May 2017

Lynsey Hipgrave humbled

Lynsey Hipgrave humbled

Lynsey Hipgrave was a very attractive football presenter for channel 5. She had an incredibly sexy body and great legs. Because she presented a lot of male orientated sports content, she spent a lot of time around testosterone driven men. Things could get a bit rowdy at times. She usually had to play along. Most of the men on the channel and on the show, of course, found her to be incredibly attractive. Most of them had naughty fantasies about her. It was hard not to. She always wore short, revealing dresses that showed off her sexy body to the maximum. They all decided that they really wanted to see Lynsey end up covered in sloppy mess. They decided that she would look amazing dripping in gooey mess. They thought that the best way to achieve this was by setting up a vote for which presenter would get covered in mess. They knew that she had no chance of not winning this vote. Of course, they were all too right about this and she was doomed to receive an epic messing from the beginning. 

When she heard about the prospect of a messing, Lynsey was less than enthusiastic for sure. She thought that the thought of something like that was positively vile. She thought that she was above that sort of thing. She saw herself as a legitimate journalist and not as a television presenter. She really did not want it to be her. As the day of the messing drew nearer, she began to notice those in the studio giving her knowing looks and chuckling behind her back. She began to worry that she may be the unlucky one to get the vote. She could not really complain because everyone else was up for the vote just as she was, so there was no way she could really back out of it. She tried not to talk about the subject very much. She tried to avoid it in fact if at all possible. She just cringed when she heard others talking about it and how much they were looking forward to seeing someone get messed. She thought to herself that they should all grow up. She wasn’t taking that much amusement from the prospect of seeing someone else humiliated. She just hoped that it would not be her. She tried not to think about how the people that she worked with would react to seeing something like that happen to her.

Finally, the day arrived. Lynsey wore a dark blue dress with a black belt across her waist. It was time to find out who the unlucky person would be. One of the presenters was the one chosen to read the results. The others all stood together. “It is finally time to reveal the results of our messy vote. One of us is going to end up receiving messy humiliation right now on national television. It is time to reveal who that unlucky person will be,” he said. “Everyone is looking very nervous. The tension can be felt here in the studio. You could cut it with a knife,” he teased prolonging things. Lynsey now started to look nervous. She was realising that it might very well be her. She gritted her teeth, crossed her fingers and shut her eyes tightly as she waited to hear the results. “I can now reveal that the person receiving the most votes and who will be getting the messing is…,” he paused. The camera showed close ups of the worried faces of the presenters. “Lynsey.” Everyone cheered and whistled instantly. Everyone instantly celebrated what happened. Lynsey’s face dropped. She rolled her eyes. She sighed. She looked very annoyed. Everyone began to chant her name. She put one hand on her face and shook her head. 

She was lead to a sort of folding lawn or beach lounge chair. She was made to sit down in it. Her ankles and wrists were then strapped down with plastic restraints.  Her knees were bent and her legs were in front of her. She looked like she was in a dentist chair. She looked decidedly uncomfortable. The others danced over to her as they chanted her name. They each were given containers of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. They danced over to her. She looked up at them. Her eyes begged them to be gentle with her. She shook her head. She closed her eyes as they began to spray her with the chocolate and the cream. They wildly sprayed the sweet substances all over her body. It flew in all directions all over her. She shrieked as she felt mountains of the soft mess begin to cover her body from head to toe. It was soon dripping all over her body and head. She was streaked all over in the brown and white mess.

They then took cartons of warm custard and began to slowly dump those over her as well. They jokingly talked to one another about the finer points and techniques of dumping mess on someone. Lynsey shouted at them to shut up. “Just shut up and get it over with. You are dumping custard on me,” she shouted. Layer upon layer of thick custard was poured all over her body. Her legs and dress dripped with it. Her dress was weighed down in the centre from the weight of the custard. More was then dumped over her head. She laughed as custard rolled over her blonde hair and straight down the middle of her face.  It rolled down her nose and then down her chin. Her body wiggled and wriggled about as much as the restraints would allow as she felt the touch of sloppy custard all over her body.
They then all grabbed two pies each and began to toss them at her. She squealed as she was hit by pie after pie after pie. They were thick and messy pies as well. They stuck all over her body. The final one was shoved into her face and pushed upwards, sticking the pie tin to the top of her head. Her body was covered in pie, pie crust and the remains of some of the pie tins that had not yet fallen to the floor. 

The show then went to commercial. There was one more segment before the end of the show. During this segment, the camera continually switched back and forth showing Lynsey being released and struggling to wipe away some of the collected mess and pie tins from her body. This added to her embarrassment. She was made to look incredibly ridiculous by this.


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