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Roxy Shahidi some people are so nosey

Roxy Shahidi some people are so nosey

Roxy Shahidi played Leyla on Hollyoaks. She was pretty vivacious and sexy all around. Both she as a person and the character that she played reflected that fact. He usually dressed quite sexy, but almost always had a serious look upon her face at most times. She always tried to look a bit dignified. There would be a day where this would come back to haunt her. The idea of seeing her getting humiliated and put into her place was quite an attractive one. On this occasion, it was simply written into the show. That way both Roxy and her character would be getting it at the same time. It would be amusing for everyone. It was put into the script late. Roxy was just an actress on Emmerdale and she had no control over what happened to her character. When she read the script, she was annoyed and worried, but she had no right to complain or to try and get it changed. 

The story on the show was that her character was being sneaky and doing some plotting. The scene took place behind some shops in an alley way. She was snooping around and spying on someone. In order to not be caught, she squatted down behind a dumpster to remain undetected. She was wearing one of her typically loud printed skirts and a paisley shirt with a little grey jean jacket. She was in heels so squatting was difficult. In the story, the people who were talking realised that she was listening in that she was hiding behind the dumpster. They pointed and whispered. They had a fake conversation that would give her all the wrong information. One of the characters then said,” You know what, as we are out here, it’s reminded me that I really need to take out the trash.” Roxy’s character’s eyes widened. She looked very worried. The other characters were going to dump stuff over her and she could not complain or even make a sound because she was not meant to be hiding behind the dumpsters in the first place. One of them quickly ran inside while the other stayed in the alley so she could not have any means of escape. She was trapped. She hoped that any rubbish they had would go into the dumpster and not splash out of it and over onto her. Of course, she did not realise that they were on to her and were going to be doing just that on purpose. 

He quickly returned carrying some trash bags. They were filled with all sorts of rubbish. They were slimy and stinky. “We better be careful. These ones have holes in them.” “Oh no,” she mouthed. The two men tossed the bags, which were actually not tied and wide open over into the dumpster. Well, in this case, they flew right over. As they flew threw they air, the contents fell loose and landed all over Leyla. She bit her lip and tried not to scream as garbage and garbage water rained down over her. It stuck all over her clothes and hair. She was soaked in garbage water. “What a mess,” one of the men said,” There is some rubbish from the kitchen that I have to get rid of as well. I’ll be right back.”

He went off for a few seconds and returned carrying huge saucepans of substances. “No point using bags, this stuff can go right in the skip.” The first pot contained creamed corn. Of course, the pots were comically oversized for effect. He pushed the pan in the direction of the skip, splashing Leyla with the creamed corn, splattering it all over. She looked shocked as it coated her hair and rolled down her face and jacket. The next pot contained mushy peas. He repeated the same action, splashing green mess all over her. He repeated it again with porridge. Leyla gasped as the sloppy leftover mess splattered all over her. Beans were the next to come. She was covered in a cacophony of kitchen waste. The last pot contained leftover spaghetti and meatballs. When this splattered, it fell right on top of her head. Strands dangled from her face and hair. She looked ridiculous. 

After the pots were emptied upon her, the man said,” You know what. That dumpster is smelling disgusting. There is something filthy stinking it out. I better get the hose and give it a quick rinse down.” Leyla could be seen miming the word no and motioning silently with her hands. He got the hose and of course, he didn’t aim directly in the dumpster, but over it, soaking Leyla with the hose. She was no cleaner. She was still covered in slop and filthy garbage. Now her clothes and hair were soaking wet as well. “Well, that is a bit better. Something still stinks back there though. Oh well,” the man said.

The men then went in and went about their business. The next shot was a close up of Leyla’s furious face followed by a shot of her traipsing up the street covered in mess. Someone tried to ask her what happened to her, but she just snapped back at them,” I don’t want to talk about it ok?”” Some people are so nosey”, she thought to herself.

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