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Melissa Joan Hart Nick is for mess

Melissa Joan Hart Nick is for mess

Melissa Joan Hart was a really nice person. She had started out on Nickelodeon and had done a few very successful kid to teen sort of shows. She was all grown up now. She was definitely an adult. She had grown to be really attractive. She had a gorgeous cheeky smile.  It had been many years since she had been a star on Nickelodeon. She was asked back to do a sort of retrospective on the channel. The idea was that she would be interviewed, discuss memories about the network and then, would get messy. It would be done to others as well and then aired as a part of a special broadcast. Melissa was well up for this. She had a certain interest in mess and wanted to take part very much. It gave her a lot of excitement to imagine it happening to her. She even posted all over social media,” Going back to Nick. It’s going to get messy. Wish me luck.”

She showed up wearing a strappy blue dress, almost like an evening gown.  She as happy to be back in the studio in Orlando for the first time in some years. She went back to a similar dressing room and set that she had worked on years earlier. She felt that it was very good to be back. She was really looking forward to what the day had in store. She was interviewed about her days working for the network. Towards the end of the interview, the topic of the conversation turned to the messy aspect of the network. “Yeah, it was always something in the back of your mind. I used to love the idea of it. There was always a chance you would get slimed when you least suspected it. Then there were shows like What Would You Do, Wild and Crazy Kids and Double Dare. To be honest I always wanted to get much messier than I did. Everyone wanted to get messy themselves or to do it to someone else. Seeing people getting to pie their parents was great. I loved the piewash too. It was amazing, wasn’t it?” The interviewer then told her that they were doing some messy bits for the special and asked if she would like to take part. Of course, she had already agreed to this. This was just to get this on camera for the special. She smiled. “I would be absolutely delighted,” she said with a smile. “Do I have to say, I don’t know?,” she asked.

She had intentionally uttered the old magic You Can’t Do That on Television words that used to trigger slime. She did not know if anything would happen. She had not been prompted about that. It did though. Thick green classic slime began to pour down over her. From where was anyone’s guess. She smiled and laughed. She then closed her eyes in resignation as the slime poured down over her. She looked up as slime poured down her face and blonde hair. It rolled down her body. Because she was sat down, it bunched up and collected in the folders of her dress and down the front of her body. Sloppy green splattered all over her. She shook her head and wiggled her extremities as she continued to be slimed. She smiled and looked into the camera. “You see, just like old times,” she said and stuck out her tongue. She also winked and made a gesture with her fist. 

After the sliming was over, she was brought over to a replica of the old What Would You Do set. She was amazed by it. It was really cool, because it was the same as it had been. It had been in storage for all these years. She was allowed to sit in the piepod. It was complete with crowning glory and everything. The interviewer asked her how many pies it should be. She said all four, of course. She was still very slimy. She did not wear a plastic smock or goggles like they sometimes did in the past. She beamed with a smile as she was counted down. The pies began to spring at her. The first hit the right side of her head. The second hit the left side. The third hit square in the centre and the fourth landed on her chest. She was covered in creamy pie and pie plates. The crowning glory was then dispatched upon her. Thick pink, pie filling plopped down on her from above, pouring down her head and body. 

That was not the end of it though. Melissa then took the short walk over from the pie pod to the pie wash, after peeling the pie plates from her hair and body. This was something that she had always wanted to experience. She climbed aboard and the seat belt was fastened around her waist. She wiggled her nose and laughed. When the chair began to spin she was knocked to the side a bit. The jets of pie filling began to flow out onto her as she spun around. She laughed hysterically as the pie flowed down onto her. It crisscrossed back and forth over her body and face. She could feel it plastering her all over her body. When the machine finally stopped, she was covered from head to toe in pie filling. She laughed. “Oh that was so much fun. I love it,” she laughed. 

Melissa had enjoyed the whole thing immensely. It would air in clips and commercials for years to come in edited forms.

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  1. Great story! Wish it was real.

    Could you do one based off the time Whigfield refused to let herself be put up for a gunging on an old Ant and Dec show, so years later they decide to set her up by getting her while she performs Saturday Night on Saturday Night Takeaway by gunging her with a takeaway, with a shocked Whigfield not seeing the funny side at all?