Sunday, 2 April 2017

Scarlett Moffatt I guess you win

Scarlett Moffatt I guess you win

Scarlett Moffatt was a pretty new celebrity. She was mainly involved in reality shows. She was very happy to be famous and wanted to take every opportunity she could while they were still being presented to her. She made a few not so wise choices as a result of this, agreeing to do some things that she may not have been completely thrilled about doing. She would not refuse anything that came her way. When she was offered a chance to appear on a celebrity panel gameshow that involved mess, she did not even think about turning it down. It was a simple sort of panel gameshow that was very similar to many that were already on the air. This show was slightly different because someone from the losing team was going to be ending up in the gunge tank. Scarlett was not actually opposed to taking a messing. It sounded like it might be a lot of fun to her. She was kind of hoping that her team won though, because there was a male celebrity on the other team that she quite fancied and would have loved to have gunged herself. She was adorable. She was slightly chubby with very cute dimples.  She wore a very cute black and blue dress that had bows and frills. It had no shoulders. She wore heels. 

Before the show, the two flirted. They agreed that one of them would be gunging the other depending on the result of the show. She also would not have mind taking a gunging at his hands that much either. She would prefer to be the one to be doing the dumping though. She teased him that she was going to enjoy dumping mess on him. She thought that he was really quite attractive and wanted to get to dump mess on him. Throughout the show, she was making eyes at him and imaging what it would be like to gunge him. Unfortunately for her, this had the effect of making her lose her focus. 

She was not concentrating on the game enough and it cost her team dearly. Her team fell badly behind and was unable to catch up. When the game was over, she just looked over at the guy on the other team. “I guess you win. That means you get to gunge me then,” she said in a flirty voice.  She walked over to the gunge tank which had been positioned at the side of the stage throughout the show. The door was opened and she took a seat inside. She smiled and stuck her tongue out. “I hope that you are going to enjoy doing this,” she said in a suggestive voice, “Go on, left me have it. Dump all that sloppy gunge all over me,” she said. He looked slightly uncomfortable. It was a little awkward. He probably was not as attracted to her as she was towards him. He took his place at the lever and would get to do the honours. 

Scarlett scrunched up her nose and laughed as she readied herself for what was about to happen to her. The host told the actor to let her have it when he was ready. He looked over at her and waved. She laughed and waved back. He pulled down on the handle that controlled the release mechanism in the tank. Scarlett smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. There was a huge audible gasp as loads of lumpy slimy brown gunge poured down onto her from above. The actor put his hand over his mouth. Even he was shocked at the disgusting consistency of the gunge that plopped down onto the reality celebrity. She let out a squeaky high pitched squeal. Her face and hair were soon coated in layer upon layer of sloppy brown gunge. It looked a bit like the gunge used in the pig game on Wild Things. She giggled as she was showered in sloppy brown mess. Her face and hair were covered. There was gunge all over her large chest. Gunge rolled down her body. She was covered from head to toe in sloppy mess. It covered her almost completely.

Just when everyone thought that the gunge had stopped, it changed into something else. It was thick and lumpy, even more so than the gunge had been. It had various coloured chunks in it as well. From what could be determined, it looked more like pea soup or some sort of stew than anything else. “On my f****** God,” she shouted. The substance looked disgusting as it rained down over the chubby young lady. She closed her eyes as it splattered all over her in all directions. The actor doing the dumping pointed and laughed at her. Eventually, it slowed and then ceased. Scarlett wiped her eyes and laughed. “I am going to get you for that one,” she warned pointing at the actor. She was hoping that something would happen after the show. She stood up and left the tank. She took a bow, still completely covered in layers of disgusting mess.  

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