Sunday, 20 December 2015

Charlotte teaches Becky Lynch

Charlotte teaches Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch was a member of PCB with Paige and Charlotte. Paige had left the group. It had been implied that Paige was in the wrong, but as time went by, it became more and more obvious that Charlotte was incredibly manipulative and was the one who really could not be trusted. She had cheated many times and had utilized interference from her father in many matches. She had cost Becky matches and made it clear that she had little to no faith in Becky. Becky became the victim more and more of Charlotte’s ways. Becky was still reluctantly hanging onto her friendship with Charlotte, because she was kind and loyal person. Charlotte had even done things to Becky, saying that she was trying to teach her a lesson. Charlotte was going to teach Becky a lesson this time that she was not going to forget. 

The two shared a locker room, so she had access to Becky in a way no one else did. Charlotte waited until Becky was in the shower at the end of the night. Her and her father snuck into the dressing room and locked the door. They waited for Becky to be finished in the shower. Becky could not hear them enter over the sound of the running water. When she came out, Becky was wearing nothing but a towel. She was very surprised to see the Flairs sitting there in her locker room waiting for her. “Um, Charlotte, what the hell are you doing her?,” she asked, hoping that this was not going to be what she thought it might. “Becky, Becky, Becky,” Charlotte said in a very condescending tone,” I have told you that I wanted to teach you lesson. Well, today, I am going to teach you a lesson that you will never ever forget. Think of it as tough love, Becky. Grab her dad.” Her father grabbed Becky from behind and held her arms. Although he was rather old, he was still strong enough to be able to easily restrain her. Becky was so shocked that she could barely find it in herself to put up much of struggle. Her heart sank. “Please, Charlotte, don’t do this. I thought we were friends,” Becky protested. “You really are gullible Becky, aren’t you?”

Charlotte took squeeze bottles of ketchup and mustard from the concession stand in each of her hands. She shook them up and smiled evilly as she approached her friend. She then placed the tips of the squeeze bottles to the sides of Becky’s face. She began to squeeze. She used the condiments to draw on Becky’s face. She drew glasses, a moustache and a funny mouth on her face. She drew on her nose as well. This made Becky look completely ridiculous. She then used them to draw down her shoulders and over her cleavage. She wrote on her towel, “I am a loser” in ketchup. She chuckled maniacally as she decorated her trusting friend in red and yellow mess. “It makes a sort of orange colour,” you should like that,” Charlotte teased. She then took both squeeze bottles and removed the tops. She squeezed hard, pushing the final amounts down in a sloppy pile on top of Becky’s head. Becky frowned and pouted.

Charlotte then took tins of alphabet spaghetti and pork and beans in each of her hands. She brought them over and then turned them upside down over Becky’s head. She shook them up and down, dropping the orange coloured contents out on top of Becky’s head. A combination of the two dumped on top of her orange hair and rolled down her face and down her fake orange tanned body. Charlotte howled with laughter. Her father was loving it. “There you go darling, get her good. Cover that bitch in that stuff. Show her who’s boss.” Becky rolled her eyes as alphabet spaghetti rolled down her face. Ric Flair laughed and taunted the young woman who was over forty years his junior. Of course, he was finding this very enjoyable. 

Charlotte then took two very large black forest gateau’s in either hand and approached Becky. She thrust one into her chest and the other into her rear end.  She smeared them around on her body, before smushing what was left into either side of Becky’s head, sandwiching the cakes. The cardboard at the bottom bending and sticking to her face for a moment before falling off. Becky was smeared in cream, chocolate, sponge and cherry pie filling. “Oh, how does that taste Becky?,” Flair taunted. Becky did not even say anything. She knew what Charlotte really was. She knew that Paige had been right to turn her back on Charlotte, because she had been only out for herself from day one.
“I tell you what Becky, I got you a real treat. Look, authentic Irish stew for you. Yummy, yummy, you should be loving this. It’s filled with potatoes for you,” she did a mock Irish accent as she said this, mocking Becky. She then dumped the Irish stew over Becky’s head. It was thick and very brown. It was filled with chunks of beef, potato, carrots and peas. It slowly made its way all over Becky’s body. The larger, meatier chunks falling to the floor. The brown mess soon covered Becky’s face and splattered her hair. “Oh look at that Becky. What’s wrong? I thought that you would like that.”

“Last but not least, we have to give you something green. How about some pea soup. Green is definitely your colour, after all.” Charlotte produced a pot of split pea and ham soup. It was velvety in texture in its sloppiness. She cackled as she dumped it all over Becky, coating her in thick green slop. Soon, Becky was covered in the mess.

Charlotte then threw Becky out of the locker room. She slammed and locked the door, as she did, Becky’s towel caught in the door, pulling away. She tried desperately to clutch at it, but it was stuck too tightly. She then franticly tried to cover herself as she realized she was fully naked and covered in mess in the hallway of a live event. Charlotte and her father then sauntered away. “Bye Becky. See you later. Looking good,” Charlotte said, laughing,” I hope you have learned your lesson.”

Just then Paige walked by. She grabbed Becky and hurried her into her locker room, saving her from the embarrassment. Paige looked at her and said, “I’m so sorry. You didn’t deserve that.” It was very clear now who the real enemy was.


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