Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Meghan Markle messy princess

Meghan Markle messy princess

Meghan Markle was dating Prince Harry but she was still an actress. She was an extremely attractive woman. She had a sexy face and a sexy body that not too many could match. While she was still was still an actress, she still was doing mundane tasks such as appearing promoting the projects that she worked on. There were those that wanted to take the opportunity to heap embarrassment upon her. The bragging rights of getting to mess a beautiful woman who might marry into the royal family was an opportunity that was just too enticing to pass up. 

She was appearing on a press junket to promote her latest project. Some radio presenters decided that they would take the opportunity to play a prank upon her. The radio hosts had managed to secure an interview with her. They were known for their crazy stunts and pranks. It was a very humorous show. She was not really aware of them as they were broadcast in a different country than the one she lived in. They had a well-known segment on the show that involved a sort of quiz. She was wearing a two tone beige dress outfit that showed off a ton of leg. The segment was called answers and consequences. It came at the end of the interview. They told her that it was a very popular part of the show called answers and consequences. It was a quick fire quiz. Incorrect answers would result in consequences. The whole thing was being said to her very quickly. She had little time to respond or react. She agreed to take part. Part of the joke of this segment was that it was almost impossible to get the questions right. They were nonsense questions and were also slightly embarrassing ones as well. 

She was really in for it this time. This would be an evening no one would forget any time soon. This team of radio jokers was going to get the last laugh on a lady who was likely to become royalty.
The quiz started off really quickly. It started so quick that Meghan barely could hear the first question. She stumbled and made a stab for a guess, but it was wrong. With that, someone began to spray whipped cream over her from behind. She laughed and waved her hands as someone squeezed whipped cream all over her. It got all over her dark hair, tanned skin and expensive outfit. Before she knew what was happening another question was asked, very quickly. When she was unable to answer, someone took a pie and slammed it into her face. Her mouth fell open as the pie slammed into her face. As she peeled the pie plate off of her face, the next question was asked. It barely gave her enough time to scrape some of the pie away from her eyelashes and nostrils. 

The next question was one about her sex life. “Excuse me. I’m not answering that,” she responded. As she said that, a bucket of green gunge was poured over her head. Her mouth fell open again as green gunge splatted all over her. The net question was a very embarrassing one about bathroom habits. Meghan looked shocked again. Because she didn’t answer quickly enough, thick brown gunge was flung at her. It splatted onto her legs and up her dress and body before more was dumped over her head. 

At this point the pretence of the quiz was all but abandoned. One of the radio presenters did keep asking questions, but things were flung at her before she even had a chance to answer. Beans, mushy peas and custard was flung at her in succession. The whole thing just broke down into fits of hilarity. She was covered in mess from head to toe. At this point, a buzzer sounded. “That signals the end of our little game. Meghan, ya lost,” he said jokingly. “Yeah, I gathered that,” she said. She licked her lips and shook her head. She flung her hands down, throwing sloppy mess onto the floor in the process. 

She look very shocked and annoyed by what had transpired. The radio hosts got quite a lot of mileage from getting a possible future princess totally messy. They would mention it over and over again for years. It got them loads of publicity. Meghan was not thrilled about it, but she could not stop them. It was a very embarrassing moment for her.

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