Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Samantha Ponder fake gunge

This is a fake of Samantha Ponder gunged. She is looking pretty hot.


  1. Please can you do a story where Fith Harmony get revenge on Camila Cabello for leaving the group?

  2. Can you do stories on a few WWE personalities first up Cathy Kelley, then Charly Caruso, also Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, also Liv Morgan, all of them humiliating in some way, also naked humiliating gungings for all of Girls Aloud, the females in Steps, all the Spice Girls, Alesha Dixon, The Sugababes, all of the Saturdays, many thanks

    1. And naked gungings for all the females in S Club 7 along with also naked gungings for Rachel Riley and Susie Dent

  3. Also Olympian Helen Glover naked and humiliating and maybe for missing out on when the rest of the female team got a naked gungings and she missed out so so it in revenge

  4. And one more that annoying woman that advertises sofas for scs as well she deserves something humiliating as well