Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sienna and Laurel Van Ness

Sienna and Laurel Van Ness

Sienna and Laurel Van Ness had been tormenting poor innocent Allie for some time. They had tried to humiliate her many times. It went on and on for what seemed to be months. As luck would have it, the whole thing would reach a climax where Allie would finally get her revenge upon these two. They truly deserved it. She just had to figure out how she was going to do it to make it as humiliating as it possibly could be for the two of them. She decided to come up with a plan involving her kayfabe boyfriend. She challenged Sienna to sort of bra and panties match, but to a further degree. Her partner, Braxton would distract Laurel on the outside, as she fancied him as well, allowing Allie to get the win over Sienna. This worked like a charm, Laurel was focused completely on Braxton rather than on the match. This allowed Allie to get the advantage.

Braxton did a great job of distracting Sienna as well. Both women were focused on him rather than on Allie. He was able to constantly get them paying attention to what he was doing. He and Laurel were involved in an argument on the outside. She was yelling at him and he was playing it innocent. Sienna looked over as well, starting to shout at him as well. When she was not looking, Allie grabbed her from behind and pulled down her signature ring gear. It was all in one piece, so the entire thing was pulled down with one sharp and swift tug. In an instant, Sienna’s ring gear was down around her ankles. She had nothing on underneath. She shrieked and tried to clutch herself wildly. Braxton pointed and laughed at her. He then threw Laurel into the ring into Allie’s hands. Allie then undid Laurel’s top and lowered her bottoms, leaving her bare naked as well. Allie threw her clothes down whipping her a bit with them. Laurel screamed and gripped at her body in embarrassment as well. The two bullies were now both left stark naked in the ring. 

At this time, Braxton was busy handcuffing Sienna to the ropes. She screamed and struggled trying to free herself. Allie then pushed Laurel into Sienna. Laurel’s face jammed right up into Sienna’s incredible backside. Allie pushed her face into Sienna’s crack as they both squealed and screamed. Braxton then handcuffed Laurel to Sienna. Allie was jumping up and down celebrating. The two blondes were now handcuffed naked together in the ropes. Allie laughed she approached. She then reached back and began to spank their bare behinds with her open palm. They comically danced in pain and rubbed their bottoms as Allie gave them both spankings. The two tanned women struggled as Allie gleefully spanked their naked backsides. Allie then was given a kendo stick by Braxton. The crowd counted to ten twice as Allie caned the two handcuffed women across their backs, behinds and legs ten times each.

In the meantime, Braxton went under the ring to produce a few other items. The first of which were two enormous creamy pies. He handed them to Allie and shouted for her to pie them. The two naked ladies begged her off. She grinned as she approached. The audience cheered as she pushed the two pies into both of their faces. She hit them as hard as she possibly could, sending pie flying in all directions. The two vein women screamed as their faces and hair were covered in sloppy pie. Allie then took two more pies and jammed them into their bare bottoms. Sienna’s behind was especially shapely. It was now covered in cream pie. 

Braxton then grabbed a bucket of custard for himself and one for Allie. The two kissed and then began to laugh as they simultaneously dumped the sloppy substance all over the handcuffed, naked women. They screamed as the felt the sloppy substance pouring all over their sexy bodies. The entire time, they struggled to free themselves. They were falling all over one another. Their nude bodies wrapped around each other as the stumbled and struggled about in the sloppy mess. Allie and Braxton then stepped back, pointing and laughing at the two naked women. The two pouted and scowled. 

They shouted at each other, blaming one another for the predicament that they found themselves in.
Allie and Braxton then skipped away down the ramp hand in hand. The ladies screamed at them. Allie and Braxton gave a funny wave and shrugged their shoulders as they left, leaving the two women stuck in the ring naked and dripping in mess.

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