Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Christina Perri abroad gunging

Christina Perri abroad gunging

Christina Perri was not very familiar with UK television. She was an American and things were slightly different there. When pop stars appeared on television shows they were usually treated like royalty. They would basically be there to promote something and whoever was on the show would tell everyone how great they were. Basically, people would kiss their behinds for doing them the honour of appearing on the show. Unfortunately for Christina, when she was promoting her new album, her agent booked her onto a show that was very different from all of that. This was a show aimed at children. It was very similar to Ketnet Kingsize in its format. At the end two young people played a game where they had to collect slime capsules in a laser maze sort of set up. Earlier in the show, Christina had the obligatory interview and performance. She was asked to stick around for the rest of the show and agreed. She did not know that she was going to be involved in the next portion of the show. 

The two young people were set to play the collection game. Their parents, one Mum and one Dad were stood in something called the Smos Drop. Christina had no idea what this meant, but it did not look good. The game went as it normally did. In this case a young man was the winner. The presenter congratulated him and took him aside beside the Smos Drop. “Now,” he said,” You are our winner today, congratulations. “Now, as our winner, you have a very important decision to make, so think this over carefully. You get to decide who is going to get the Smos Drop. You have a choice between your Dad and your opponent’s Mum. Actually, you know what? Today you can have a very special third option. We could put your Dad in there. We could put your opponent’s Mum in there or, we could put our very special guest, pop star Christina Perri in there. What would you like to do?” Christina’s eyes widened in shock. She had no idea that this could happen. She shook her head. The young man thought it over for a little while before blurting out,” I want to put Christina Perri in there.”

“Wait what?,” Christina said. The presenter took her by the arm and led her into the Smos Drop. The two parents smiled and clapped, knowing that they had just escaped and would be going home clean today. Christina wore a pair of brown boots, jeans and a black button down shirt. She was brought into the Smos Drop and was told where she should stand. She had never seen this show in her life so had no idea what the Smos Drop was or what was about to happen to her. She stood in the box that all of the people on the show stood in in the Smos Drop. Everyone chanted. The young man was given one of the capsules. He was asked to place it into a tube at the side. 

Christina’s eyes and head darted around as the light began to flicker and flash. A noise went off. At the last second, she looked up. As she did this, purple gunge poured down onto her from above. Everyone laughed and cheered as it poured over her face and dark hair. Christina could be heard mouthing the words,” Oh s***,” as the gunge poured onto her. The gunge poured down the sides of her face and straight down the bridge of her nose. She closed her eyes and lowered her head as the gunge almost completely engulfed her head. Gunge poured down her arms and down her body. 

Gunge dripped onto her jeans and boots. Her shirt was covered in layer upon layer of thick gunge. She took a deep breath. She wiggled her fingers. She shuffled her feet and legs as gunge slid up and down her body. She threw her head back, splashing gunge around. Gunge dripped from the tip of her nose and from her chin. She looked very annoyed. She gave a sarcastic laugh and then made two thumbs down. 

“That was fabulous,” the host gushed,” Christina Perri just got gunged.” She looked at him and rolled her eyes. She then laughed. “I am never coming back on this show ever again,” she joked. There she was dripping in sloppy gunge on television for the whole world to see. She could only hope that this would not be seen back in America.

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  1. Thanks for doing me request! Very good! Could you do a fake gunging pic of her too!