Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lily James takes a ride

Lily James takes a ride

Lily James starred in the life action version of Cinderella. She was a very attractive young actress. She was adorable. She was an emerging star. She was surprised when she was asked to appear on Let Her Have It. She did not feel that she was a big enough star. She was very worried though. She was not entirely sure that she wanted to end up covered in mess. She found the idea quite embarrassing, but she was also a bit excited about it. She was unsure how she really felt about it, but agreed to do it. She was quite a posh person as well. Most of her roles were as princesses and aristocrats. On this occasion, she wore an expensive designer dress as well. 

In her mind, she was fretting about what was going to happen to her on this day. She had no way out of it though. When she was welcomed to the stage, she looked very nervous, although she forced a smile as she entered. She knew only how to be polite. She shook Mr. G.’s hand and joined him on the sofas. He welcomed her to the show. “Well, Lily James, we know you from Cinderella and other very girly roles,” Mr. G. said. “Well, yeah, that’s for sure,” she said. “So, today, is going to be a bit different for you, I think. You usually look so clean and tidy” “Um, yeah. I suppose that today will be different,” she replied. “Don’t look so nervous, we don’t bite,” he said to her. “I just am not too sure how I really feel about the potential of getting messy. I guess I will find out,” she said. “You could say that,” he teased. “Just be gentle. I am a messy virgin,” she whispered softly, yet jokingly. “Honestly, you will have fun, I promise,” he assured her.

“Actually, today is a very special day, we have a special new messy device that we will be using for the first time. You will be the first too be placed in it.” “Well, aren’t I a lucky girl?,” she joked. Smiling and rolling her eyes a bit then giggling. “Shall we goo have a look?,” he asked. She sighed,” Well, if I have to. Do I really have a choice?,” she joked. She stood up and followed him over. Whatever was awaiting her lay behind another curtain. “Ok,” he said,” Let’s have a look at what we have created for you Lily James.” The curtain was pulled open.

What was revealed was a very large and very intricate contraption. “It is designed to ensure that the person placed in it will be perfectly covered in mess. So, you are very lucky.” She laughed and rolled her eyes. “What I need from you is to climb aboard here. Place your hands and feet in the holes please.” The part that she was climbing aboard looked like a large board. It was a bit like the pie pendulum from What Would You Do?. She climbed in, setting her body in place. Straps were then pulled across her body, strapping her body into place. “Oh my Gooood!,” she shrieked,” This is a bit scary,” she said. “Don’t worry, you will be ok, I promise,” Mr. G. said. Lily had no idea what was about to happen to her. She closed her eyes and readied herself for what was about to happen. 

The board that she was strapped to began to descend forward. Lily opened her eyes and realized that she was being lowered forward into a bowl of slime. She laughed and squealed as she looked downwards, helplessly. Her face approached the bowl. She was helpless to resist. She closed her eyes as the slime got closer and closer to her face. Soon it was only inches away. The device then pulled down, lowering her head until it was completely submerged in the bowl of slime. She had to close her eyes and hold her breath as her face was held in the green slime for a few seconds, before the device raised her head again. It then pulled in the other directions. The whole thing pushed backwards.

When this happened, the back of her body was pushed into a waterfall of slime. It poured up her legs first and then poured evenly over her entire body as the entire board moved back and forth through the waterfall of mess. It spread evenly over her body, coating her from head to toe in a layer of slimy mess. The device then turned the board a few degrees to the right. It then moved forward.

Ahead in this directions was a wall made entirely out of pies.  The device picked up speed and was thrust directly through the wall of pies, causing the whole thing to smash all over Lily’s body. It was clear now what this new device really was. It was, basically, moving Lily through her own personal messy journey.  The board now moved into another position.

In this position, it was surrounded by jets of messy, multi-coloured gunge on all sides. The board began to spin around, rather quickly. The jets were then activated. They began to spray Lily with gunge in all directions all over her body. It was a bit like she was a human tie dye. Gunge splattered in all directions as she spun around, becoming slightly dizzy in the process. The board then moved itself into a position where she was stood up almost vertically. 

It then moved itself upwards. Above was a ceiling over gunge balloons. When she was pushed upwards, it caused the balloons to burst over her head. They were also coated in shaving cream. As she went upwards, this got all over her head as well. As this was happening, the floor below her opened. The board then pushed downwards. Below her was a pool of more green gunge. She was pushed downwards into it with a splat. It was the stopped. She was left for a moment waist deep in the gunge. It covered her legs and caused the bottom of her dressed to rise, revealing a pretty nice view of her underwear beneath.

The board was then raised and moved back into a vertical position. It turned several degrees again, pointing her in a new direction. It then moved forward. She was then pushed through a machine that looked like a sort of candy maker. It had devices inside that pushed downwards and plopped cream and chocolate down onto what appeared to be a conveyer belt. In this case, Lily’s body would be the target. She was moved through and the machine began to plop blobs of chocolate and cream downwards in four places on her body. As she moved through it did this over and over again. It soon piled onto her legs, behind and back as well as her head. It was meant to make designs, but as she was moved through, it splattered all over, making a brown and white mishmash all over body, dripping down all over her prone body. 

The device then pushed her backwards and out. It moved her so she was almost horizontal again. She thought it might be the end. Instead, the machine flung more pies at her, this time at great speed and in fast succession. She closed her eyes and squealed as she was peppered with pie after pie. One after another collided with her body. These were real pies as well. Among them being, chocolate cream, banana cream and coconut cream pies. She was soon covered from head to toe in them.

Finally a buzzer sounded and lights flashed. Everything went quiet. Mr. G. then walked over and approached Lily. He undid the straps, releasing her. The first thing that she did was wrap her arms around him, hugging him tightly. She roared with laughter. “Oh my gosh, that was so much fun,” she said, still out of breath. “It is so funny. I love it. I wish I could get one at home,” she said. “Well, you are welcome back any time,” Mr. G. said. “I may just take you up on that,” she said. She kept her arms wrapped around him, trying not to fall over or slip. Mr. G. thanked her. She waived and laughed as the show ended.

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