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Julia Stiles under cover

Julia Stiles under cover

Julia Stiles had been in the acting business for a very long time. At one point, she was an up and coming star. She was involved in some very popular if annoying, superficial and formulaic roles aimed at impressionable teenage girls. Now she was a grown woman in her late thirties. She was no longer that popular and was finding movie roles harder to come by. Like many actresses of her era, she began to have no other choice but to appear on television, which in the past was seen as a real step down from movie acting. There was no doubt, that despite the rise in critically acclaimed television and the advent of other avenues such as online viewing, television was not as respected as film. Julia began acting in a show called Riviera. It was a sort of crime detective sort of program. The clothes that she wore in the show really suited her. They were mainly dress shirts and trousers. She looked amazing in the previews for the program. 

During one episode of the show, Julia’s character was in a situation where she was hiding in an alley trying to spy on some shady individuals in order to get some information and clues from what they were saying. She hid in the alley as two men in fedoras and dark sunglasses talked about something in coded language. They whispered to one another, but one of them motioned for the two to duck into the alley so their conversation would not be overheard. Julia’s character saw this and realised that she would be seen and would be in grave danger when they entered the alley way. She would have to hide. She tried a door that lead to the back kitchen of a restaurant quickly, but was unable to gain access. She panicked. She looked around frantically. The only place that she could see to hide in was a dumpster. She rolled her eyes and sighed. She had no other choice but to hurl herself into the dumpster. She had no other choice. 

When she did this, she landed fully in a huge pile of rotten vegetables and other spoiled foods such as rotten eggs, spinach and eggplant. Her body crushed and splattered a lot of what was in there. At least her fall was cushioned, but her light blue shirt and tanned trousers were stained and covered in rotten food instantly. “Eww,” she thought, but was unable to make any noise as the men rounded the corner and began to talk a bit louder. She was able to hear what they were saying. They were talking about a location and a person who seemed to be in charge of what they were doing. It appeared that a lot of what was happening could be traced back to this nefarious individual. It seemed to be a crime lord or powerful business man. They finished their conversation quickly and left. They ran off very quickly.

Julia’s character tried to climb out of the dumpster, but she heard someone else coming from the restaurant door. She ducked back inside. Unfortunately for her, this was the time of the day when this establishment always disposed of its food waste. Some very muscly men in white undershirts, aprons and paper hats came out of the door carrying pallet like trays and large plastic waste bins. They talked in thick accents. She could not tell exactly what they were saying, but her heart sank because she knew exactly what they were about to do and what they were there for. They lifted the trays and bins and began to dump them into the dumpster. She closed her eyes and braced herself because she knew what was about to befall her.  

The kitchen staff began to dump the food waste from the entire past week into the dumpster. It included all of the plate scrapings and waste from past dinners as well as leftovers and spoiled food from the kitchen. The men made two or three trips back and forth. Julia’s character buried her face downwards as they tossed the kitchen slop straight down into the dumpster and all over her body.
Eventually, they were done. They disappeared. Julia’s character sat up. She peeped her head out of the dumpster slightly. When she saw that no one was left, she stuck her head out of the dumpster. It was covered in bits of lettuce, spinach, banana peels, potato peels and pasta. She frowned. She then lifted her legs and tossed herself out of the dumpster. She was left standing dripping in sloppy mess. She let out a grunt of frustration. She shook her body about, letting some of the excess mess fall off of her body to the ground.

She was left with the indignity of having to walk home in that state. Her clothes covered in mounds of messy food. They had thick sloppy stains all over them from head to toe. She walked as fast as she could through the city, back to her apartment. People looked on in amazement as she speedily rushed back to reduce the embarrassment as much as possible.

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