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Team Bella gets dominated

Team Bella gets dominated

Team Bella had been running amuck in the WWE for months. The three of them had been cheating to stay on top for months on end. They had been taking opportunities away from the other females in the company. They got to where they were, not based on talent, but based on certain connections that they had. Nikki Bella remained he divas champion for months on end. It was pretty clear that she was undeserving of the championship. The other divas finally had enough and set out to get revenge on the three of them. They finally teamed up and were going to exact revenge upon them.

Alicia Fox along with Brie and Nikki Bella were in the ring doing a promo, like so many others. They were talking crap about being “the dominant divas” in the WWE. They spewed their arrogance, antagonising everyone in the process. Team Paige came to the ring and confronted team Bella. The two teams argued back and forth. Team Paige said that they were sick of the situation and this would be the end. Nikki Bella said that she was still champion and would be for the foreseeable future.  Team Bella tried to push team Paige backwards and they pushed back. Team Bella then turned around to exit.

When they turned around, however, team BAD confronted them. They pushed them and shouted back and forth. Team Bella were stuck in the middle.  They turned one way and then the next. When they turned their back on team BAD, Sasha, Tamina and Naomi grabbed them and instantly locked them in submission manuvours. They stretched them out, locking them in, torturing them. They squealed and squirmed. Rather than stepping in, team Paige just stood back and watched it happen. Embarrassingly, the three women simultaneously tapped. Unfortunately for them, this was not the end.

Team Paige came over as Team BAD released Team Bella. The six women then grabbed team Bella. They began to tear the clothing off of them. The Bellas and Alicia’s face flashed in shock. The ladies ripped their clothes off their bodies, wildly. They held up the ripped shreds of their Brie Mode and Fearless t shirts. This was a long time coming. They mocked Team Bella as they tore their gear off of their bodies. Everyone whistled and cheered. Team Paige produced three sets of handcuffs. They pulled Team Bella to the ropes and forcefully handcuffed them to the ropes. The three were left in only their wrestling boots. There was no way for them to cover up. They looked back and forth at one another with blind panic.

In the meantime, Team BAD produced some gunge buckets from beneath the ring apron.  “Oh yeah, we got something for them alright,” Naomi said. They brought the buckets into the ring and took them over to Team Bella. Nikki as the leader begged them too stop. “No please, ladies, you do not want to do this,” she pleaded. The embarrassed divas all begged. Team BAD then approached. They came up to their faces. “You deserve this. You have gotten away with too much for too long.” Team BAD then angrily grabbed the buckets and began to pour their contents over their three naked rivals. 

The buckets were filled with different coloured gunge. Nikki’s was bright blue, Brie’s was yellow and Alicia’s was green. The crowd roared with laughter as the three vein women slowly got thick gunge poured all over their bodies. Nikki screamed in anger, Brie pouted and the look of disgust and repulsion on Alicia’s face was priceless. Alicia stuck her tongue out. The three gave over the top, grossed out responses in line with their superficial entitled character’s personalities.  They screamed things like,” I can’t believe this”, “This is gross”, “This is so embarrassing”. They also threatened to get revenge. The other divas had suffered both on screen and backstage because of these girls for a very long time. They really did deserve everything that they were getting. The gunge was all over their sexy athletic bodies. This was as embarrassing as it could possibly get. It stung doubly as much because it was happening in front of the audience. The Bellas felt that they were above the fans. They thought of the fans as losers. They also thought of themselves as better than the other divas. They were more interested in being on television and on the red carpet then they ever could be in wrestling. They thought that they were the top of the divas division because Nikki was the champion. She won the title in match that last five seconds. Her sister kissed the competitor and she was pinned straight away. Nikki had only managed to keep the title by cheating and getting herself disqualified. She was deluded. In her mind she was the greatest champion ever, but in reality she was one of the worst ever. A lot of the reason she was champion in the first place was because of who her boyfriend was and as a way of building plotlines on Total Divas.  Everyone knew it. Everyone knew that she didn’t deserve to be where she was. 

The three women kicked their legs and squirmed as the gunge poured over their muscular bodies. Team Paige and Team BAD then changed positions. Paige’s team now got the chance to gunge their rivals. Paige looked Nikki deep in the eyes. “I want you to never forget this. This is for all of the freaks and geeks out there. All the people who you believe that you are better than. You deserve this. This is going to be sweet,” Paige told Nikki. All Nikki could respond with was, ”Whatever.” The girls began to pour more gunge onto Team Bella. This time Nikki got red, Brie got orange and Alicia got pink.  Nikki shouted,” I am the Divas champion. I am the dominant diva.” “You don’t look so dominant now,” Naomi spat back at her. The ladies squirmed as the gunge was slowly poured over them from head to toe. 

When the gunge had stopped, Team BAD produced three creamy pies. They approached Team Bella slowly. They sauntered over, taking their time. They took great pleasure in taunting team Bella. They displayed the pies for the WWE Universe to see. They straddled their rivals, leaned back and thrust the pies into their faces as hard as they possibly could. They forcefully twisted the pies around in their faces. Team Paige applauded. Team Bella gasped for breath as their rivals pulled away. Their faces covered in masks of cream pie that extended down to their large chests. Team BAD bowed and high fived Team Paige.  They then placed the remains of the Brie Mode and Fearless t-shirts across the turnbuckles. The cameras took in the scene. The women handcuffed, naked and covered in mess and their t-shirts draped on the turnbuckle like flags, adding to the humiliation. 

The two teams spoke together, seemingly, debating what to do with Team Bella. Paige then said, “Nah, let’s just leave them here.” The two teams then exited, leaving Team Bella cuffed to the ring ropes. For most of the rest of the show, the matches had to work around them as the ring crew worked to free them from the cuffs that bound them. Photos of the event were posted online with the tag, “Team Bella gets dominated.”

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