Monday, 28 December 2015

Georgia May Foote night of fun

Georgia May Foote night of fun

Georgia May Foote was considered one of the most attractive young women on British television. She attracted many male fans. She was incredibly gorgeous. She was a growing star. She spent a few years on Coronation Street, but had left the show. You can imagine my shock when I randomly met her on a chat room. It was a normal chat room. It had nothing to do with celebrities or anything like that. There was just a woman on it with the name Georgia. I PM’ed her, saying hello. She responded. We started chatting, as I had with many others before. When I asked what she looked like, she sent me over a photo. You can imagine my surprise when I saw a photo of the famous actress. I had to look closely because it was a picture, that had been clearly taken not by an amateur on a normal device. I said to her that she looked very familiar. Up to this point, she had not said that she was an actress. I didn’t know whether I should say anything. Perhaps she did not want to be recognised, but she did send the picture. I bit the bullet and said,” You look quite a lot like Georgia May Foote.” “Oh, gosh, you recognise me,” she said. We had already spoken about some pretty naughty stuff to this point. Of course, I still did not really believe that it was truly the genuine article. Anyone could have been on the other end of the computer. The only way to really find out was to speak on the phone. Her squeaky, high pitched voice would be unmistakable. Of course, I did not want to ask her this straight away.

Eventually, over a bit of time we talked more and I managed to get her number. I rang, nervously and she picked up. Much to my complete surprise, the voice on the other end of the phone was that squeaky tone that I had heard on television so many times. It was unmistakable. It was really her. We talked for some time and carried on talking for weeks to come. Much to my surprise the subject of wam randomly came up in conversation at one point. “Oh my God,” she said,” I have always wanted to get gunged. I have always fantasized about it pouring all over my body. The idea turns me on so much.” I could not believe that what I was hearing was for real. I suggested that maybe we could make it happen one day. Much to my amazement, she actually agreed. It turns out that she was coming down to London for her job. I could easily go up and meet her. I am not the most attractive guy in the world, but I had shown her photos of me and she had not stopped talking to me. We arranged to meet in a hotel room to have some fun. I looked forward to that day more than I could ever explain.

She arrived at the hotel room wearing a trench coat. She buzzed in at the front desk and was allowed in. I heard the knock on my door. I opened it and there she stood, Georgia May Foote. She looked just as gorgeous as she had done on television. Her hair was shiny and dark. She smelled like strawberries. She had a massive grin on her face. She instantly hugged me and told me how excited she was as she entered the room. She walked in and removed the trench coat. She wore nothing underneath but a lacy nightie. It looked adorable. Her smooth olive coloured legs emerging from the bottom. She walked over and sat on the bed. “I can not tell you how excited I am. I have wanted to do this for ages.” “It is so hard to believe that you do not have guys beating down your door. I mean you are gorgeous beyond words,” I said. “Yeah well, the kind of guys I meet are all dim-witted testosterone fuelled chauvinistic idiots. They look at me like I a piece of meat and not a human being. I don’t need that kind of crap.” 

“Anyway, I can not wait to see what you have planned for me,” she said with, what I could tell, was genuine excitement. I smiled as I popped into the bathroom quickly, where I had set up all of the stuff. I returned carrying a container filled with custard. She sat up. “Oh God, that looks so good. This is so hot. Wait, my nightie. I don’t want to ruin it.” She reached down and pulled the nightie off over her head, revealing herself completely. She had one of the sexiest bodies, I had ever seen. It was smooth and luscious with gentle curves. Her whole body was a sexy olive colour. Everything was slightly athletic. Her legs, breasts, ass and vagina were all almost perfectly sculpted. It was one of the finest examples of the naked female form that anyone could ever gaze upon. Her vagina reached its climax with a small strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair. She already looked aroused. I could faintly smell the sweet aroma of dampness that emanated from between her legs. She paid no mind to the fact that she was fully naked, acting as if it was totally natural for her to be in this position. She sat crossed legged on the bed and tossed her shimmering hair back. She smiled. She put her hand on my wrist and said,” I hope you don’t mind.” I smiled back. Was she joking? She was the sexiest thing I had ever laid eyes upon. 

She put her hands on my wrists and together we guided the custard. It slowly poured onto her head and down her silky dark hair. It was smooth and soft and sensuous. It coated her hair and poured down onto her body. We guided the custard down, onto her chest, down her stomach and over her legs. She then turned over onto all fours and we poured more onto her back and down her behind, over the backs of her legs. The soft yellow custard perfectly coating her smooth sexy body. She then turned over and rolled around on the bed in the custard, splashing it all over herself, gigging and laughing. Her breasts and bottom jiggled as she played in the messy sheets. 

She rolled over onto her back and I slowly tipped an oversized container filled with fruit smoothie over her naked body. She moved her arms and legs as though she was making snow angels as I poured the smoothie onto her body. It was a light purple colour. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she shivered, feeling the cold smoothie sensually pour up and down her naked body. She let out a satisfied purr. She then bent her knees as I poured what was left directly between her legs. She then placed one hand between her legs and rubbed her vagina with her palm, massaging the smoothie all over her crotch. It dripped all the down between her butt cheeks. 

Next to come was apricot yoghurt. She sat up and dipped her index finger into the pot. She stuck out her tongue and licked and sucked the yoghurt off of her finger. She told me that it was very yummy. I tipped it over her head and then down over her back. She leaned over and allowed me to dump it all over her bare behind. It was thick and orange in colour. I watched as it slowly covered her behind and poured down her thighs and down the backs of her calves. “I’m such a dirty girl,” she said nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders. “This stuff feels so good on my arse and pussy. You have no idea. It is so horny,” she said. 

“I want some trifle,” she then said. I pulled out an enormous trifle in a plastic bowl. It was filled with sponge, fruit salad, jelly, custard and whipped cream. She lay back again as I plopped it down on her stomach just above her crotch. The entire thing came loose from the bowl and landed on her stomach and crotch. We then both plunged both of our hands in and proceeded to rub it around all over her body, causing it to disintegrate into a giant mess on top of her. She giggled as we rubbed it all over her chest and thighs. We took our hands and tossed the gloppy mounds of the mess all over her body.

We then finished up with a bowl of strawberry angel delight. It was enormous. We placed it on the bed. Georgia then sat down in it, lowering her behind into it. It stuck onto it, covering her behind and vagina in the mess. We then removed it. I stuck my hands in and then smeared the angel delight all over her face and then all over her breasts. She rubbed her butt and vagina. I poured more over her stomach and legs. She gently rubbed her hands all over her naked, messy body. She smiled. She closed her eyes and continued caressing her sexy body as I poured more angel delight over her. Her pleasure grew ever more intense. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. She bent her knees and arched her back, finally exploding in orgasm. She squealed as her sexy body exploded in orgasm. She then fell backwards in pleasure and exhaustion. 

She sat up. “That was so good. That was so amazing,” she said in her sexy northern accent. “We need to do this regularly for sure. You have to promise,” she implored. “Well, if we have to, we have to,” I joked. She smiled sweetly. “I better shower,” she replied.


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