Sunday, 2 August 2015

Pixie Lott a happy return

Pixie Lott a happy return

Pixie Lott had been on Let Her Have It before. She was one of the more popular guests. Also, she had volunteered to go on the show. She wanted to be on it quite badly. She had wanted to get messy and actually requested to go to the giant flush. She loved the experience. To her, it was one of the hottest moments of her life. She had enjoyed it so much that she contacted the show again, expressing her desire to get messed again. It took a while because the show had many other celebrities to mess as well, but eventually, she got the call that she was waiting for and she was told that she may appear again. She and the show would have to think of an idea to up the ante this time, however. Pixie was up for anything, the messier, the more embarrassing the better. 

Pixie wore a short dress that was red and white. She looked slightly different than she did the last time that she was on the show. She now had short blonde hair opposed to long blonde hair. She looked slightly slimmer and a bit more mature. Which look was sexier was a matter of opinion, because she looked amazing both ways.  It had been awhile since her previous appearance on the show and she had been imagining going back for a very long time. The time had finally arrived.

Mr. G. began the show with a special introduction for her. “Today we welcome back one of our all-time favourite guests her on Let Her Have it. She is the first guest we have ever have to return back to the show. No one has ever appeared on the show twice, so this is a very special occasion. Please give a warm round of applause for the one and only Miss Pixie Lott.” Pixie walked in with a coy, slightly shy, slightly embarrassed smile. She waived as she entered. She walked to Mr. G. and shook his hand. She then gave him a warm hug. He then invited her to join him on the couches. 

“So, Pixie, welcome back. It is so good to see you again,” he said. “Gosh, thanks, I am so happy to be here.” “You just couldn’t stay away could you?,” he joked. “Of course not,” she replied,” I enjoyed the whole experience so much the first time, I just had to come back and do it again. It was amazing. I loved it,” she said. “Can you remind us of what happened on your last visit, in case anyone missed it.” “Well,” she blushed,” I went to the giant flush. The….the big toilet and got flushed upon,” she said giggling like a school girl. “It was so much fun. I loved every minute of it honestly.” “And now you are back for more. You must be a glutton for punishment.” “I must be, but I am ready for it,” she jovially replied. 

“Ok Miss Pixie Lott, we thought, how can we possibly top last time. We wouldn’t want to disappoint you, after all. We think we have come up with something special for you. You will be getting messy, of course, but you will also be getting,” he paused for a moment,” Naked.” Pixie’s mouth fell open. She laughed and blushed. “Naked?, Take my clothes off? For you, Mr. G., anything,” she responded. She wiggled her head and stuck out her tongue. 

She then stood up and unzipped her outfit from behind. She pulled it down her body to her ankles and then lifted her legs, stepping out of it. She then tossed it to the side. It landed on the couch. She was now wearing only lacy pink underwear. She reached back and unhooked her bra She pulled her arms through and removed the bra. She flung it aside too. She then reached down and lowered her knickers. They made their way down her legs, past her knees and down to the ground. She lifted one leg and removed them. She tossed those aside too. She now stood naked on the stage. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “Ta da,” she said,” I hope you enjoy the view,” she told Mr. G.. 

And what a view it was. She was thin but tanned. She was not too toned but quite tight. Her vagina was waxed completely hairless. This enhanced the view of the protruding folds of her pussy lips. She was moist already. Her behind was tight. She had small but perky little breasts. She was gawky and a little awkward, swinging her arms. She was very playful. She displayed a mixture of embarrassment, awkwardness and pleasure. “Do you like my body?,” she teased,” Don’t I look cute?” She made an adorable look, crinkling up her nose. “Sorry Mum and Dad,” she said. She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. “I am so ready for that mess now,” she said. “Ok, then, here we go,” Mr. G. said. He led her to the back of the stage where a different sort of seat sat. This seat was a massive chair, similar to the pie wash. It actually was a variation of the concept.

Mr. G. explained that it was like the pie wash, but instead of only containing pie filling, it also released custard, fruit salad, chocolate syrup, strawberry puree, toffee, chocolate mouse and applesauce onto the unlucky person who sat in its seat. It revolved and was scientifically designed to perfectly cover the victim from head to toe in the mess. As Pixie was naked, her body would be covered in the pudding directly. “I will be good enough to eat,” Pixie said, “Pun intended.”
Pixie willingly climbed into the seat. Her wrists were strapped and she was buckled in, not so she couldn’t get away, but to keep her safe. Mr. G. buckled her in. “Ok Pixie Lott, have a good trip,” he said. She waived and said,” Wish me luck. She looked genuinely excited to be there. Mr. G. then moved away and said,” Away you go.”

The chair began to spin. Pixie let out an excited giggle as she began to spin. The first wave of mess was like the pie wash, streams of creamy pie filling poured onto her, forming thick lines crossing her body as she twirled around. It really looked delicious. Fruit salad then poured down from overhead, most of it landing in her lap and on her head. Custard then began to pour out in streams, crossing her face, chest and legs. Chocolate syrup then followed. It flew out in spurts and lines. The chocolate sauce staining her blonde hair. The custard then started again. It poured down her calves and feet as the chocolate sprayed her face and neck. Strawberry puree then flew onto her breasts and across her lap. Toffee sauce then began to spray her in the face and then down her front and onto her thighs. Applesauce dumped onto her back and then the front of her legs. Chocolate mousse then poured in an irregular crossing pattern across her face. More connected with her knees and the sides of her legs. Finally the machine came to a halt and the chair stopped rotating. 

Pixie game two thumbs up and let out an excited cheer. She was covered from head to toe in delicious puddings. Even her feet were covered. Her face a puzzle of browns. Mr. G. approached her. “That was fabulous Pixie, how did you enjoy that?,” he asked. “You never let me down. That was amazing and totally delicious. You are so sweet. A girl could get used to this. I am so happy I came back. We will have to do this more often.” He shook her hands and unstrapped her. She then jumped out of the seat and into his arms. They both fell onto the floor, her messy body against his. Everyone roared with laughter.

Mr. G. then said the goodbyes from there. “Thanks to you all for watching. We will see you again soon.” Pixie then waived and spoke,” Bye guys. Thanks for watching,” she said.


  1. brilliant story

    can you please do one with Rita ora where instead of offering a refund she lets some off her own fan base get their own back on her after she had to cancel a gig at a festival at the very last minute as she was out partying the night before

    so a few of her fans take her up on her offer and invite her to their home where they give Rita a messy experience she will never forget. for this story can you in could Rita being into wet and messy female fans only and Rita naked thanks

  2. Thanks for doing my request I loved it

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    1. And make it humiliating for the loser they get gunged by there ban mates naked

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