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Fiona Wade a short story

Fiona Wade a short story

Fiona Wade was one of the sexier actresses on Emmerdale. She was slim and olive skinned. She was sexy to the core. Her body was like a work of art in its sexy perfection. She was a prime candidate when ITV2 created a new adult themed celebrity show for Saturday nights. It was similar to Celebrity Juice in many ways. She agreed to appear on the show. She was actually a bit surprised she was chosen, as she was only a minor star.

Fiona wore one of her sexiest tightest dresses on the show, emphasizing her amazing legs and breasts as much as she possibly could. She just oozed sexuality. The show consisted of many segments, most comedic. Many were low brow, sexual or bathroom humour.  There were a few off colour references made to Fiona’s sexuality during the show. There were silly segments where she was enticed to possibly snog one of the other female celebrities. She just laughed it off, although, others would probably have been pretty offended.

Finally, towards the end of the show, the part of the show arrived that was going to lead to mess for someone. Fiona was set up in a gunge tank alongside one of the male celebrities in an adjacent tank. The two were asked questions about Indian culture. In the gunge tanks was piles of chicken tikka masala. Not the very good deep red kind either, the cheap, store bought orange kind. Someone was going to get curried. Fiona did not want it to be her. She looked very embarrassed.

Unfortunately for her, She knew next to nothing about Indian culture and did not manage to get any questions correct. In fact it became hilarious how rubbish she was. As the quiz went on, it became more and more funny. Her answers got more ridiculously wrong as she went. At one point she just said,” You might as well just get it over with and dump that crap on me now.” She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. It was clear that she was going to be the one who would be ending up covered in creamy curry.

When the game was over the host joked with her. “Well,, Fiona, this may shock you, but you lost.” “No, really, I had no idea,” she joked. She laughed, knowing what was coming to her. She took a deep breath. She looked down as she awaited the curry to fall.

“Here we go,” the host said,” Fiona Wade, time to get curried.” He pulled the release cord and released the curry down onto her. A loud, collective audible gasp filled the air as the chicken tikka masala fell from above and landed on the sexy soap actress’ head. She cringed as globs of the sloppy mess slowly plopped onto her head and face. At first, it was slow moving large blobs, before descending into a wave of orange mess. All she could do was shake her head and laugh. She stroked her knees as the mess descended from above. It poured down over her face and then down her shoulders. It soon covered the top of her head and poured down her hair. It was greasy and sloppy at the same time. The audience and other celebrities roared in laughter at what they were witnessing. 

She made a funny face and flicked some of the mess away as the curry continued dumping all over her. The thick orange mess fell all over her. Some landing on her lap and on her breasts. It slathered her hair and face. The male celebrity who was sitting opposite her was loving every second of this, especially.  She wiggled her fingers around. She looked up at him, pointed and told him to shut up. She was really taking this with good humour.

Tikka masala rolled down her face. The meaty bits fell into her lap and between her breasts. The sauce stuck everywhere. She rubbed her arms and laughed. “Well this is embarrassing,” she quipped. She waved and licked her teeth. Sauce slathered her face and hair. She stood up and let the meat fall from her body onto the floor of the tank. She was allowed out of the tank.

The messing was shown in slow motion replay a few times. Fiona was left to get on with the remainder of the show in the state that she was in. She was given only a towel to clean herself up slightly. She acted as though nothing was amiss.

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  1. Can we have the lovely Diane Kruger pied and gunged up?