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Tilly Keeper the brat

Tilly Keeper the brat

Tilly Keeper played Louise Mitchell on Eastenders. On the show she became very overbearing. She was totally obnoxious and carried out gunge attacks upon people that she did not like all across Albert Square. She found it to be hilarious. She felt that only losers got messy. She thought that she was far superior and way too smart for anything like that to ever happen to her. She was really mouthy and braggadocios about the whole thing. She was brazen about it. She was in her own world. 

She was seen as a mouthy little madam. Unfortunately for her, she took things a bit too far and it backfired on her. People got really sick of her and her shenanigans. They banded together and decided that it was time that they all taught her a lesson. Everyone was in agreement that she really needed it. She deserved it for sure. She played a school girl on the show, but, in reality, was nearly twenty years of age.  She never believed that anyone would have the guts to stand up to her or to get their own back upon her. She always played the sweet and innocent card, but she was a mischievous, mean spirited, little cow, in reality. Truth be told, her fellow actors could not stand her. 

The whole cast decided that they needed to get her back for all of the things that she had done. They decided to carry out their revenge while she was shooting a scene in the café, mouthing off to one of the other younger women on the show. She had no idea what was going to occur. She was completely oblivious to what they were planning. She was a grown woman, but wore a schoolgirl outfit in the scene, as she played a much younger character to her actual age. It was a little odd, because she did not look particularly young. Still, the outfit suited her. Because her character was a bit on the slutty side, she made modifications to the outfit. It looked like it was two sizes too small. The skirt was short and very tight. The skirt was synched up and tied at the belly button. In the scene, she was being a mouthy little witch to someone, threatening to humiliate them in one way or another. Behind the camera, everyone was readying themselves too give her exactly what she deserved. 

Tilly was acting out the scene, being as obnoxious and mouthy as she could to the girl sat across from her. The two were sat across from each other at a table in the café. Tilly’s character insulted the other young lady. The scene was written originally for the other girl to stand up and storm off in an annoyed rage. Instead, there was a bowl of alphabet soup sitting in front of her. The girl stood up as Tilly expected. Instead of storming off though, as she was meant to, she lifted up the bowl of alphabet spaghetti. She then dumped it over Tilly’s head. Tilly was aghast. She had no clue that this was about to happen. The orangey red soup rolled down her face, blonde hair and thin white shirt. Spaghetti alphabet letters covered her face. They rolled down her shoulders and down her top. It splattered all over her. She looked annoyed and furious. “What the..,” she started to complain, but was never given the chance. 

The young lady then reached down to a jacket potato that was covered in mounds of tuna fish, beans and cheese that was sat in front of Telly. It was meant to be her lunch. She took it in her hands then pushed it down onto the top of Tilly’s head. The mound of sloppy mess sat on the top of her head and oozed down the front and sides of her face. The girl squished it around in Tilly’s face, before returning the jacket to the top of her head, draping the remains of it on top of her head. Tilly seethed in anger and embarrassment. “OMG, WTF,” she shouted in her most chavy of accents.

At this point, more of the cast came in. They were there to ensure that Tilly would not run off and to dump even more messy things over her head. One of the other young women, who played closely with Tilly and who was the butt of her jokes at times for being shy was next to have their chance. It was the young woman who played Abby Branning. She was handed jars of tartar sauce that were meant to be used on fish and chips. The lids were unscrewed. She looked down at Tilly. She thought to herself how satisfying this was going to be. She held the jars over Tilly’s head and began to shake them vehemently. Thick white tartare sauce thick with undisclosed green blobs fell from the jars and landed on Tilly’s head, skirt and lap. Tilly screamed, “You absolute geek. You must be a total freak to enjoy this.” The actress did not pay attention to Tilly. After all, this was one of the reasons that this was happening to her in the first place. The white sauce smeared over her skirt and legs. There was even some that got all over her shoes. 

Next to come was a young man who played someone who was Tilly’s character’s love interest on the show. He had also been the victim of her childish pranks. Even her character did things to his character that humiliated him. It was now her turn to get humiliated. He was handed a few cans of mushy peas. He held them over her head and turned them over. He then began to shake them over her head. Thick, sloppy green mess dumped from the can. Tilly closed her eyes as mushy peas rolled down over her face and down her body. “OMG, it smells minging,” she exclaimed in disgust. She shivered and recoiled comically. She held her hands out in front of her and stuck her tongue out as if she was about to pretend that she was about to gag. The green mess stained her already destroyed clothing green in areas. Her shirt had gone almost see through by this point.

Finally the man who played Phil Mitchell, her television father was going to get to have his turn. He looked down at the young woman who played his daughter and said, in his famous raspy voice,” Tilly, unfortunately, you really deserve this. You have been taking the piss for a long time. We planned this to teach you a lesson.” He then took a giant container of disgusting baked beans and tipped it over her head. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and puffed up her cheeks as a wave of baked beans fell down all over her from above. She tightened her shoulders as they fell all over her. Her hair and clothes were covered in sloppy beans juice. Beans stuck everywhere on her body. She stomped her feet and screamed. 

She then stood up and stomped off in anger. “I will get you all for this. You will regret this. I can promise you that,” she threatened. In the meantime, everyone else was celebrating what they had just done. The cameras had been kept rolling. They decided to keep bits of it in the show, in the end.

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