Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sam Quek gunge girl

Sam Quek gunge girl

Sam Quek was a field hockey player who won a gold medal at the Olympics with her team. The victory did carry with it a bit of a price. Before the Olympics began she was had made a boast that would come back to haunt her. In an effort to fire her teammates up and to provide added motivation, in a locker room speech she blurted out,” And if we win, I will get gunged. I will let you all gunge me.” This aroused a big cheer as it was something everyone would be happy about doing. During the tournament, so much was going on that she almost forgot about what she had said. A lot of things were said in the heat of the moment in locker rooms. When they finally did win the gold, it was pandemonium. Everyone headed back to the locker room continuing the celebration as they went. Everyone was drinking champagne and dancing around. 

Some of her teammates got up and said a few words one at a time. Their speech was excited and jubilant. Sam was a little surprised when one of her teammates blurted out. “We had a great victory. It was amazing. On top of that, right now we get to do something that will be almost as satisfying as taking home the gold. We get to gunge Sam.” Sam laughed. She joked,” Wait a minute, you aren’t going to gold me to that are you?” “Oh you bet, we have the gunge all ready and waiting for you.” She laughed buried her head in her hands. Everyone started to chant,” Gunge, Sam. Gunge Sam.” She was pulled by her hand into the shower area. She had her hair back in a ponytail. She wore her red Team GB field hockey outfit. She was pulled inside and sat on a bench in the showers. She was going to need one after this. Everyone continued to chant. “You know what? It’s fine. It is worth it,” she blurted out. Everyone cheered. 

Under the bench, there were several coolers filled with gunge that were ready and waiting to be used upon Sam. Her sexy athletic behind sat on the bench. Her sexy legs straddled it. Her whole muscular body tensed up in anticipation. Her teammate then shouted,” It’s time for the gunge.” Sam buried her face in her hands as her teammates lifted one of the coolers of gunge into the air. The cooler contained gallons of sloppy pink gunge. Two of her teammates lifted it into the air. It was very heavy from the weight of the gunge. This would be like a Gatorade shower, but on a totally different level.
They raised the cooler in the air as the chants sped up. They looked at one another, smiled and tipped the cooler over. Gunge rained down from the cooler all over Sam. A huge wave fell over her, washing over her. In a split second, she was covered from head to toe in messy pink gunge. It soaked her uniform and covered her hair and face. It was all over her body and it kept flowing. There was tons of it. It was everywhere. The entire shower floor was covered in puddles of it as it dripped down off of the sexy athlete. Sam felt the warm touch of gunge all over her body. Everyone cheered and laughed as she was covered in gunge.

A second cooler was then pulled out. This one contained thick blue gunge. Sam’s hands were still upon her head. She closed her eyes as they tipped the second cooler of gunge out over her. She moaned as the second lot of gunge was dumped unceremoniously all over her. The whole team watched in delight as gunge descended over her body once more. She could do nothing but close her eyes and let the gunge pour all over her. It was splattered everywhere. She could feel the limy mess all over her body. It soaked her uniform and was all over what she had on beneath it as well. She could feel it slithering inside of her clothing. She wiggled her legs. She then ran her hands over her face and forehead, pushing back layer upon layer of gooey mess. She waved her hands, splashing gunge in all directions. She laughed and bowed a little. 

Everyone cheered. “Let’s hear it for Sam,” her teammate shouted. Everyone cheered. Sam just shouted,” We did it girls.” They continued to celebrate. Sam wiped some of the gunge from her body and clothing. She then peeled her uniform off. It clung to her body in all of the gunge now. She was in the right place because she walked right into the showers. She took her hair elastic out and swung her gungy hair around. She then turned the warm water on and began to scrub the gunge for her now naked body. Luckily for her , one or two of her teammates volunteered to assist with this.

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