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Katie McGlynn meets Tegan

****WARNING**** The following containers adulot content, nudity and sexual situations. Please do not proceed if you are underage or find that sort of thing offensive. ****

Katie McGlynn meets Tegan

Katie McGlynn was an actress on Coronation Street. She could be pretty wild in her personal life. She enjoyed having fun and partying with her fellow Coronation Street actresses such as Brooke Vincent. There was on particular Saturday afternoon that she and Brooke were driving around, getting ready for a night of partying. They were stopped by PC Tegan Thompson. (Saira Choudhry) They were pulled over to the side of the road. Katie was very annoyed about this as well as being worried. She had a stash of pot in her trunk that she did not want to be discovered. She took a deep breath. She was hoping that what she was hiding would not be discovered. She could get into real trouble. 

The PC got out of her vehicle and approached the car. She asked Katie for her licence. “I hope everything is ok officer,” she said, trying to kiss up to her a bit. She did notice that the officer was an attractive young woman. She also noticed how she was looking at her. “Yes, I just need to check your boot for a minute please. Can you open it for me?” Katie took a deep breath. She did as she asked. She knew that she was in trouble now. The PC went and had a look as Katie held her breath. She buried her face in her hands. “I’m in deep trouble now,” she thought. The PC returned after a few minutes. She did not say a word to Katie. “Look, I want to be honest with you right now,” she said,” I have some pot in the boot. Please, don’t arrest me. It will mess up my career. I will do anything. 

Maybe we can make some sort of deal.” The PC had been grimacing. When she heard this, she raised an eyebrow. “Deal you say,” she looked Katie up and down. “Anything?” Katie now realised how she was being looked at and that the PC was eying her body up. “Yes anything.” “Ok, if you are sure,” I want you to follow me in your car. I will take your licence and details so you can’t drive off. Follow me. I will overlook the transgression, but you will get punished…my way,” she said, her hand now on Katie’s chin. Katie gulped. 

Katie followed the PC in her car. They pulled into what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse near the back of the police station. They both got out of their cars and Katie followed PC Thompson into the building. It was a stark building in nature. It was all concrete floors and walls. The two women put their things down. The PC was now in control. She instantly reached over, grabbed Katie by her neck and pulled her in for a passionate sloppy kiss. “You have been a naughty girl Katie and you will pay the penalty,” Tegan told her in a sexy voice. “Lift your arms,” she ordered her. Katie lifted her arms as she was directed. Tegan reached down and pulled off Katie’s white, punk style  t-shirt. She then lowered her black denim shorts to the floor. Katie felt a tinge of sexual pleasure run through her body at the touch of the attractive officer. She had never been intimate with another girl before, but she was loving this at the moment. She shivered in anticipation at what Tegan was going to have her do next. She was no clad in only a black bra and panties with purple trim. The PC then reached around and unhooked her bra. She threw it aside with Katie’s other clothing. She then lowered her knickers to the ground, leaving Katie stood gully nude. Katie’s body was thin and pale. She had little pink nipples and a pink slit between her legs. 

Tegan then took sets of handcuffs and cuffed Katie’s hands to her sides and her legs spread wide. She cuffed her in place, standing spread eagle. Katie’s naked body stretched in a state of high arousal at the police officer’s command. She was now spread eagle. Tegan moved her hands around all over the naked body of Katie McGlynn. She then walked a away for a moment, returning with two large grocery bags. She smiled as she set them down. She then reached in and pulled something out. She placed it into her hands behind her back so Katie could not see. She slowly approached the captive soap star. She leaned over and into Katie’s face. “Now it’s time for the fun to begin,” she said.

She then took her hand out, revealing that she was holding a coconut cream pie. She put her hand on the slim actress’s shoulder. She then took the other hand and drove the pie into her face as hard as she could. Kate had only a split second to close her eyes as the creamy pie was smashed into her face. Blobs of creamy mess exploded in all directions on her body and on the floor and wall beyond her. Tegan thrust the pie into her face. She was totally splattered. Her face was covered and her hair was pushed back with the mask of pie that covered her face. Her mouth fell open and bits of pie crust fell down her face, down her shoulders and then down her body. Tegan snapped photos on her phone of a naked Katie with her face covered in a mask of cream pie. Her slim frame and her prone position made her look absolutely ridiculous. 

Tegan then took a second pie, this time a banana cream pie and pushed it into Katie’s crotch area. She thrust it all over her vagina and up to her stomach and chest. She then took her hands and rubbed the creamy, messy pie around all over Katie’s naked body. She then took a third pie, this time a lemon meringue one and pushed it into her slim behind. Bobs of sticky meringue and lemon pie filling stuck all over Katie’s buttocks. She then took a mini cheesecake in one hand and began to simultaneously twist it around on Katie’s vagina and finger her fanny. Katie began to moan as her pussy was being rubbed and touched. She was already soaking wet and her pussy juice was already all over the cheesecake and dripping down her legs and onto the floor. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as the officer played with her pussy. 

Tegan then began to spray Katie’s body with chocolate syrup. Tegan roared with laughter as she sprayed the naked woman with it. She stood across from her a few meters away. She aimed it spraying her wildly. The sloppy brown sauce sprayed her blonde hair and over her sexy body. It dripped everywhere down her body. It was soon all over her chest, legs and behind. Katie’s body fidgeted as she was sprayed. Tegan then came closer. She stuck her finger in the chocolate that covered Katie’s breasts. She stuck it into her mouth, licking it off. She then did it again, this time allowing Katie to lick it off sensually. 

She then took a carton of chocolate ice cream and started to scoop some out. She then flung scoop after scoop at Katie. They hit her body and some of them stuck to her. The ice cream began to melt all over her body. Tegan then placed scoops all over her body in various areas including the backs of her knees, her armpits, her crotch, between her breasts, on her ass crack and on the top of her head. Katie’s body shivered and shook at the touch of the cold substance on her warm skin. 

She finished her captive off by taking a tub of honey and spreading it all over her naked body using a brush. Katie moaned in pleasure at the sensation of being covered in honey at the hands of Tegan. She spread it all over her from head to toe. The final bit, she dumped on Katie’s head. She then dispatched of a bag of feathers over Katie. Katie moaned in orgasm just as she felt the feathers being poured onto her body. They stuck to the honey all over her body. Her body writhed in pleasure as she climaxed. Tegan smiled as she finished her off. She took many more photos of the naked Katie.

Much to her surprise, Tegan then uncuffed her and told her that she was free to go. She had to leave as she was though. She was forced to drive home in the state that she was in. She went home and hopped in the shower. She played with herself more as she scrubbed the collected mess from her slim naked body.

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