Friday, 2 October 2015

Jesy Nelson’s revenge

Jesy Nelson’s revenge

Jesy Nelson had been humiliated, stripped and messed by the three other members of Little Mix. They had treated her as an outsider for years. They would always torment her. After the ritualistic humiliation that they heaped upon her, she decided that enough was enough. That was the final straw. She had to do something to get her own back on these girls. As a result, she contacted Gunge Court. They were all too happy to take her case on. There really was no way that she could lose. What could they possibly say to defend themselves?

The court date was arranged when the group was not touring. When the girls received notification letters, they tried to call Jesy, but she ignored their calls. The court had instructed this. The court date finally came up. Jesy Nelson vs. Little Mix. Jesy’s case was explained. “Jesy alleges that her band mates stripped her naked, spanked her, humiliated her and poured mess all over her. What is your defence?” Perrie responded,” Well, no one made her do anything she didn’t want to do. She could have walked away. She did not have to stay there. It was her choice. Anyway, it was just a bit of fun. We meant no harm by it, we are sorry if it was taken that way.” 

Of course, their defence was preposterous. The judge banged his gavel. He said that he did not need to hear anymore. “If it was all good fun and you admit that you did it to her and it was no big deal, you won’t mind it happening to yourselves then. The verdict is guilty, bailiffs, strip them please.” The girls’ collective jaws dropped. The bailiffs dragged them out to the centre of the court room. They began to pull the clothes of the girls. They pulled down their skirts and yanked open their tops. The girls complied as their bras and panties were removed. The bailiffs tossed their clothing out into the spectator gallery. The three were then chained together. They were handcuffed together at the wrists and ankles. “The only difference is ladies,” the judge said,” What you did was private. This is going to be very public indeed. Take them away.”

The ladies were lead outside through the courtroom doors. They tried to cover themselves with their hands, but because of how they were chained, when one girl tried to do this, the other’s hand was pulled away from their private parts. The girls were taken outside to the parking lot. They were placed against a lamppost. They were cuffed together, their asses pressed against the lamppost. There they were naked chained to a lamppost in broad daylight. 

Jesy was now brought in. She was all smiles. It was now her time to extract revenge. One by one, she was handed three pies, one for each off her bandmates. She approached smiling. The girls just glared at her. She came very close to them as she pushed a pie each into each one of their faces. Jade was first. When the pie collided with Jade’s face, it was a massive release of pent up frustration. The pie collided with her face, cream exploding everywhere. Perrie and Leigh-Anne then suffered the same fate in succession. Jesy stood over them, thrusting creamy pies in their faces. 

Jesy was then given three more pies. This time, she decided to administer them to the girl’s crotches. Again, She started with Jade, she kneeled over, placed her hand on her hip and pushed the creamy pie straight into her bandmate’s vagina. Jade let out a muffled yelp as she felt the pie pressed up against her private parts. Again, Jesy repeated this on Leigh-Anne and Perrie. The three ladies were now covered in creamy pie on two areas of their bodies. 

Jesy then took bottles of chocolate and toffee sauce, usually used on sundaes, and began to wildly spray them over her bandmates’ bodies. She held one in either hand and began to spray the girls with the sweet mess. She smiled to herself as she thought about what she was doing. The girls then began to laugh a bit, as it really tickled. “Ok, ok, we deserve this,” Leigh-Anne said, “Do your worst.” Jessy shook the bottles and squeezed the sloppy mess all over the three ladies. 

She then took spray cans of whipped cream and began to spray them all over her bandmates. She sprayed some up and down Perrie’s legs. She sprayed some on top of Jade’s head. She sprayed some over Leigh-Anne’s breasts. The ladies giggled as they felt the whipped cream being applied to their bodies.

Finally, Jesy was given a massive bucket of rice pudding.  She lifted it in the air and began to pour it over her three bandmates at the same time. It was the kind that had strawberry mixed in. The girls would never look at a Mueller Rice the same way again. Parts of the rice pudding were pink and slimy. The sloppy messy plopped all over the undressed girls. It was thick and sloppy. The girls stretched the muscles in their legs and rice pudding poured down their naked bodies. They shivered. It felt soft and cold on their bodies. Jesy moved the bucket back and forth over the three women. She coated them in the sloppy rice pudding. They wiggled and laughed as they were covered in the messy rice pudding. Jesy smiled as she placed the bucket over Perrie’s head.

The ladies were then uncuffed from the pole. They slowly wiped some of the mess from their bodies. They apologized to Jesy and shook her hand. “That was so embarrassing,” Jade said. “You bitch,” Leigh-Anne joked. The women looked absolutely ridiculous as mess dripped from their bodies. Luckily for Jesy, the ladies took the whole thing with good humour and were genuinely sorry. She had been afraid that they may be even worse towards her as a result of her doing this to them. Now every member of the group had experienced humiliation at the hands of the others.


  1. Great story. I think the third part to this could be that one of them enjoyed getting messy and wants more. What do others think?

  2. well when little mix played pie tennis a few years ago if i think back Leigh and perrie wanted to be pied to see what was liked they were given the chance to be pied but they played the game and won and jesy was not happy about playing the game jade was off ill

    1. I've seen the video of this, it's a shame they didn't get pied. I don't remember any of them saying they wanted to be lied though. Was that in appearance bit not on the video?

    2. i sure that it was during the interview before they played the game as the host gave Leigh and perrie the chance to be pied but they went on to play the game

    3. Interesting. I will try and find the clip!

  3. i think that we have enough little mix for now