Saturday, 25 February 2017

Natalie Casey short story

Natalie Casey short story

Natalie Casey was an extremely annoying human being. She was annoying in almost every way. This shown through in most of her performances. She could get on anyone’s nerves, no matter how patient they were. She was pretty arrogant as well. This caused her to do well in obnoxious juvenile comedy roles on television. It rubbed quite a few people the wrong way though. It was not annoying in an endearing way either. Most people loathed her. She was not an easy person to be around. She was the sort of person who that she was funny, but really was not. Most of her jokes were at the expense of other people. She was working on the sometimes lousy sitcom, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. It was a pretty immature cast, but she was too obnoxious even for them to stand. One day, the cast decided that they had enough of her and were going to get their own back upon her once and for all. They decided that they were going to take out their frustrations by dumping mess all over her.
They decided that they would ambush her right before she was shooting a scene sat on the couch. 

Most of the scenes in the show seemed to be filmed on this set. This was not an elaborate or well-planned venture. They literally were just going to run at her and dump stuff over her. They all grabbed various items. They waited until she was alone on the couch. It was a scene in an episode where her character was embracing being a nudist. She was not wearing anything. (Yes, I know, she was almost certainly never actually naked shooting these scenes in real life, but let’s pretend she actually was for this story.) She was not expecting anything to happen. She was taken completely off guard when her fellow cast members came running full speed in her direction.

They began to dump things over her. They hurled various items as well as insults at her. They told her that she deserved this. The first wave included tuna fish, spaghetti, ketchup and coleslaw as well as rotten eggs. She screamed and shouted in her most annoying voice,” Oi, stop it, what are you doing?,” she moaned. She was instantly covered in a ton of mess. Her curly hair was now strewn in sloppy mess. Mess was all over her face and body. Everyone ran away and then ran back. This time they had barbecue sauce, fruit salad, baked beans and porridge. “What are you doing? What is this shit that you are pouring on me? You bastards,” she complained. She was covered in so much mess now that it was unbelievable.

They then all stepped back and told her,” This is for being the most annoying, obnoxious person that we ever had the displeasure to work with.” As she rolled her eyes and laughed, she said,” Ahh, well, you will change your mind I’m sure,” shrugging it all off. The group looked at each other. They angrily shrugged their shoulders and then stomped off. She really was insufferable.

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  1. Great stuff, keep up the good work. Could I request a story where very shy, super-cute and usually pleasant actress Sarah Thompson from Angel thinks it would be funny to set up her loud and obnoxious co-star Charisma Carpenter to be gunged on tv? However she confesses the plan to Angel actress and fellow self-professed shy girl Amy Acker who betrays her to Charisma and the two gunge Sarah on the show instead with timid Sarah being painfully embarrassed? But she manages to get revenge on one or both of them in the end?