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WWE Emma to evolution to Gungealina

WWE Emma to evolution to Gungealina

For about 18 weeks, on Raw there were vignettes hyping the transformation of Emma to Emmalina. When the day came for Emmalina to debut, Emma came out and said that it was now time for the evolution of Emmalina back to Emma. This was a really odd chain of events. There were rumours of why this happened. The bottom line though was that it was a mess of misfire. Anyway that you looked at it, it was not a good thing. It was either a really bad job of planning by the creative team or just a really badly designed story. At any rate, it was a bit of an annoying thing that took place. One thing that was for sure though was the fact that Emma was looking incredibly hot. The whole storyline perplexed and annoyed her co-workers as well as fans. Her fellow female wrestlers decided that they would get their own back on her. Of course, she had little to nothing to do with the creation of the storyline. In fact, she was not very happy about it herself, but she had to go along with things, as every WWE superstar had to if they did not want their career to disappear. 

Some of the wrestlers and the writers decided to create a segment where the whole thing was discussed. It would be Emma taking the blame for it though. She was a heel at this time so she would be the person to take all of the punishment. The segment started with Emma and some of the other women in the ring. The main ones involved were Dana Brooke, Charlotte and Sasha Banks. It all began with an argument between everyone, as many of the segments typically did. During the segment Emma began to talk a bit about herself and her evolution. Sasha then butted in. “I don’t even know what all that was about. You had your evolution from Emma to Emmalina and back again. What was that? No one gets it. You know what though? I think it is time for you to undergo another evolution. That’s right. This time it should be the evolution of Emma to Gungealina.” Emma was wearing a very small dark blue upvc type of bra and hot pants. “And what does that mean?,” she asked in a condescending heel tone of voice. 

Sasha popped outside the ring and grabbed something from beneath it. It was a slop bucket. “That’s right, Gungealina.” She lifted up the bucket and tipped it over the Australian blonde’s head. Yellowy gunge, almost like custard in appearance, fell from the bucket and poured down onto her head and down her lovely body. Her jaw dropped. The gunge fell about her body, cascading over the curves and muscles of her body. She screamed,” Noooooo!” and pouted a bit. It was thick and sloppy. Her head was coated in it and it rolled down her body. She stomped her feet and shouted again. Everyone pointed and laughed at her. Sasha then slid out of the ring again.

She grabbed a creamy pie from beneath the ring and handed it to Dana Brooke. Dana had been her partner previously. She took the massive creamy pie in her hands and marched towards Emma. She then slammed the pie into her friend’s face with both hands. She smushed the pie into Emma’s face. She did not even need to use much force because the pie was so thick and so creamy. Her face was instantly encased in creamy pie. It looked to be a banana cream type of pie, with a layer of banana pudding and banana slices, covered in thick whipped cream. One thing was certain, Emma’s face was now completely covered in it. It really suited her as well. Her facial features looked really good coated in creamy pie. Pie was all over every groove and crevice in her face. Globs of pie dropped from her face. 

Sasha then passed Charlotte two squeeze bottle containing chocolate and caramel sauce. She smiled as she took them in her hands. She held them above Emma’s head and began to squeeze them onto her head. Emma shook her head and shouted. “You can’t do this to me,” she yelled. Charlotte laughed as she poured the sticky, sloppy dark and light brown sundae toppings all over Emma. She moved them around, dispersing the sauces all over Emma. She screamed,” Nooooo!,” again as the audience cheered. Charlotte had a big smile beaming across her face. She looked decidedly sardonic. She sprayed Emma’s chest and lower body in the toppings. Some dripped from her nose and chin.  Emma was no covered in mess.

Sasha jumped back in the ring. “Look, now your evolution is complete. Now you are Gungealina.” Emma glared at her. “I am not Gungealina!,” she shouted. The crowd began to chant, “Gungealina.” “You all be quiet. I am not Gungealina.” Sasha spurred the crowd on. Emma stomped her feet. She fell over on her bottom. She continued to pout and scream as the others waved bye to her. She was left in the ring humiliated. Michael Cole quipped,” We have just seen the transformation of Emma to Gungealina.”

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