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Yvonne Strahovski down under

Yvonne Strahovski down under

Yvonne Strahovski was known for playing quite serious roles in dramas. She usually was involved in crime and law genres of television. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had long blonde hair, a toned, thin, tanned body and a sexy smile. She was born in Australia. She was used to being in serious acting roles. When she returned to Australia and went around the talk show circuit, she received a hero’s welcome. Unbeknownst to her, there was one particular show that decided that she was getting a bit of a big head. She had made some diva like demands. They decided that they needed to teach her a lesson and to remind her of where she came from. They decided that she deserved a good messing. They were hoping to make it as embarrassing as possible for her as well. She was incredible gorgeous so there was no shortage of men who were dying to see her face messy humiliation. 

Yvonne was brought on the show as a guest the same way that she had been on countless talk shows all over the world. This time, it was her first show back in Australia. When she was welcomed to the show, this was noted. The audience were encouraged to welcome her home. She smiled as she was welcomed. She took a bow and mouthed the words, ”Thank you.” She was wearing a light blue button down shirt with the top buttons undone and a black skirt. When she sat down, she crossed her incredibly sexy tanned legs. Her gorgeous blonde hair was back in a ponytail. She told everyone how happy she was to be back in Australia and how much she loved it there and missed it since she had been away. The host then chimed in. “Yes, but you did choose to go off to Hollywood and leave us all behind. How could you do such a thing?,” he joked. Yvonne just laughed it off and did not really respond to this questioning. “I do though, I love it here. I really do.” “Well, we thought that we would make tonight a memorable one for you. As a way of giving back to your place of birth, we thought it would be a very fun thing to do to let them get their own back on you in some small way for leaving us all behind as you do.” Yvonne’s eyes widened. She looked shocked. She blushed. She was speechless. 

“What we have set up for you on our set here are some lovely ropes with shackles on them. You will notice that we have four of them. There are two coming from the ceiling and two from the floor. What will happen is that we will secure your ankles and wrists in the clasps and then hometown local people will get to dump anything they want over you. Come on here we go.” Yvonne had no time to respond. She followed the host, dumbstruck. When she reached position, two stagehands did the honours of securing the shackles around her ankles and wrists. They closed them tightly. When all four were secured, Yvonne’s sexy body was stretched out into X position. The muscles in her body stretched slightly. She was tied in place, on display. Her mind was racing too fast to even fully take in what was really happening. Containers and buckets were then brought out and placed all around her. The host then asked the audience,” Who would like to dump some stuff all over Miss Hollywood here?” Just about every hand sprung up immediately. The host looked around and grabbed some of the more interesting members of the audience. They were going to get to dump sloppy mess all over the sexy star. By this time, she was looking very embarrassed indeed. Her sexy legs were spread. She gasped as she witnessed the members of the audience picking out buckets and containers of mess to use upon her. She was laughing in embarrassment.

The first person was an old man. He was very elderly. He loved the idea of getting to dump mess on the sexy young actress. She begged him not to do it as she giggled. He had chosen ketchup and mustard to use upon her. He stood a short distance across from her and faced her. She looked down at him and pleaded with him not to do this to her. She laughed as he took the squeeze bottles of the condiments and aimed them at her. She closed her eyes as he began to squeeze. The ketchup flew first, squirting her straight in the face and then down her blonde hair and neck. More sprayed down the front of her shirt and then down her legs. Shortly after, the mustard began to land upon her skirt and thighs and then up her shirt and then all over the top of her head and down her hair. The red and yellow mess splattered all over her. There were huge splodges of them all over her clothes and dripping down her sexy legs. Her hair was covered in mustard and ketchup. It was obvious that the old man was getting enormous pleasure from the humiliation that he was heaping upon the much younger, ultra-attractive actress. She was bathed in ketchup and mustard. He then took two more bottles of each. This time he went up behind the prone actress. He took the ketchup, turned it upside down and placed the top inside the back of her shirt. He then pressed against it with his hand, causing ketchup to pour down the back of her skirt, all over her backside and down the backs of her legs. He then took the mustard bottle aimed it at the top of her head. He moved it back and forth, squeezing out thick lines of the yellow mess all over the top of her head and then onto her face. It produced coiled layers of mustard. He then applied some more over her shoulders. It dripped down her face, hair and chest. The host then asked her how she was doing. “An old man just poured mustard over my head. How do you think I’m doing?,” she responded. 

The next person was a young man. He was grinning. He had an evil look in his eye. He was really going to enjoy doing this to a sexy female star in her prime. He went behind her and got a close up look at her sexy tied up body. She wondered what was held in the pot that he was carrying. She would soon find out the hard way. She would wish that she hadn’t in the end. In the pot was chicken noodle soup. It smelled atrocious. There was tons and tons of very thick, long noodles, chunks of chicken and vegetable such as carrots and celery. She could not see what he was doing so was taken by complete surprise when she saturated by a tidal wave of cold soup splashing down onto her from above. The broth flew everywhere and soaked her clothes. Bits of chicken and vegetable fell all over her. The large noodles stuck to her head and body. They covered her, dangling from her head and clothes. She looked ridiculous. She let out a huge gasp. It was almost like the ice bucket challenge. The young man laughed as he walked away, giving her a good look over first. 

The next person was an older lady. Yvonne looked at her and said,” Oh my God, please. You aren’t really going to do this to me are you?” The old lady only smiled and nodded. She then approached the prone star. She carried some cans in either hand. One was a normally shaped can the other was an oddly shaped one. The woman stood beside Yvonne and the then held up each of the cans, showing everyone what they were. One was dog food. The other was spam. They were two of the most disgusting messes in the world. The old woman took the dog food and dumped it straight over Yvonne’s head. Chunks in jelly rolled down her face. She stuck out her tongue and fake gagged slightly. Everyone laughed and gasped as they watched dog food roll over the star’s face. The woman then plopped the spam into her hand and then pushed it into Yvonne’s face, rubbing the sickening pseudo meat around in her face. It looked truly sickening as chucks stuck to her face and hair. She closed her eyes as an old woman twisted spam in her face with her bare hands. It was complete humiliation. 

Next was a very young lady. She took in both hands a tray of shepherd’s pie. Yvonne used the little give that she had to lean forward a bit so she could get a better shot at her face with it. She was laughing and smiling. She also was going to enjoy doing this to the star. She took the tray and pushed it into her face, just like someone would with a pie. She pushed it in and rubbed it around before pushing the rest into the top of her head. This left Yvonne’s head covered in mashed potato, mince, gravy and carrots. Chunks fell down her neck and body. 

The final person then came forward. They carried a bucket of fresh pig slop. It smelled terrible. It was truly authentic and fresh from the farm. The person doing the pouring was actually a close friend of Yvonne from when she was growing up. It was a male who had always secretly fancied her. This was his dream come true. He was going to enjoy this. “Oh my gosh, it’s you. It can’t be,” she said.,” This is so embarrassing.” He smiled as he aimed the slop at her. He started on her calves and worked his way up. He dumped slop all over her bare legs. He worked his way up and then poured more on her skirt and down it, all over where her behind and vagina were. He then poured more over her shirt, soaking it and causing slop to fill the inside as well. He then poured more over her head. She screamed as the stinky slop engulfed her. It dripped everywhere. Her sexy body was covered from head to toe in pig slop.

Everyone cheered for her, but it was little consolation. She knew that everyone had taken perverse pleasure in seeing her humiliated. She was slopped from head to toe. She was soaked. Her sexy body was filthy. As the show ended, she was unhooked and allowed to go back to the dressing room to clean up. She humiliated and more than a little annoyed at what had transpired.

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