Sunday, 16 April 2017

Alicia Vikander this is what the Oscars need

Alicia Vikander this is what the Oscars need

Alicia Vikander was slowly becoming more well known in Hollywood. She had already won an Academy Award and had dazzled at the Oscar ceremony. She was a very attractive woman. She was quite funny and down to earth in her own way as well. She had a really sexy voice and smile as well. This year, she was presenting an Academy Award. She looked even more attractive than she did the previous year in a very sexy, low cut black dress. She announced the award in a sexy voice that sounded a lot like Pixie Lott. She was pretty adorable all things considered. She sounded really, really sexy when presenting this award. She was very happy to be there and for the success that she was experiencing. She always seemed as though she was holding back laughter every time she spoke. Unfortunately for her, the end of the night was going to turn into the Kid’s Choice Awards for her. At the end of the night, presenters from Nickelodeon were on hand to interview some of the nominees and presenters. 

The presenters asked to speak with Alicia especially. She agreed to speak with them. She was always someone who had a good sense of humour about themselves and their work. The presenter asked the normal questions that were usually asked about how it felt to be nominated, win and present. Alicia ended up responding that she would have preferred to have won a Kid’s Choice Award in some ways. She was joking, of course. She was then asked how the two awards shows differed and what was better and worse. She replied,” Well the thing that is so much better about your show is all of the slime. The Oscars would be better with a lot more slime. Slime all the losers I say. I have always wanted to be slimed. Slime me,” she joked. “Well,” the male presenter said,” It just so happens that we have the means to do that.” Alicia looked shocked but then began to laugh. “You know what? Ok. Why not?,” she said. She was taken by the arm and led out of the banqueting hall to a gunge tank that lay outdoors. She giggled as she ran to the tank. 

The door was shut behind her. It was the sort of tank where the person inside of it had to stand up while they received their slime. Alicia made a funny look as she was shut in. “I’m going to get a slime shower, I take it,” she quipped. She placed her hands on her waist initially. “Go on then, slime me,” she said, gesturing with one of her hands. She rolled her eyes back and made a funny face. She stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth. A signal was given and then the slime began to pour down over her head. She was like a bronze goddess but now getting splattered with green slime. The slime poured down the top of her head and straight down the front of her face. It then began to pour onto her shoulders at the same time her face was getting covered in slime. Her bare shoulders were soon covered in slimy mess. 

As the slime fell over her, something unexpected happened. Her dress had almost no shoulders. There was very little holding this expensive dress up and Alicia also had very little on underneath it as well. When the slime fell onto her, the combination of the force and the weight of the slime caused the dress push downwards. In an instant, it fell straight to the ground. Alicia reacted and tried to grab it, but was a split second too late and the dress fell to the ground. She quickly covered her bare chest, as she had no bra and only a very skimpy thong on underneath the dress. She looked shocked as she struggled at first to pull her dress up, quickly realising that there was no use in trying. The slime poured all over her sleek, perfectly tanned body. There were no tan lines on her anywhere. She laughed and rolled her eyes. Slime covered her face and rolled down her legs. 

She folded her lips over and made faces. Slime covered her tanned body. She shook her head. “See this is what the Oscars needs. If I get nominated next year, you can slime me again. I promise.” Slime ran all over her body. She was dripping in it from head to toe. “You know what? It feels good. I think I will stay like this for the rest of the evening.” She pulled up her dress, walked back to her table and sat down, still covered in slime. She then took a drink of champagne. “This is what the Oscars need,” she said, jokingly.

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