Monday, 6 March 2017

Lacey Turner 2 Let me have it

Lacey Turner 2 Let me have it

Lacey Turner had a burning desire to be on Let Her Have It. She had a thing for Mr. G. and had fantasised about him gunging her in a gunge tank for a long time. For the longest time, it was just a private fantasy that she kept to herself. As time went by though, some of her fellow Eastenders colleagues were chosen to be on the show. She began to think,” Why not me? Why can’t I be on it?” Her desire to be on the show grew even more. She began to imagine it all of the time. She began to make queries and discovered that the show was shot not far away from where Eastenders was shot. She mulled it over, but decided rather quickly that the only thing to do was to show up one day unannounced and take things from there. Her heart was all aflutter. She did not expect much to happen, but thought it was worth taking a chance. After all, what could possibly go wrong? The worst thing that could happen is that she might be turned away. 

She showed up to the studio unannounced one day after her scenes had been shot for Eastenders. She had dressed up as nicely as she could. She wanted to look her best, for sure. She wore a black dress with a fancy pattern on the front and tights. As she headed over, she was beaming. He had the famous cheeky smile that she was known for on today in spades. She walked up to the studio with a spring in her step. She was very bouncy today. She approached the front gate. At the gate was a security guard. He asked her who she was and why she was there. She replied. “I am here to see Mr. G. My name is Lacey Turner. Tell him that I play Stacey Slater on Eastenders.” “Just a minute,” he replied. She did not expect this to work. She had no appointment. He might not even be there today for all she knew. She fully expected to be turned away. He did not know her and may not have even been aware of who she was. She waited, hoping against hope that things would go her way. The security guard had shut the little window in the gate while he called around. It was closed for some time. After a few minutes, it opened again. The security guard popped his head out. “Please make your way to room 258,” he told her. She almost jumped for joy as she thanked him. She entered the studio and made her way down to the room that he had told her to go into. It was a normal dressing room. She sat down on the couch and wondered to herself what would happen next. 

She waited there for what seemed like a very long time. She was very excited to be there. After about 15 minutes the door slowly opened. Her heart jumped when Mr. G. himself walked through the door with an enormous smile on his face. She stood up and shook his hand. “I am sorry to keep you waiting so long Ms. Turner.” “Oh don’t be silly, I just showed up unannounced, I am amazed that you are seeing me at all. I am very grateful.” “It’s ok. The pleasure is mine,” he said, as they sat down opposite one another. “So, Miss Turner, what can I help you with today? I was told that you asked to see me. Normally, I would not be able to see you, but since, well, since you are Lacey Turner, I decided to make an exception.” “I appreciate it. I am amazed that you agreed to see me, to be honest. I just thought that I would take a chance. To be fair, I expected to be turned away.” “Don’t worry. It is lovely to meet you. Now, what were you saying about the reason for your visit.” Lacey clenched her teeth and gave a slightly embarrassed look. “This is really embarrassing. I don’t know how to put this, so I may as well just come out and say it. I have been imagining getting gunged in a gunge tank with you doing the gunging. It is all I think about. I want it to happen so badly. I would do just about anything.” She put her hand onto his wrist and looked him deep in the eyes. She licked her lips. There was sexual chemistry between them was palpable. They could both feel the heat between each other. 

“It sounds silly, I know, but I want it to happen so badly. I want you to do it to me.” “That can be arranged,” he said with a smile. She smiled and licked her lips. In her sexiest voice she whispered,” Gunge me now, Mr. G.”. He stroked his chin. “Well, we could gunge you right now, but it wouldn’t be on the show. Unless, we record it and broadcast it as a part of the next show.” “Oh yeah, I want to be on the show. I want it recorded and everyone to see it. It will be so embarrassing, but so hot. Don’t you think?” “Yes, it most certainly will. I suppose we could go to the studio in a second. I will just call the crew to set it all up.” He made a call on his cell phone and told the crew to set up the gunge tank and the cameras. As they stood up to head over, Lacey grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. She pressed her body against him and whispered,” I am so grateful, you won’t regret this.” She leaned over and the two passionately kissed. 

The two took each other by the hand and walked to the studio. Lacey gushed some more about how she had been imagining this for a very long time. She kept thinking to herself,” I can’t believe this. I am about to get gunged. This is so hot and embarrassing.” She laughed and clapped her hands when they entered the studio and saw the gunge tank for the first time. They marched towards it. They did not stop for a second they walked right to it. Mr. G. opened the door and Lacey climbed right on in and took a seat inside. He closed the door and walked straight over to the release mechanism. The two looked over at each other and smiled. They shared a look. Lacey wiggled her eyebrows and said, ”I’m going to get gunged.”

As they locked eyes, he said to her,” So Lacey Turner, Stacey Slater, are you ready for this?” “I am so ready Mr. G. I want you to let me have it,” she said in her sexiest voice. She licked her lips provocatively and stuck her tongue out. “Ok, then, this is the moment that you have dreamt about for so long. This is really going to happen. Here we go.” She giggled and laughed. She looked up a bit. He smiled as he pulled on the release mechanism. She looked up as the gunge above her made a funny draining noise. The gunge was light red sort of colour. It did not fall immediately. This was because it was so thick and lumpy. There was a moment’s hesitation before it began to fall. 

In the next moment, thick sloppy red gunge plummeted down onto Lacey Turner. She was highly aroused by this point. Her knickers were moist now. She was very turned on. She nearly leapt from her seat in pleasure when she felt the first globs of sloppy gunge falling onto her face. She laughed as it splattered in globs over her face. Her neck moved forward and gunge began to drop onto the top of her head. She laughed as it began to cover her hair and forehead. Before long it was covering her face almost entirely. It then began to pour down the front and back of her dress. She place one hand up her dress and one onto one of her breasts as the gunge fell. She began to play with herself and massage the gunge around as the gunge continued pouring. She squeezed her breasts as gunge poured down her front. She even opened the top of her dress a bit and let some of the gunge pour inside. Gunge splattered all over her body. It rolled down her waist and down her tights all the way down her legs. She stood up and began to wiggle and dance provocatively as the gunge continued pouring, She leaned over and stuck her behind out. She then wiggled it as gunge dumped all over it. It seemed to go on for ages. Eventually the flow petered out.

She posed and giggled. She looked over at Mr. G. and blew him kisses. She was being very flirty with him. She was completely plastered in gunge. When he went over and opened the tank door to let her out, she leapt at him, wrapping her entire messy body around him, hugging him. They spun around together and fell on the floor. She put her hand down into his crotch as they kissed. She squeezed his genitals in her messy fingers. “Was it everything you hoped?,” he asked. “Everything and more. I can’t thank you enough, but I am sure I will find a way to repay you,” she said, alluding to all sorts of naughty sexual acts that could take place between the pair.  


  1. Great story. Nice choice of accompanying photos showing off some great facial expressions too!

    1. Thanks, I like the expressions as well. lol