Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rachel Adedeji welcomed

Rachel Adedeji welcomed

Rachel Adedeji had been on X Factor. She had looked nice on that show, but when she debuted on Hollyoaks, she was like a whole different person. She looked ten times sexier than she ever had before. She had a really sexy demeanour and a sexy afro hairstyle. She was like a totally different person. She was almost unrecognisable. Her new look definitely suited her though. She looked much better than she ever had before. She had a sassy attitude as well. She was looking her most sexy.

The cast of Hollyoaks was a pretty young one. They were very fun and quite wild. A lot of times when new cast members joined the show, they would have a prank played on them as a form of initiation. Rachel was not aware of this and it would produce a moment that she would never forget. People were a little bit worried about pranking her because she had quite a temper. She could be very hot headed at times. She could be quite intimidating. They decided that if she was going to be on Hollyoaks, she needed to not take herself so seriously. In this case, they decided to surprise her with the gunging of a lifetime. They knew that she was not going to be happy with them, but they figured that she could not stay mad at the entire cast. They really wanted to see it happen to her anyway.

Rachel wore a short skirt and very loud printed top along with boots. To be honest, she dressed a bit like a prostitute on the show. It was unclear whether this was intentional or not. Everyone was really interested in seeing how the gunge would effect her large curly afro hairstyle. It would be quite a funny sight to see, that was for sure. They were all going to enjoy having a good laugh at Rachel’s expense. Seeing the gunge all over her hideous clothing and ridiculous hair was going to look very good indeed.

They decided to make it happen during Rachel’s first week on set. She had met everyone and had gotten too know people a bit. She had begun to settle in. It was then that they would strike. She was dressed in a typically loud and ridiculous outfit. The shooting day was about to end. It seemed a typical day, but at this point, everyone gravitated to Rachel. One of the senior cast members spoke up. “Rachel, we are happy to have you on Hollyoaks. We hope that you will have a great time here. The only thing is, whenever we have a new cast member, we always have to do a little initiation to welcome them to the show. It is now time for yours. Grab her guys.” A few of the male cast members took her by her arms and led her to a director’s style chair. They then took some cling film and wrapped it around her ankles and wrists, around the chair so she could not escaped. She giggled and laughed. “What are you guys doing to me?” she asked. Once she was in place, everyone stepped back. “Rachel, don’t take this too hard. Welcome to the show,” the actor said,” Everyone let’s gunge this young lady.” Everyone gave a rowdy cheer. 

One of the others then began to dump a bucket of thick pink, slimy gunge over Rachel’s head. She squealed loudly and laughed,” Oh God, no,” she exclaimed. She squinted her eyes and scrunched up her nose as gunge began to fall onto her. It poured initially down the centre of her head, It weighted down the middle section of her hair. It almost looked like a ridiculous reverse Mohawk. She opened one eye and mimicked blowing at the gunge, as if to push it away. It then poured down the front of her face and then the sides. More poured down her chest and shoulders. The gunge struggled with her frizzy hair. It stuck everywhere, matted to it before causing it to collapse totally. Gunge poured over her face and then rolled down her skirt and all over her legs. Globs of gunge dripped in all directions all over her clothes and body. Everyone howled in laughter as they witnessed this. “Oh my Gooood!,” she shrieked. The look on her face was hilarious.

“Hey, I hate pink you know? You could have picked a better colour at least,” she joked. “Oh well, don’t worry, the next bucket is purple. Hopefully you like that colour more.” “Yeah actually, purple sounds better to be fair.” She sort of regretted saying that, because it sounded as though she was asking for the gunge. On the other hand, they would have dumped it upon her regardless. The next thing she knew, they were dumping a bucket of purple gunge over her head. She wiggled her body as much as she could as the gunge poured down upon her. The pourer took their time, relishing pouring the sloppy mess all over Rachel’s body. She shivered as the cold mess engulfed her. “Oh my God, my hair,” she said. “ It is going to take ages to clean it now,” she complained. 

Finally, a third bucket was produced. This one contained rice pudding. It was much more sloppy and sticky than the gunge. It would stick everywhere it went. A third person was allowed to do the pouring this time. This time it was a young man who played a relation of Rachel on Hollyoaks. He smiled and said how much he was going to enjoy doing this. She looked up at him. “Oh, please no, my hair, my clothes. It will be all ruined. Not rice pudding. Noooo!,” she screamed as he tipped the bucket straight over her head. It was gloppy and off white. It poured down the centre of her head, all over her forehead and over her dark, smooth cheeks and nose. It rolled down her lips and dimples. It then engulfed and intertwined with her frizzy curly hair. It seemed a perfect match. It rolled down her front and all the way down her legs. It was all over her knees and even all over her high heeled shoes. She was dripping in the stuff. “Oh my god. It is all over me. I can feel it inside my knickers,” she joked.

Everyone gave her a round of applause. “Well Rachel, I must say, it really suits you. We hope you enjoyed that. Welcome to the cast. You are one of us now. Unfortunately, you now have to stay there for a while.” ”Oh no, what? Guys, where are you going?,” she pleaded as everyone began to walk away.


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