Sunday, 11 June 2017

Mummy 2017 mess

Mummy 2017 mess

The Mummy was not the best movie ever made. It was a remake of a remake of a remake. The plot was not great, but what it did have was two incredible attractive female actresses. Anabelle Wallis played the very sexy Jenny Halsey. She was an archaeologist, as absurd as that was. She was incredibly gorgeous. The other main actress was Sofia Boutella who played the mummy. Despite being 5,000 years old, she was still very attractive. The film really leant itself to messiness and silliness. It was an absurd film over all. There were a few scenarios that lent themselves to messiness quite well. 

Jenny was spending a portion of the movie running around trying to sort things out with Nick, Tom Cruise’s character. There were all sorts of issues going on. In the meantime, the mummy was tied up in Dr. Jeckyl’s office in what appeared to be the Natural History Museum in London. She was being doused in mercury to neutralize her powers. Hoses were pumping this into her body. He was on all fours at the time. Her sexy body contorted. She began to use her powers to try and counteract everything that was happening. She was proving too powerful for the constraints that were put upon her. The flow of the mercury began to reverse. The hoses began to rupture and break. The liquid began to spurt forth. It began to spurt in all directions. The liquid then began to change colour to a more green and brown sort of colour. It was a much brighter colour. It began to spray all over her. She closed her eyes and laughed. 

At this point some of the guards came in carrying more hoses. They aimed the hoses at her and began to fire multi-coloured goo at her. Her body writhed and twisted as they sprayed her from head to toe in what amounted to gunge. She was basically naked. She had lettering all over her body that was strangely attractive looking. It was unclear if she was meant to be sexy, but she was anyway. Her body wriggled as they covered her in slimy mess. It did not seem to be harming her at all though. She seemed to be gaining strength if anything. She was getting completely covered in the mess from head to toe now. At this point, she was able to break free. She attacked and sucked the life out of the men. She was almost naked and dripping in messy liquid. She then jumped out of the office and took off looking for Nick and Jenny.

It was not long at all before she was able to find the two of them. She managed to find them in an underground, tomb/ sewer area. She jumped in front of both of them. She smiled and laughed. She looked at Jenny first.  She opened her mouth and brightly coloured gunge began to explode from her mouth all over Jenny. She closed her eyes as she was sprayed from head to toe in mess. The force blew her hair back. It poured all over her face, neck and sexy body. She screamed. She was not harmed, but covered in sloppy slimy mess. She fell over onto her behind, over into a file of brown mess that was piled on the ground. It stained her sexy trousers. She was soaked in mess from the Mummy. Jenny rolled over in the muck and over into the water of the sewer. The mummy then approached Jenny. She was about to finish her off. 

At this moment, thick dirty mess fell from the ceiling all over her. She screamed as thick black mess and some bugs fell down over onto her. She fell over as the mess from above dumped down upon her. This poured down upon her for what seemed like ages. She ended up all but submerged in a pile of sloppy mess. She was all but buried in it. She appeared finished. She went silent beneath the mess. After a awhile, her head and hand emerged. She was covered in sloppy mud like mess. She wiped her eyes. She then jumped out of the mess, sending it flying. She was covered from head to toe in mess.

At this point, a loud rushing noise could be heard coming from far away and getting louder and louder. The two women laid down and held on tightly to what they could as the entire tunnel filled with a gushing river on pink liquid. They closed their eyes as it rushed forth and covered everything in its path in goo. The two women had to swim to the surface. They were soaked in it. The two popped out at ground level, soaked in mess. Jenny was completely messed no. The almost nude Mummy was also covered from head to toe. This did not really stop her at all. Nick now came out and confronted her. Jenny sat by trying to wipe mess from her clothes and body.

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