Saturday, 24 June 2017

Nikki Bella 2 KCA

Nikki Bella 2 KCA

Nikki Bella was very excited that her partner, John Cena would be hosting the kid’s choice awards. She loved the idea of being featured on the show and “extending the Bella brand,” as she liked to put it. Because, he was hosting, she got to appear. From the second that this was announced, there was only one thought that sprung to people’s minds,” What if Nikki Bella was slimed?” This would be perfect. Slime is something that would suit Nikki perfectly. It would look great on her and she certainly deserved to be slimed. No one would really deny that. Everyone was imagining it but Nikki. 

Even John thought about it. He had not been able to make this happen the previous year when he hosted the event, but the thought of it happening this year was too much for him to resist. The couple would always compete at things and Nikki would always lose, but there was never any consequences. John was a bit annoyed that he was forced to finally propose to Nikki on a pay per view. He had resisted this for years, but was finally forced to do it. All of this plus the desire to see her get slimed was too much to resist. John approached the producers of the show and they were all too happy to accommodate. He decided to make it a surprise. He thought the idea of her getting a surprise sliming was hilarious to say the least. 

Ironically, Nikki was really looking forward to this evening because she wanted to show off. She would be the centre of attention, but in a way that she could not have possibly imagined. She was scheduled to hand announce something. She thought it was odd that her twin sister was not going to be up there with her, but she did not care because she would have the spotlight all to herself. She came out wearing a very short, tight fitting dress, showing tons of leg and cleavage. She was looking her absolute best. “I am so excited that my man, John Cena is hosting the show tonight,” she said in her best, put on, Kim Kardashian like voice. “This will be a night that I will never forget.” She was a total poser. She loved this sort of thing. She loved to show off. It would be a night she would never forget, but for all of the wrong reasons. 

John hosted the show in his own sort of forced and awkward manner. He made lots of jokes that just didn’t connect, though Nikki pretended that they were hilarious. She sent dozens of selfies across social media the entire night. Those around her began to get more and more annoyed with her posing and preening. Finally, it was her turn to come up and present an award. She was welcomed on the stage and joined John at the podium. 

She began to talk in her over rehearsed and laboured manner that she always did when she was on television. “I am so happy to be here to announce this award and to support my wonderful fiancé,” she said. “It has been an incredible night, I must say. It has been a night to remember.” “Oh yes, Nikki,” John said,” It had been just that. The Kid’s Choice Awards are always a night to remember. They are very different from those other stuffy boring award shows. It is so chilled and fun. And there is one other thing that makes it so special.” Nikki looked at him. She looked as though she did not know what he was talking about. In reality, this was part of the script that she had not been told about. “What makes it so special is that we get to see celebrities from all walks of life not taking themselves too seriously. On top of that, there is one moment that everyone looks forward to.” “Yes that’s right, this special award that I am presenting.” “Actually, yes that is very special, but I was thinking of something else. I was thinking of, well, slime.” 

Nikki looked at him seriously. She looked confused. Her eyes looked like she was pleading with him in confusion. “That’s right, slime.” With that, a torrent of classic green slime poured down on Nikki from above. John stepped away. It poured down over her head and down her dark hair and then over her face. She closed her eyes as it poured down her face and then down her body. It poured down her chest and over her dress. It continued pouring over her sexy, curvy, athletic, tanned body. Slime never suited anyone so much as it did her. Everyone cheered and laughed. John and Nikki’s sister Brie were seen laughing and taking pictures that they instantly posted on social media, tagging Nikki. Nikki screamed and slammed her hands down on the podium, squirting slime all over. She then stomped off. John shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “It was so worth it,” he said. “Let’s hear it for my fiancé, Nikki Bella.”

One of the backstage presenters tried to interview her, but she screamed at them to leave her alone. She then threw a tantrum. She wanted to run away, or at least get cleaned off, but was forced to answer press questions. She had to put on a brave face and choke out the words implying that getting slimed was fine and that she was happy. It reality, she was furious. John and Brie would go on tease her about this for years. “You got slimed,” John would tell her at every opportunity. Brie would send her messages referencing slime all the time after this. She found the whole experience humiliating.


  1. Amazing story and amazing edit!
    This is seriously awesome

    1. Thanks, it's almost like it really happened. It should have. lol