Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Sky Sports News Gunge

Sky Sports News Gunge

Kirsty Gallacher had been doing some work for comic relief. She had gotten gunged, a bit anyway on one occasion. She was looking for new ways to raise money for the charity. She came up with a plan. It was sort of an ice bucket challenge style stunt. It was set up for the female Sky Sports anchors. This included: Katy Adbo, Millie Clode, Vicki Gomersall, Alex Hammond, Charlotte Jackson, Hayley McQueen, Kate Riley, Natalie Sawyer, Clare Tomlinson, Olivia Wayne, Anna Woolhouse, Rachel Wyse and Amy Lewis and even a few names from the past  which included; Georgie Thomspon, Kelly Cates, Di Stewart, Chloe Everton and Charlie Webster. Kirsty ad managed to get all of them to agree to all get gunged together at the very same time. There was an added stipulation as well. If they managed to raise more than their target amount, they would all have to be gunged a second time, this time fully naked. Some of them were not happy with this to say the least, but it was for charity. They could not say no. 

The day finally arrived. A long line of chairs was lined up for the group. Each would take their seat, sat side by side to one another. The gunge would be dished out by one of the local football teams from the area where Sky Sports News was shot from. They were certainly looking forward to the opportunity to dump gunge over the sexy news women. On the day, the women were all dressed in what they would normally wear to report the sports news. They were all quite athletic, attractive women. They wore similar outfits, but all in different colours and patterns. All skirts and dresses though. Kirsty sat in the first chair. The rest reluctantly took their seats one after another. Some looked more nervous than others. Not many of them were looking forward to what was about to come to them. When they were all in position, one of the male broadcasters began the announcement.

“Sky Sports News has been raising money for Comic Relief. As a result of your generosity, the entire female Sky Sports broadcasting team is about to get covered in gunge, at least once. Depending on how much was raised, they may be getting gunged twice and doing a further forfeit as well. Firstly though, let’s welcome the team that will be doing the honours. They are the local football team for this area. Welcome lads. Please get into position.” The guys got into position. Each one picked a woman to stand behind. The gunge buckets were each stationed on the ground behind the chairs. The women talked amongst themselves about how embarrassing this was. The guys chatted about how good it would be to mess up the female sports broadcasters.

“Ok, lads, if you will pick up your buckets. On the count of three.” The players each lifted their buckets. The announcer then counted down,” Three..two..one.” The girls closed their eyes tightly. Some of them held hands. The players began to tip their respective buckets over the heads of their respective female victims. Each bucket held a different colour of gunge. The guys dumped every colour of the rainbow all over the Sky Sports News team. Gunge poured over their faces, all over their clothes, down their legs to their feet. They shrieked and laughed as each one experienced the collective embarrassment. A few looked to the side, laughing at their fellow presenters. All of them were left dripping in sloppy gunge.

When it died down and the ladies wiped their eyes and faces a bit, the male presenter then began to speak again. “Ok that was fabulous. Well done girls and thanks to everyone who donated. Now we have the second part. It was agreed that if we reached our donation target, the girls would do a second forfeit. They agreed that they would be gunged a second time. This time, however, they will all me naked. Well, the results are in. The target was £100,000. Did we reach it? I can now reveal that the total was. £175,000. You all did it.” Some fireworks went off. “Now the viewers will get their reward. Ladies, if you will.”

The women rolled their eyes. They all stood up. They reluctantly began to slowly undress. They removed their tops and then their skirts or dresses. They loaded their clothes into piles in front of them. They then undid their bras and finally lowered their panties. They pushed them to the added piles. They then rushed to sit down as fast as they could to try to conceal as much as they possibly could. They crossed their legs and clutched their chests. Second buckets were then handed to the football team.

They were given the signal and they began to pour the gunge once again, this time onto the collection of naked female flesh that sat before them. The girls shrieked as they felt the cold gunge, this time all different colours, pouring directly onto their bare skin. The men wildly poured the gunge all over the naked women. The camera showed each of them experiencing their own naked, gunge covered humiliation. They shook their gungy heads around.

The presenter then spoke to Kirsty. She thanked everyone for donating and thanked her fellow female broadcasting team for being such good sports and taking it so well. They all glared in her direction. Some of them blaming her for what had occurred. The men celebrated as the women wallowed in the mess. They all then crowded into the showers. The site of a group of beautiful naked women scrubbing gunge from their naked bodies at the same time was one that was delightful, although that part, sadly, was not broadcast.


  1. hi can you please do a Frankie bridge story where the rest of the the Saturdays were Humiliated on live tv after Frankie left them high and dry .can Frankie be naked and suffer a mega gunging at the hands of her angry band mates thanks

  2. Just because there were so many people involved. It makes it more difficult. I suppose I could find some.

  3. please can you do a story with new coronation street cast member Lucy Fallon where she its the end of her first mouth and she has a very bad bad attitude so some of the younger cast members give her a lesson in respect can it be humiliating thanks

  4. great story as alsways JRG, and was worth the wait, but sorry to be picky it's only a slight thing though, there was no Jo Wilson of Sky Sports News and I didn't want Clare included lol, as who would want to imagine seeing her naked