Sunday, 5 February 2017

Kelly Brook advert

Kelly Brook advert

Kelly Brook was involved with Baylis and Harding. She was in commercials for them. Their products were bath and shower products. She would say in them how good their products were and how clean they got her and made her feel. Someone got the idea that they could show just how good the products were if Kelly was made into a total mess. They decided to get her covered from head to toe in mess for the next advert. She agreed to this. She had been messy a little bit before and she was being well payed for this endorsement as well. She really could not refuse to do what they were asking.

The advert began with Kelly saying that the soap and cleaning products were completely amazing and did a fantastic job cleaning anything. She then said that she would prove it by getting herself as dirty as possible. She said that she would put the products to the ultimate test. 

She was then shown in a quick cut montage. “Let’s see if they can handle this,” she said. She was then shown in a wild orgy of messiness. She was seen pouring things all over herself. She was seen throwing ketchup upon herself. Then spaghetti sauce and then rotten eggs. Everything was cut and spliced together so it just appeared like a wild messy spree. She was seen throwing chocolate pudding all over herself and spraying herself with whipped cream. She was seen rolling around and jumping and playing in the mess. She was seen diving into a wading pool full of custard and then spraying silly string all over the place. She was seen throwing flour everywhere. She was screaming and howling with laughter the entire time. The whole thing was cut and edited together to make it look even more wild and messy.

The next shot was Kelly covered from head to toe in layers of sticky mess. She was wearing very little. She turned to the camera and said that it was time to see how good the products really were. She was then shown taking a bath and a shower. The sticky mess was shown coming off of her sexy body in the warm water with the soap. It was showing washing off and falling down the drain. She was shown smiling and looking very satisfied as she cleaned herself off.

She was then shown exiting the shower and wrapping herself in a towel. She looked into the camera and said,” Well, that proves it. These are the greatest washing products in the world. They are good enough to clean this body of mine.” She then winked and looked into the camera suggestively.

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