Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ashlee Simpson Jessica’s revenge

Ashlee Simpson Jessica’s revenge

Ashlee Simpson was a bit of a whiny brat. She was also very jealous of her older sister Jessica. This was really quite unwarranted. Jessica was only slightly more famous than Ashlee was and Jessica had actually supported Ashlee quite heavily in getting her career started. Ashlee always felt that Jessica was a spotlight hog. Ashlee had taken the opportunity to mess her older sister in front of the whole world. She has loved every minute of it. Afterwards, she told everyone that she knew about it. She posted the pictures everywhere she could think of. She would watch the video back over and over again and would get immense pleasure from it. At first Jessica let this all slide. She figured that she would let her sister have her moment. Unfortunately, Ashlee would not stop teasing Jessica about it every opportunity that she had. She even put a photo of her messing her sister out on the mantel anytime she visited. She would not let her forget about it. She took it a bit too far. One day, Jessica decided that she was sick of this. She had enough of Ashlee and it was time that she got her revenge. 

The two appeared on a tv show together where they were promoting a project that they were doing together. Funnily enough Ashlee had asked them to roll the footage of the time she messed her sister up. Ashlee wore a silver and black dress which was a bit lacy at the bottom and a bit striped in the centre. The show played the clip. Ashlee laughed and said that it was the greatest thing that had ever happened. She had never enjoyed anything so much in her life. “Well,” the host chimed in,” We are aware how much you enjoyed doing that to your sister.” “Yeah, she won’t shut up about it,” Jessica said. “We have heard that you constantly are lording it over your big sister.” “Yeah, of course, who wouldn’t? She has always been the one in the spotlight. I have always been second best. That was my one chance to finally come out on top and show her that I am just as good as she is.” “Well, we feel that you have been rubbing it in just a little bit too much. We feel that you have taken things too far and guess what? I think today is the day that Jessica is going to get her revenge.” Ashlee’s mouth fell open in shock. “What? Oh no. You can’t do this. You can’t let her win again. What about me? I deserved to do that to her. I don’t deserve this. She will never let me live it down.”

Jessica smiled and clapped. She had a smug, satisfied look upon her face. Ashlee was dragged to the hot seat. She was sat in it and strapped down as she protested. “You should know by now that I always come out on top, Ashlee. I am a winner. Anyway, it is all in your head. I was never mean to you. I never stole your spotlight. You are just a whiny brat. Now it is your turn to get messy. You really, really deserve this.” “No, you can’t do this. I had won for once. You can’t do this to me,” she pouted and whined. “Please Jessica. Don’t do this to me. Let me have this one thing just for once. You are always coming out on top.” Jessica crossed her arms and shook her head. Jessica had reached her limit. Ashlee had pushed her just a little bit too far. 

“Well, I think it is obvious that Ashlee really, really deserves this. It is very clear who the real star is and who the jealous one is,” the host said. The host was an old friend of Jessica’s as well, so her sympathy lay with the older of the Simpsons. Jessica was then escorted to her position. The set up was that Ashlee was sat in a very special seat. It looked like a cross between a throne and the pie pod. Off to one side was a set of stairs. Jessica would be able to climb these and ascend to a platform a small distance above her sister’s head. This would allow her the perfect angle to be able to aim and pour things over Ashlee. 

Ashlee shook her head, pouted and whined. She squirmed and shook. “No, please, you can’t,” she begged. Jessica was not really laughing or anything she just had a serious look upon her face. She really wanted to do this. She started with a bucket filled with rice pudding. It was very thick, very lumpy and very sloppy. The host then chimed in again,” Ashlee, you could not leave well enough alone. You had to take it too far and now it is your turn. I think everyone would agree that you deserve this. Jessica, when you are ready, you may dump away on your little sisters.” Jessica looked down. Ashlee looked up at her. She began to tip the bucket gently forward. The sloppy rice pudding slowly slid down from the bucket and slithered its way downward. As it fell down through the air towards Ashlee, she looked up. She shrieked as it plummeted down onto her head. She quickly leaned forward and shut her eyes as the sloppy mess poured down over her face. Jessica smiled as she enjoyed gently moving the bucket backwards and forwards, slopping her sister. She was able to direct the rice pudding so it fell all over Ashlee. Ashlee shrieked and squirmed. There was no give for her. She could only sit there as rice pudding rained down on her.

The host then said,” You know what goes great with rice pudding? Deli mustard.” Everyone laughed, except Ashlee of course. Jessica smiled as she was given a massive container of the brown Dijon style mustard. She held it aloft and began to squeeze it onto Ashlee. It fell and plopped through the air. It landed, initially on top of her head and on her fringe. It squired in tightly coiled lines all over her head. It then fell down onto her face and neck. More fell onto her shoulders and chest. “This feels gross,” she squealed. “It smells so bad,” she said. Dijon mustard dripped down her forehead, nose and cheeks. Jessica then moved the container around, spraying it all over Ashlee’s body. 

Jessica was enjoying making this as embarrassing as possible for Ashlee. After all, she had been humiliated by her and was then teased about it for ages afterwards. Next to come was a huge bucket of tuna salad. It was the sort that was filled with mayonnaise and sweetcorn as well. It was chunky and smells decidedly fishy. Jessica was going to really enjoy doing this. She looked down and laughed. When she tipped the bucket, the mess would not fall out initially. It was so thick that it stuck in place at first. She had to shake it about and hit the sides and bottom to dislodge the tuna salad. When it finally loosened, it fell but not in bits, but in a few gigantic lumps. They fell quickly downwards. One landed directly on Ashlee’s head. Another landed in her lap. Her entire head was covered in it. All she could do was close her eyes and shake her head. This caused the glob to fall apart slightly, breaking into smaller blobs that fell all over her. She coughed and gagged. It really did smell awful.

Finally Jessica was given of bucket of honest to goodness Texas chilli. It was filled with ground meat, kidney beans, tomatoes and onions. Jessica smiled. Ashlee was going to really get it now. The chilli was equal parts thick and sloppy. It was heavy, yet messy at the same time. Ashlee grimaced as Jessica lifted and tipped the chilli down over her. She grimaced and closed her eyes. This was a shot that would be replayed over and over again in slow motion. A torrent of chilli rained down on the slim Simpson. It covered her head and body. For a moment, she disappeared behind the curtain of falling chilli completely. Because of the texture, It stuck everywhere on her. It soaked her clothes. It was all over her face and hair. Beef and beans covered her. Jessica pointed at her and laughed. She took a bow.

Ashlee swung her head. She frowned and pouted. Chilli still dripped down her face, from her chin and nose. “Well, today it was Ashlee’s turn to get messed by her sister. I am sure that these pictures will do the rounds as well. Let this be a lesson. Be humble. Quit while you are ahead,” the host said. The bratty Ashlee screamed,” This is not over. I will get you for this. Why am I always the loser? Why do you always get one over on me? When will it be my turn?,” she pouted.


  1. Can I request a couple more stories please can I have Laura Robson and Johanna Konta totally humiliated after losing a tennis match, they start off in there tennis gear before ending up naked, and a f1 gunge vote between sky f1 (natalie Pinkham and Rachel brooks) against channel 4 f1 (lee mcsenzie and suzie Wolff) again the losers start clothed and end up naked and then the losers of the vote exact revenge at the next race where the winners start clothed and up naked and preferably they are all wearing dresses or skirts

  2. Great job with the request, thanks! Really good stuff.

  3. Could you do another story based on ashlee getting her back this time double this! i loved seeing jessica messy