Sunday, 30 April 2017

Brie Larson King Kong Slime Island

Brie Larson King Kong Slime Island

Brie Larson was awarded with the role in King Kong: Skull Island not so much for her acting ability as for her distinctive chest. It really was the breakout star of the film. Her breasts should have each received a pay cheque for the role that they played in the film. They were one of the most dazzling and captivating parts of the film beyond any shadow of a doubt. The majority of the second half of the film saw Brie wearing a white tank top. She did not have a bra on underneath it. 

She looked so good that they decided to add in some extra bonus scenes at the end of the shooting. There were a series of scenes in the film where Brie and her co-stars were hiking through jungle conditions. In these scenes, she got dirtier as they wore on. This was a part of the film anyway. First, she had to wade through a river. This soaked her clothing, up to her shoulder blades. Her tank top became soaked and appeared all but see through. Her nipples were fully visible through the soaked material of the tank top. Next, she had to crawl through mud and dirt. It splattered all over her as she crawled through the jungle and had to hide from monsters on the muddy ground. Soon she was covered in a combination of sweat, mud and dirt all over her body. She looked filthy now. Her hair was dirty as well. 

Now it was time for some extra scenes that would not make it into the movie. The next scene, she was seen looking in one direction and then quickly turning in the other. She wasn’t looking where she was going and, a s a result, fell over and into a gigantic pile of what appeared to be manure. It was thick and gloppy, when she fell into it, her entire body submerged in it, making a shape of her body in the muck. She was completely covered. She ended up face down in the manure. Her entire body was flat in it, laid on her stomach. The mound was enormous. It was about four feet tall. It was meant to look like giant monster manure. The others with her struggled not to laugh, but her male lead co-star, helped her to her feet. They then headed forward.

Next they head through a bit of the forest that was home lots of slimy creatures. The leaves on the trees dripped with a sticky, sloppy viscous green substance. Everyone tiptoed through as not to awaken any slimy monsters. Brie’s character, unfortunately, slipped on some slimy leaves and slid down a small incline. She slid on her behind down a small hill and into a puddle of slimy green mess. She landed with a splash. It was not very deep, but it was slimy enough. She ended up sat up to her waist in thick slimy gunge like liquid. Her hair was soaked in it. She was told that she had better get up as they did not want to disturb whatever creature made this substance. She was covered in it. Her khaki trousers and tank top were completely soaked in the slimy substance. 

In the next scene, she was seen after getting cleaned up slightly, but she was dirty and dishevelled. They now walked into an empty clearing. All was quiet at first, but all of a sudden there were sounds from up above. They started in faint and distant, but began to get closer and louder. Something was approaching from the air. They all tried to run to get somewhere where they were not out in the open. As whatever was approaching got closer, the noises increased. They were unable to get themselves clear. A massive flying creature then flew directly above them at some speed. As it flew by them, another noise was heard from above. As Brie’s character looked up, a large amount of sloppy white mess plopped down directly over her head. The intimation being that she was doused in giant bird mess. She closed her eyes and sighed. She was covered in sloppy white mess. She tried not to scream. 

By this point she was covered completely in various messes from the jungle. The next scene was a night scene. In it, she stripped off and bathed herself with her hands in a warm waterfall. She sensually scrubbed the dirt and mess from her sexy body and washed her hair. All the time, her male counterpart stood by in the distant and watched as the sexy woman scrubbed her sexy bare legs and huge breasts in the warm natural waterfall. It looked natural and right. 

As it turned out for Brie, the entire sequence had been a prank and none of it made the final cut of the film. She did not know whether to be relieved or annoyed. After all, she had gone through all of that for the film and it ended up on the cutting room floor.


  1. Such a good story love the movie theme

  2. That was a really awesome idea to use deleted scenes in this story, great work!

  3. Awesome and original idea, well written and executed. Would you consider doing one like this based on Evangeline Lilly from Lost having somehow managed to evade getting messy all throughout the series, finally falling victim to a "mudslide" from show rival Elizabeth Mitchell who wrestles her down face up in the goo before straddling her body, letting mud "waterfall" over herself and letting it cascade over her body onto Evangeline's (agape) features, before planting her disgusting muddy butt right on her perfect face while Evangeline freaks out?