Saturday, 24 October 2015

Jessie J I want to be slimed

Jessie J was making an appearance on a television talk show. She was promoting her latest single. It was just a typical talk show appearance until the end of the interview. At this time things took a turn in a direction that she had not foreseen.

" Jessie, we have come across an interesting clip from your past that we want to draw your attention to." "Ok," she said," what could that be?" She was curious to see what this would be. She eagerly watched as the clip played. It was a very short clip of her speaking to someone before the kid's choice awards. It caught her uttering one sentence. "I want to be slimed." She said on the screen. They then replayed it over and over again. " I want to be slimed. I want to be slimed. I want to be slimed." Jessie laughed. "Well, well, well Jessie J, is this true?" She looked very embarrassed. "Um, well, yeah. Ok yeah it's true. You got me. As embarrassing as it is, yes I want to be slimed. It didn't happen though, did it? The award show came and went and I didn't get slimed at all. I guess people don't want to see me get slimed, what can I say."

"Oh Jessie, I think a lot of people would disagree with them on that. I can think of a lot of people who are dying to see you get slimed. So much in fact that we have arranged for it to happen to you today. I hope for your sake that you were being serious and that was not just an empty promise, because if it was, it has just backfired on you badly." Jessie laughed. She then spoke in her sexiest voice. She bit her lip. "I will say it again.  I....! Please slime me. Is that clear enough?" She giggled.

"Well, we will take your word for it. You want it. You got it." Jessie was lead over to a slime device. It was set up so the slime was in a tank above her. It was to be released via a lever at the side of it. She walked over and took her spot underneath. She looked up, giving a look of pure desire. She wore a small black bra and black hot pants. She was showing a lot of skin. She never looked any sexier. It was a similar outfit to the one she performed in in London in 2014. Her hair was in a bob type cut. It looked as good as it ever had done. Jessie was undeniably turned on by the situation. It was clear to see that the feelings inside her were arousal. She looked very similar to how she would have right before a situation involving sexual intercourse. "Jessie, why is it that you want to be slimed?" "Well, I don't know, thick sloppy, messy green slime, all over my body. Imagine the feeling of slime dripping all over your body. How it would feel. Need I say anymore? Come on, do I need to spell it out for you? That's pretty hot, don't you think? Oh yeah, a slime shower."

Jessie J was now at her sexiest and standing beneath a vat of slime that was about to be released all over her sexy body. "Give it to me," she said suggestively," give it to me good." She moaned. She started chanting,"slime me. Slime me." She then became, possibly, the first person to lead her own countdown. " Slime me."

The presenter pulled the lever on her. She shouted," come on." She looked up as the slime poured down from above her. It landed on the top of her head. She let out a satisfied shout as the slime poured down.

Slime splattered down her shoulders and down her face. She held her hands out in front of her and looked up, closing her eyes. It was as if she was having a slime shower. She rubbed her arms as the slime splattered down her body. It poured onto her chest and back. She felt the slime upon her barely covered body. It poured down her stomach. Her face was covered in it.

She began to rub her hands in the slime all over her body. Slime poured down her long, pale legs, all the way down to her heels. She rubbed slime on her thighs and between her legs. She acted as though she was washing herself in the shower in the slime.

Before long, the sexy singer was covered in slime. She smiled and posed as if she was a fashion model, blowing kisses and arching her back. The slime continued to pour.

Jessie smiled and laughed. "That was the best. It felt so good. It was way better than I could have ever imagined. I want to do this every Saturday night. I don't even want to get cleaned up. I am a filthy, filthy girl you know."

Jessie held true to this. She stayed covered in slime for the remainder of the show. She actually sat on the couch while other guests were interviewed still covered in slime. The camera would cut to her now and then. She would waive and make funny comments and looks. She stuck her tongue out as well.

Jessie had enjoyed this experience immensely. It was something that she wanted to revisit again in the future. She also had a great time in the shower cleaning herself up after the show.


  1. Are those all the stories you wrote when you were away or are there some more coming up?

  2. There are two more I started. One was accidentally deleted as well.