Monday, 7 December 2015

Amanda Seyfried has a laugh

Amanda Seyfried has a laugh

Amanda Seyfried had been in many films over the years. She was a real veteran of the industry. She had been in many serious films. She had also done quite a lot of comedy films on occasion, such as Ted 2. She had a good sense of humour. She has a very unique look. Her facial features are very unique. Her friends and family, at one stage, got it into their head that it would be amazing to see Amanda’s facial features covered in sloppy mess. The people around her began to like the idea of this more and more. They decided to set her up. 

The way that they were able to set her up was through a film that she was acting in. They spoke to the producer and director and got them on board. There was a scene where she would be placed in a pillory. This would be the perfect chance to let her have it. Amanda was wearing a cream coloured skirt and grey blouse. She was shooting the scene in the stocks. She was locked in. The scene ending and cut was yelled. Amanda was not released from the pillory as she had expected to be. She waited, but then thought to herself,” What’s going on here?” Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw her friends and family slowly emerging from the shadows. She thought to herself,” What are they doing here?” They looked very happy, that was for sure. She had no idea what the reason was for them being there.

They then piped up. They pointed at Amanda and laughed. They were carrying something in their hands. At this moment, she realized, partially, what was happening. Her eyes widened like saucers. The look on her face was hilarious. Her eyes darted around. Someone produced a pie. “Oh no. Oh my God. Don’t do this.” She screamed her head shaking, her mouth wide open, eyes wide. The person then smashed the pie directly into her face. It exploded in her face with a thud. Pie splattered in all directions. The person rubbed it in her face. They pulled back and revealed Amanda’s pied face. The whole set was laughing at her. She made a funny face. The creamy pie dripped down her face. She laughed. She stuck her tongue out. Pie crust fell down her face. She looked amazing, totally pied. “Gotcha,” the producer said,” This is all for you Amanda. Surprise.” “Oh thanks a lots,” she said sarcastically. 

Someone then took two more pies and pushed them into Amanda’s behind and down the back of her legs. The pies were driven into her rear end and then smeared down the backs of her legs. She let out and audible gasp as she felt the pie connect to her rear end. She could feel the pie all over the backs of her thin, bare legs. Cream going into every muscular fold of skin on her legs. Everyone was laughing at Amanda’s embarrassment. 

Next came a massive bowl of trifle. It was about two feet wide and six inches deep. Her friends walked up to her. One held the bowl below her head. The other pushed her face down into the trifle, dunking her head deep in the bowl of trifle. With their hand, they twisted Amanda’s face into the trifle. They then raised it slightly, submerging her face in the trifle. They then pushed it upwards, dumping the remainder of the trifle over her head. Her head was covered in jelly, fruit cocktail, custard and whipped cream. Her blonde hair was covered in a mixture of the trifle. It rolled down her face and hair. 

Her friends and co-workers then accosted her with a number of condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and relish were carried over and then were wildly sprayed all over Amanda’s slim body. Amanda screamed as they poured and squirted the condiments all over her body. She was soon dripping in layers of multi-coloured condiments. They wildly moved the bottles all over her, leaving trails of the different coloured mess as they went, all over her body. In no time, it was all over her body and face.  Amanda’s face was very animated as she was covered in the condiments. Everyone had their phones out and by this point, photos were already being posted all over social media. Amanda took a deep breath. This was very embarrassing indeed. Her clothes were covered in layers of mess. They were forever stained with the mess that now covered them. Amanda stuck her tongue out as her picture was snapped. 

Next, people took dozens of eggs and began to break them with some force all over Amanda’s body. They were cracked over her back, on her behind, on the backs of her knees. The remains of the egg shells stuck to her body before falling away. Some were smashed on the top of her head. She made faces as the eggs ran down the sides of her head. She was really squirming now. The pillory was becoming more and more uncomfortable. 

They then took several containers filled with cottage cheese. When Amanda saw what they were carrying, she rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on,” she moaned.  She cringed. She closed her eyes as thick, sloppy, cottage cheese was poured over her head. The backs of her shirt and skirt were pulled open slightly and cottage cheese was dumped inside of her clothes. She felt it slither all over her body. She could feel it all over her body, inside of her bra and inside of her underwear. She wiggled her body, allowing some of it to fall down her body to the ground. 

They then finished her off with a large bucket of baked beans. The bucket was raised over Amanda. It was tipped and the sloppy beans began to slowly pour down onto Amanda. They made a repulsive plopping noise as they made their way downwards, landing on Amanda’s body, splattering all over her. The beans poured onto her back, and rolled down her body. They poured onto her blonde hair. They piled on top of her head and fell down her face. The beans rained all over her in all directions. She was showered in the beans. Eventually, the beans ceased. 

Amanda was let out of the stocks. She ran her hands down her arms and then down her legs, pushing away as much of the mess as she possibly could. She gave a false smile and bowed. She rung some of the mess out of her hair as well. She was soaked in mess all over. She then cracked a smile and laughed. She shook her head.

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